Naruto Chapter 640. Obito as a Sage of the Six Paths.

This chapter was awesome. Or weird. I donno. But I like it.

Since the best part of this chapter is its visual content, I suggest you read it first and then proceed scrolling down.

You have been warned.

Naruto Chapter 640 Obito-snake

Obito’s snake-like form. Kabuto tribute.

Well, Obito’s body transformations can’t really impress a hardcore reader.

Naruto Chapter 640 Obito losses arm

Can’t they?

Wasn’t that his real arm? That must be painful O_O

Naruto Chapter 640 Obito got mutilated inside Juubi

That must be painful too O_O

Now this chapter can’t get any crazier than this, right?

Naruto Chapter 640 Obito's face split in two

Ohh nooo

If I have to guess readers reaction at this point, I would say it was this.

Naruto Chapter 640 pic2


And before we move on, did anyone find this similar to some Shingeki no Kyojin stuff?

Naruto Chapter 640 Obito attacks on titan

Tied up human inside a colossal body. Well, it is not the first time we are seeing this, but still

Obito’s life is so hard. I hope he has high pain tolerance. But in exchange hi got to be the strongest person on Earth.

Naruto Chapter 640 Obit sage of the six paths

By the way, do anyone know the name for this stuff with six rings? I have seen it quite many times in different anime, I would like to learn more about it.

Well, you don’t believe he is that strong? How about a demonstration?

Naruto Chapter 640 Obito vs Minato

Who else can take Minato’s arm? Is it even possible to be that fast?

Also I like this new form of Bijuu bomb that Obito uses. Did you noticed that it is all white and shiny? ^_^

Naruto Chapter 640 Naruto and Sasuke are going to blown up

Awesome ^_^

Hope you like this chapter. See you (^_^)/

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19 thoughts on “Naruto Chapter 640. Obito as a Sage of the Six Paths.

  1. Yeah, the only “single” being that could stop Obito right now is the actual sage of the six paths and that might not be enough if he doesn’t have the ten-tail’s sealed in him.

    • I just hope Sasuke and Naruto won’t combine DBZ style into the new Sage of the Six Paths.

      Anyway, they will be the one to take down Obito, I have no doubt there. And if they get any more power-ups in order to do so, they will just stop being humans.

      • Would getting the other half of Kurama’s characters be considered a power-up? Minato is right there with the other half.

        • Sure, it will be a huge power-up. Yet it is probably the most appropriate one. Still, even now Naruto\s clone can take on a kage. If he gets twice as much chakra he will be able to take on a whole nation. That is so far beyond normal human ability that people will regard him as a walking nuke bomb.

          • Are you saying that Mito and Kushina aren’t considered humans? Because they already had Kurama sealed in themselves at full power. PLUS I would only consider a person inhuman if they can take on Gyuuki or Kurama without increasing their abilities through supplementive jutsu.

            • Minato was almost beyond being human, even without Kyuubi, with his speed and teleportation abilities. The only way to beat him was to make him sacrifice himself.

              Kushina on the other hand never had control over Kyuubi’s power, so he was just normal. But I know, my judgement is very subjective, I am just stating my opinion =)

          • If Naruto gets minatos nine tails half, would he be able to transform like bee and the other jinchuriki? That would be cool.

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