Naruto, chapter 641. Sasuke-Naruto team work, one more time.

Fight with Sage Obito goes on. That is the summary of the chapter. the chapter wasn’t boring, that is for certain, but the story didn’t progress in any big way.

I guess the best part of the chapter was the team work that was shown here. We’ve all seen enough overpowered moves by Naruto and Sasuke crashing enemies without strategy or tactics. I have seen so many time people complaining about how the show used to be about outsmarting your opponent, not overwhelming him. Well, here you go.

Naruto chapter 641 Amaterasu Rasen Shuriken

Combined efforts of Sasuke and Naruto, plus Minato and Tobirama, the usage of four different jutsu in one attack, that is just nice.

Still, no one thinks that this amaterasu rasenshuriken is going to be enough to stop Obito. Nagato was able to absorb Amaterasu, why would Obito have any problem doing that.

Naruto chapter 641 Obito Sage

If anything, he looks annoyed.

I am waiting to see what Madara has up his sleeve. It better be something awesome. This manga is heading towards the finishing line, I hope it will get there on a high note. See you next time (^_^)/

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4 thoughts on “Naruto, chapter 641. Sasuke-Naruto team work, one more time.

  1. I’m starting to like naruto again! don’t know what it is but the love for this show i had back when i started it, is coming back XD

    • Well, I bet you used to watch like 5 episodes a day, and now you only get one chapter a week to keep you interested. It means the chapter should be 5 times more intense just to keep you in it. Maybe lately manga started to hit this high standard =)

  2. ive always been faithful to naruto ever since the start, I think people stress out fillers too much, think of it as theyre stretching on the show so it doesnt and so soon

    • So you’ve been watching Naruto for almost ten years? Wow O_o

      I know what you mean, when Bleach ‘ended’ people were ready to have fillers or whatever, just to be able to have new episodes each week. But it doesn’t make fillers any better =)

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