Watamote episode 1

Also know as Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! episode 1

This is an anime about a girl who has some serious problems. She is socially awkward, she spends almost all her time playing games and most of the time she is shut up in her room. Oh, no, sorry I got it wrong. She is not socially awkward, it is more like she is socially on a bring of death.

Watamote episode 1 Kuroki Tomoko

Here is she. Name is Tomoko.

You see,  in the first episode this girl can’t even bring herself to say goodbye to her teacher. She wants but she can’t, cause she is too shy and too unsure of herself. At one point of the episode she decided to go to McD and she barely managed to order a burger. She wanted to order some water too, but she couldn’t say it. That is some serious problems, I tell you.

So, the only people she can talk to are her family members.

Watamote episode 1 Tomoki Kuroki

Here is her brother. Even he doesn’t want to talk to her.

And it wouldn’t be all that bad if she was ok with the situation. But at this point of her life Tomoko wants to have friends, especially a boyfriend. So she kind of wants to change herself.

Now there is a trick in this anime. First, this is an anime about unpopular girl Tomoko. She takes maybe like 95% of the screen time. Now look at her:

Watamote episode 1 Tomoko

She looks pretty. By anime standards she is a pretty girl, with her crazy hair and big-big green eyes. There is nothing ugly about her, even though everyone tries to imply that she is bad looking.

And also, she is basically a normal person. All her problems emerge only when she talks with others. When she is by herself (which is all the time) she is just ok. She smiles and does not creep out the audience.

Watamote episode 1 Tomoko

And on top of that she really wants to find a boyfriend. I don’t know how you see it, but it is quite obvious for me that they tried to make her appealing to the male audience. Though, considering her child-like looks, I have my suspicions about the exact demographics they were aiming at…

But anyway, she is pretty likable person. I’m sure lots of guys sympathize with her. Though, I wonder how girls see her?

Here are some more screen shots from the first episode ^_^

Watamote episode 1 Tomoko

Tomoko’s nervous smile

Watamote episode 1 Tomoko

Tomoko is happy to be able to say goodbye to a teacher

Watamote episode 1 Tomoko

Tomoko in her room.

All in all I think thins anime will be the most fun to watch in this season. Try it out! See you next time (^_^)/

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15 thoughts on “Watamote episode 1

  1. I haven’t started this yet and I’ve read quite a few first impressions on it. It sounds interesting enough and she DOES have a problem xD I realize that, reading your first impression. Nice post btw :)

  2. “There is nothing ugly about her, even though everyone tries to imply that she is bad looking.”
    She’s kinda cute, but she has serious bags under her eyes and makes plenty of odd faces. I can see why others in the show might consider her ugly.

    • I know what you mean. It is just that if animators wanted to make her look bad, they could have made a way more convincing job out of it. But they didn’t really want to do that, cause this way she would been less likable to the viewers =)

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