Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), episode 16.

To save your time I will put it here first. This episode did not make much of a progress. Cadets decided where they are going to be, in Recon corps (Survey corps in other version of subtitles), and you can guess their decision without watching the episode. And that is it, next time we are getting action and fighting and awesomeness. Feel free to skip the episode now.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) episode 16

But well, if you are not in a hurry, here is the rest of the post.

This episode tried to convey the feelings of people who got to choose their military branch. This show likes those small details. Now, if it wasn’t obvious that most of the people will end up in the Recon Corps it would have been nicer, I think. Don’t know. The bad point about the whole scene was that we have already seen all of it in different situations. Basically, each of those characters had gone through that terror at least once, so it was just a bit repetitive.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) episode 16 Jean

But I like the way they put it, never the less.

It was interesting to see how different the reactions of different people are. Jean was trying to gather courage to stay, Sasha was too afraid to move, Connie was trying to come up with excuse to run away, Mikasa and Armin didn’t care, their decision wasn’t going to change. And I like the visuals for this scene, let’s have it here:

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) episode 16 Jean

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) episode 16 Mikasa and Armin

Look how different their expression are from Jean’s

Now, to the interesting part. By the end of the episode they started an operation that has no obvious point, but i staking place outside the walls. My guess is that this is an operation to see who will show up to attack Eren. Erwin suspects that something i sup and before planning his big move he wants to learn more about the enemy. And, if the enemy comes from inside the walls, it is better to take the strike on the outside, where it would be hard to involve innocent people in the crossfire and where Eren would not have to hold back.

Also, it might be that Erwin wanted to conduct some tests on Eren, for example, to check his ability to control his transformed form and his fighting  abilities.

I am not going to go deep into the guesswork here, if you want some nice theories about the show, go to the comment section here. But what I want to put up here is that Eren got some reward for his days of hard work.  A group of children were inspired by the look of their squad, and that was quite enough to make Eren happy.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) episode 16 Eren\s face

Smiling Eren’s face. I’m really glad he got this piece of happiness.

I recently watched the Evangelion 1.0 movie and I must say, Eren doesn’t need a lot to cheer him up. Compare him to Shinji and you will be blessing Eren like there is no tomorrow. It is really interesting, in Evangelion everyone asks Shinji to pilot Eva, but he don’t want to and he never satisfied with the feedback he is getting, even though people are grateful to him. Here in AoT, Eren wants to fight, but everyone keeps stopping him. Eren is more stable than some of the people around him.

Now spoilers from the preview. They promised us a female intelligent titan. Now what is that all about? I will like to hear your thought. I’m very sleepy now, too sleepy to write down my own theories. Have to go have some sleep. Maybe I’ll add P.S. section tomorrow, maybe not. See you next time (^_^)/

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4 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), episode 16.

  1. Off topic from ep14 review: oops, I tried to keep it vague to avoid spoilers but I noticed I left one spoiler adjective in there, sorry. Okay, I just wanted to know which sub to avoid terminology confusion.

    I thought the episode was quite funny. I enjoyed all the jokes and how they were played completely straight. In my opinion I don’t think it should be skipped as its part of the lull in the story. Can’t always have action. Well, each to his own.

    Of course most would join, if they didn’t there wouldn’t have been any foreshadowing. it was just the obvious choice. Also, you can tell they got their better animators for that kid scene. Did you see that cactus? That was some nice animation. Just saying. Also nice to see that they didn’t shove Eren’s and Jean’s change explicitly. e.g. “I have a moral conflict. I must join the recon corps. But I want to be in the military police.” type of thing. Oh and also I like Eren’s obedience to the military. Nice to see a change from the usual “military are idiots so lets use the power of friendship to win the day”.

    Lol yeah, Evangelion is a case of too much character development.

    Okay, here goes my analysis of a 10 second preview.

    Well, I can’t remember everything I wrote in that essay but as far as I remember it gives evidence for two things. That Erwin knows about the intelligent giants and has done everything to make the intelligent giants play their cards. And second, that the intelligent giants know about Eren.

    From the preview we can see the very last shows Armin looking up then the female giant hand appears at the last frame. Since we know that the female giants is running and we know that the trainees were assigned in the area between the outer force and the supply wagons we can assume the female giant is trying to find Eren by attacking the centre of the formation. Also, goddamn, about time we got our fan-service. <- That's actually related to more proof that its a titan transformer but since its already pretty obvious its superfluous evidence.

    So now we know that the intelligent giants have infiltrated the military. My guess is that in the first invasion there was a lot of confusion so it would have been easy to flee with the refugees and infiltrate the walls. This was actually similar to what Captain Weirman had to face. One of the reasons me and my anime-hating friend actually like him.

    Well, we'll see what happens next episode. Looks like the female giant found someone important, since it seems to be reaching out slowly.

    • I think that differences in translations won’t be a big problem. Survey Corps or Recon Corps, whatever =) I didn’t notice other big differences.

      I wasn’t serious when I suggested people to skip the episode. No one would do that anyway. I just don’t want people to get their hopes high. For the episode 5 I started my post with “Ok, first of all, watch the episode. Before you read on, just go and watch it. It is worth it.”

      Cactus? You lost me there xD

      Yes, I like that Eren has changed so much too. I wonder if they will go on with that, if they make him into a real adult. I don’t even remember seeing this child-to-adult transformation before in anime (frankly I don’t really think they will show it in SnK either).

      I wonder how they will show us that the titan is intelligent. Will it talk?..

      I donno if I can call a titan girl a fan-service piece xD

      If we go with the assumption that the female titan is a transformer, then we can safely assume that she is a part of some kind of organisation that sees Eren as its enemy. So far all is going according to your earlier theories. But the question is what are the relations between this party and the normal titans. If they are enemies, all is fine, and the whole story is just a human feud.

      But if transformers are allies with the titans, then we can say that the titans, same as transformers, are manipulated by someone, who is most likely a human. And here is the big question – why? Why start this war? Who would benefit from it? Why would a human create this situation?

  2. Okay, it was hard to tell. I see, still I don’t think it was bad enough to tell people not to raise their hopes up.

    No anime truly does that from what I have seen. Either its a child-to-adult over a very specific time or its a time skip, in which they age into elderly teenagers. The big money comes from the teens/tweens who watch anime so there is little to no chance they will turn their favourite characters into old farts. But still, many of those teens practically behave like adults.

    Yay that the theories are coming true. The show’s characters will probably determine that it is intelligent that from its actions, like we did (that’s what Mr. Exposition- I mean Armin is for). Well, we can determine their allegiance by how the titans react to the intelligent one. That will be our major clue. For Eren, they just attacked and even ate him. One of them was even angry to see Eren, which surprised me since they don’t display much emotion.

    That might have been a silly directing choice to make it more dramatic though. But probably not, since one titan screamed in pain when Levi threw his swords in his eyes. Initially I thought it a mistake by the director but that turned out to be wrong from episode 15.

    I think that the line of thinking you are on will only be concluded at the very end of the entire anime/manga (3-5 seasons maybe?) since if we base it off the theories, once we start uncovering the secrets behind titan transformers, we learn about how it all started, who the titans really are, what the walls are etc. Oh and I said this before but the anime confirmed through Pixis that it was not done to unite humanity against a common cause.

    • Yeah, there is no demand for anime about people turning into boring grown-ups. Though today I watched 5 Centimeters per Second and it is talking about a guy and a girl growing from elementary school kids into adults. But it is a short movie and I haven’t got enough : D

      I hope you’ve watched the 17th episode.
      ===spoiler wall, in case you haven’t===

      It seems that not only the titan transformers theory is now verified, but also, those two wall destroyers (colossal and armored titans) are being put in that transformer club. That makes me wonder. You remember how the colossal titan went poof when Eren attacked him? He didn’t leave a corpse. And the armored one was breathing fire. That makes me think that those guys knows how to use that technology a little better than Eren does. Maybe Eren will be able to improve his titan too, who knows =)

      3-5 season, don’t scare me like that xD But I know, it might just turn out to be true. I think they will wrap it up in two seasons, though.

      Well, would be pretty dumb if they were trying to unite humanity by killing it off =)

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