K-On!! Uraon!!

Do you like K-On!? do you want to watch some more of the same stuff? Then… I don’t know how to help you, sorry. K-On!! Uraon!! is not going to satisfy you, cause it not “the same stuff”.

K-On!! Uraon!! Azusa

That is how good animation in this anime looks. that is Azusa, by the way

So, Uraon!! is a special that was made for the Blu-Ray edition. But well, internet, you know, every one can watch it. Not that everyone should, cause there isn’t much to watch. So here is what Uraon!! is about.

Uraon!! is 9 episodes long, 3 minutes per episode series. Every episode consists of small stories that have (or so was my impression) a common theme for each episode. It is like a parody and comedy and just foolery. The art, is very-very simple, animation almost doesn’t exists, humor and stories are nothing you may want to watch. The only redeeming (maybe) thing is the voice acting, which is done by professionals and was ok.

K-On!! Uraon!! Yui

Guess who is that character? That is another reason not to watch this anime.

Oh, and, by the way, Uraon!! is the second season, there also is Uraon!, I just haven’t found it.

Well, that is it, if you are a K-On! fan and if you were wondering, whether or not you should search for Uraon to watch it, I hope this post was a little helpful. See you next time (^_^)/

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