Watamote, episode 2

Also know as Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! episode 2

Phew, I think I’ve dealt with my internet connection problems for a while. I hope. Now I can start working on the enormous back log I’ve got on my hands. Most of the shows I follow have got one or two episodes ahead of me and what’s more, I have watched tons and tons of old stuff for the past three weeks and none of it was reviewed. Which is right, now is it? I have to do something about it.

Watamote episode 2 Tomoko

“What are you talking about, start writing about the episode!”

Sorry. Now to the main topic. This episode was all about Tomoko meeting up with her old friend from middle school. The old friend  (whose name is Yuu) used to be a geeky girl wearing glasses, but she changed a lot when she started high school. She became a normal and, supposedly, good-looking girl (I say ‘supposedly’, because everyone here says that Tomoko is bad-looking, but I, personally, still find that Tomoko looks better, and I think that this was the intention of the animators).

Watamote episode 2 Tomoko

I am not claiming that I understand anything when it comes to fashion, but she is dressed alright, isn’t she?

Obviously, Tomoko is feeling uncomfortable for some time. She herself hasn’t changed since the middle school. But then she sees that Yuu really wants to spend time with her like they used to and everything is fine from this point.

Watamote episode 2 Tomoko

Girls talking about anime. Read the subtitles, by the way.
This picture is going to be used on every anime forum, take my word.

Now you would think that this anime went on a safe and nice comedy road. Well, you can say that, but I don’t know how safe it is. There is considerably more sexual jokes in this episode that in the first one. And if you uncomfortable listening to this sort of humor you may end up not liking the episode. I don’t know. Depends on your age and taste I guess.

Watamote episode 2 Tomoko

Here is a mild example, read the subtitles.

Well, the humor doesn’t bother me, so I am getting lots of laughs out of this anime. And now, have one more picture of Tomoko ^_^

Watamote episode 2 Tomoko

I’ll make a reaction post on the third episode soon. Till then, see you (^_^)/

P.S. Like this drawing

Watamote episode 2

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