Danganronpa: The Animation, episode 3

Also known as Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei – The Animation, episode 3

The third episode of Danganronpa showed the trial, promised in the last episode. As I understand now, this is going to be how the show goes. Murder, investigation and a trial. And the actual thinking is done during the trial, which does not seem right to me, but whatever, that is a genre issues.

Danganronpa The Animation, episode 3

I the episode was better than I thought it would, but I didn’t have any high hopes. Most of the episode dialogues were pretty sane and logical, which is a good thing (that is just my taste, though). At the same time, when they actually tried to show the tension and to convey that one of the people looses his grip, they were doing this very poorly. They made the culprit collapse into senseless rate, saying something that was translated as “retarded” in the subs I use (and those subs are done really badly, I don’t know if people who did them even bothered to check them once before releasing them).  I would say that this show is not really good at sophisticated stuff. It can make a magic stuffed bear, but that is about the limit of sophistication for this show. Now, I know I’m being too hard on it there, but who cares, I’m not going to drop it, so the show will have plenty of chances to redeem itself in that matter.

Danganronpa The Animation, episode 3

I wonder if those scenes are taken directly from the game

Also I have to say, I haven’t seen a whole bunch of other anime on this topic. About court procedures, I remember one episode of Fairy Tail (I don’t think it even counts, though) and recent episode of Attack on Titan, and both did not impress me. About investigation, I have seen Death Note, but if I were to compare Death Note to this anime, it would not be fair. There aren’t many anime that can withstand such a comparison, even among the good ones. So I just don’t know how well you can make a court procedure look.  But I still think you can make it better.

Danganronpa The Animation, episode 3 I hope you liked this episode. I also want to apologize for the lack of new posts. I haven’t covered up a half of what I was going to do, and it is mostly because of the trouble with my internet connection that I’m having for a while now. Even as I am writing this post my internet goes on and off and I can’t even preview the post. I don’t even know if the system will let me publish it, cause I have a suspicion that I’m off-line right now. Oh, well. See you next time (^_^)/

P.S. This post was written three days ago, and only now I fond a way to post it. My Internet is killing me. Sorry for the late replies in the comment section too.

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5 thoughts on “Danganronpa: The Animation, episode 3

  1. 1st, nice bit of trivia: “Danganronpa” translates into “Bullet Rebuttal” (or in loose translation “win an argument with a bullet”)

    At the end when Leon was saying that he killed Maizono in self defense. Others in the game responded to it in the way of “you could have left the room and never come back”. I don’t know why they skipped it.

    To make you better understand the way trial was made the way it was I will present you the game mechanics/minigames used during the trial besides normal “talky-talky” stuff.

    1st one is something called “Non-Stop Debate” where you basically shoot down opponents claims(“weak points”) using given evidence (later even what other people said during the debate). It was presented “same way” as in the game when there were words on the screen being broken.

    2nd is “Machinegun Talk Battle” where you basically shoot down opponents “shit talk” in the rhythm game, when they don’t want to listen to you. In anime it was the part when Leon was saying “Retard! Retard! Retard!” (it should have been “Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!”) (this minigame’s interface was shown in 4th episode’s opening [worst and most pointless opening I have ever seen btw]).

    3rd thing is “Climax Logic” which is the manga/comix type thing. Yes, it was taken directly from the game, tho few of the scenes were not used. In game you arrange missing panels, to make coherent whole, tho it appears as 1 whole thing as the last part of the trial, instead of being spread out through out the trial, which is why in my opinion it felt little out of place.

    There is 4th minigame, but for 99,9% it will not be shown in the game, so there is no point in describing it.

    Regarding the execution: I was sad that they censored it, because there was red blood in it… “Hey you know, we are doing this anime about killing people and there is some realistic blood at some point, right? Let’s censor the shit out of it!” – that was their thought process I bet.

    Original version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khxhDfJ0KBY

    If you want to know more about what happened in this murder you can read Danganronpa manga (it shows some stuff not even shown in the game), but only chapters 1 and 2 – chapters 3+ will spoil the shit out of you ;)


    • That really is an interesting piece of trivia =)

      Wow, those minigames must be quite hard, considering that you not only have to think about the evidences and their meaning, but also analyze the speech of your debate opponent. I don’t know how you can do that, surely not in one go.

      Well, now that “Retard!” part becomes more clear. In was very weird in anime and without the background, that you just gave me, it seemed like a bad execution of a mental break scene.

      Yeah, I don’t know why they censored the blood out of it, it doesn’t make much sense. But it is a really gross scene anyway, cause just thinking about how a corpse of a person, killed by continuous ball hits, might look, just that can make you sick.

      Thanks for the video, it is interesting that they didn’t add much, they night as well just put the whole thing into the anime.

      Thank you! I’ve read the first two chapters, seeing Leon’s perspective was very interesting. And Sayaka Maizono got some personality there, being that hardcore show business careerist. In the anime they managed not to convey it, somehow.

      By the way, I’m sorry that your comments sometimes do not appear at once, for some reason WordPress comment system sometimes puts them into a “pending” category. I don’t know what to do about it at the moment, I hope there is a way to tune up the system a little bit.

  2. Game video of the 1st trial to check how things look in game (notice that every thing has limited time, tho except for the highest difficulty it doesn’t give much problem). Through out the trials they add in more stuff to make games harder:

    06:30 – Non-stop debate. Weak points are the orange text. It may seam easy but later stages you have up to 5 “bullets” and multiple fake “weak points”.

    1:02:10 – Climax Logic

    1:09:35 – Machinegun Talk Battle (I remembered wrong, he was saying “Dumbass!” ;) )

    • Sorry for late reply, I think I wrote one some time ago but forgot to post it ^^’

      Wow, the game is not a short one, the trial took an hour and a half O_O. I like how it looks though, I think it is very more natural in the game than in the anime.

      The guy is saying this ‘hoa hoa hoa’ thing, I guess you can translate is as a dambass or as some other rude word.

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