Battle Royal High School

You want to a show about school karate club? With a Dark Lord? And demons? And tentacle  monsters? And time-space police? With robot suits? And a demon hunter fighting with kendo practice sword? Well? Oh, what if I make it only one hour long and add fairies? I know you want it :P

Battle Royal High School Riki

Here is Riki, he is a main character? I donno.

This anime tells you whole bunch of interesting stories. Just as a start they show you how Riki fights the leader of the school karate club. He does it while wearing a leopard mask. And he have to fight, because to sign out of the club you have to beat all the club members. That is a good start. Soon after time stops and school tables turns into demons and Dark Lord manifests himself and possesses Riki’s body. That the kind of stuff this show does.

Battle Royal High School Dark Lord


When watching this show I learned one thing. Well, besides the fact that reassembling someone’s body from pieces of flesh is the hardest thing to do, even in the demon real. I learned what Haruhi Suzumiya imagine high school to be like.

Battle Royal High School Time-travelling police force

Time-travelling police force

One other thing this show does great is messing up you perception of what is going on. And that is thanks to the unique art style. All the male lead characters looks kind of alike. To the point that I thought that each of them is a reincarnation of each other.

So, here is this show, that is not very popular among the young fans (only 1,033 member of MAL watched it). No surprise, the show was made in 1987, and it is not one the most famous anime of the era. But don’t let it stop you, check out this show. See you next time (^_^)/

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