Angel Beats! and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

I watched Angel Beats!  a few days ago. And it is a really good anime. I watched episodes 2-13 in one go and I didn’t think I would do that for any anime.

Characters, story, pacing, animation, art, music, humor, all of it is really nice in this show. I may or may not make a full review for it, I will think of that. But here I want to talk about how similar (or not) it is to another quite well-known show, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I’ll try to avoid spoilers for both of the series, but I donno if it will be possible. No major spoilers for sure.

Angel Beats! Episode 1

Yuri and Yuzuru, the main characters

Before we start, I checked, and both shows were made on different studios and by different people. And the original works, on which the shows are based, are made by different people too.

Well, now let’s start. What would you say The Melancholy of Haruhi is about? I would say it is about Kyon and Haruhi, about their relations. And it was always a little more on Kyon’s side of the question, cause for one thing he has five times as much lines as Haruhi and unlike Haruhi he has some sort of relations with other girls (not that those relations go anywhere). But of course that is not just so simple. We also have time travelers and espers to deal with. Just like in Angel Beats! we have this very subtle romantic line, but then again, we don’t have time to become mesmerized by it, cause of all the shooting and being dead, and trying to figure it out.

But unlike The Melancholy, where we still have no idea what Kyon’s feelings for Haruhi really are and will they end up together or not, in Angel Beats we got the answer. One more reason I like this anime.

Now is it all that is similar in those two shows?

Angel Beats! Episode 1 Tachibana, Kanade

The answer is ‘No’.

In The Melancholy the first character you see is Kyon. In Angel Beats (I’ll call it AB!) it is Yuzuru. Next are Haruhi in  The Melancholy and Yuri in AB! And the next one in The Melancholy is Yuki Nagato, and in AB! it is Kanade Tachibana, the angel. Yuki uses information as a weapon, Kanade uses software to create her weapons. Both are passionless, both have inhuman pain tolerance and both are the strongest characters in their shows. I saw a post somewhere, where it was said that all those characters, like Yuki and Kanade are spawned by Ayanami Rei from Evangelion. Don’t know if Ayanami was the first one, but well, whatever, I just want to point out that both of the shows aren’t responsible for the idea of this archetype.

Angel Beats! Episode 1 Kanade

Look at her being just surprised after getting a bullet in the stomach. Even Rei Ayanami displayed more much more emotions when hurt.

Now, let’s get back to The Melancholy. Do you like how Haruhi sings? You remember that concert? It is said that Kyoto Animation decided to make K-On! because they saw how much people loved that concert. Well, guess what, Angel Beats has school concerts too. It has a lot of music in it, more than The Melancholy or even K-On! have (that is just my opinion, I haven’t done any calculations).

Angel Beats! Episode 3

Angel Beats! Episode 3 Iwasawa

They even have an acoustic guitar song there. Oh, that was so awesome.

I am not saying that Angel Beats! stole anything from Haruhi. I just want to point out that they are really-really similar in many ways. Being a fan of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya I enjoyed every minute of Angel Beats! Well now, you wanna argue the points I made? Let’s do that  (-_^)

Till the next time (^_^)/

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10 thoughts on “Angel Beats! and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

  1. I really enjoyed Angel Beats even though I had a lot of problems with it but overall it was really great. Did you cry manly tears during the last episode? :P

    I haven’t moved on past the sixth episode of Haruhi and I’ve never seen K-On either but those comparisons – it’s probably just a coincidence.

    • Nope :) But it was emotional. Both Kanade and Yuzuru surprised me there.
      What were your problems with the show?

      It might be a coincidence, though they definitely knew what they were doing =) It is not like there are people in the anime industry who haven’t seen Haruhi.

      • I actually never thought Kanade to be human until those later episodes. I thought there were plot holes and that the span of it was too short. It felt a bit anti-climatic to me. And I also think that the other characters should have been given reasonable screen time to go into why they ended up in that world. Because I don’t get how a person like TK ended up there xd.

        Ha true, I’m sure some of them have xD but that’s something that happens in showbiz – incorporating ideas from other productions into another work.

  2. Angel Beats is a great anime ^_^ Did you notice something? Kanade got Yuzuru’s heart after he died. So how did she end up in the afterlife world earlier than him? Didn’t Yuzuru die first? She even became the student council president. It should have taken a lot of time to do that. o.O

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