Watamote, episode 3

Also know as Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! episode 3

That show progresses. It doesn’t just chew on the same joke over and over. And what is interesting, the show doesn’t try to find new jokes either. If anything, I would say Watamote becomes more serious, ever so slightly with each episode.

Watamote episode 3

“You sure you didn’t watch a wrong episode?”

Yes, I’m sure. Here is what I mean. In the first episode we just saw the idea, a girl who is kind of not all well. In the next episode they tried to show how her interaction with people go, but they didn’t insist on the topic, so you may not even notice that it is there. But in the 3rd episode they are hitting this hard. The whole episode is just about how Tomoko interacts with people. And, as you know, she is terrible at it. And here is a question. Why is she terrible at it? Well, we are starting to get answers.

Tomoko was scolded twice during the first half of the episode and her reaction was that she got angry. Later in the episode, when her brother got sick and she thought that he fakes the illness she got angry too. There are quite a lot of such small moments on the anime, but what they are trying to show us is that Tomoko lacks the desire for introspection. Maybe just a little. And she is a little selfish. And a little envious. That is not that bad, but it is there.

Later in the episode she was stuck with two guys under a cover, while it was raining. The guys were both nice and polite. One of them tried to start a conversation, but that didn’t go anywhere, cause Tomoko wasn’t able to talk very well, being kinda awkward. From the very start Tomoko wished they weren’t there, she was suffering through the whole thing, up to the point that she was ready to cry. And it ended up with those guys going out to buy umbrellas and they got her one too. So you see, you can’t say that all the people ignore her or not nice to her. But she herself creates the problem.

Well, you may not believe me, so here is another example. When she gets home she takes a bath. Some time after her brother gets home, soaked and cold and he needs to dry himself up. Tomoko might have vacated the bathroom, cause she was practically finished and was drying her hair, but she didn’t care to do so. As a result her brother got ill the next morning.

Watamote episode 3 Tomoko and `Tomoki

What I want to tell you is that Tomoko isn’t that nice a person. You should have any illusions there.

But still, it doesn’t mean that you should not like her. I like her. But it is much more interesting when you see her real self. This anime is developing into a show about one-sided hedgehog’s dilemma, with Tomoko being the only one with the spines.

But this show is still a comedy, so don’t let me scare you out of it. Till the next time, see you (^_^)/

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11 thoughts on “Watamote, episode 3

  1. I watched all the episodes that are out so far yesterday and I absolutely love it. Some of the humor though is so dark that I end up just feeling sorry for Tomoko. I really like her even though her character is flawed by her selfishness and in a way, she’s a bit arrogant.

    What I really like in this so far is the contrast between her and her friend from middle school. The high school life that Tomoko imagined for herself is instead being enjoyed by her friend and it’s so sad but at the same time funny. And I love the opening too; it is so connected to the issues being dealt with in the anime.

    • Glad you like it =) The show would have been depressing, if Tomoko’s problems hadn’t been so ridiculous and self-created. Like in the 4th episode, I sure feel sorry for her, but all that stuff with panties and naginata, that is just so silly xD

      Yeah, instead of fantasizing Yuu just did it. I wonder if Tomoko will change by the end of the series. There is unwritten rule that girls in anime should not have boyfriends, but I hope, maybe there is a chance she will find one, would be so interesting to watch that : D

      Yes, both opening and ending are really well done here. I even found and downloaded a commercial for the anime with the ending song and footage from the first episode xD Love that song.

      • Hah, her incident with the panties had me rolling xD it was such a waste and that’ll probably make it harder for her to make friends now since her classmates might think she’s a weirdo. And she needs to stop doing that duck face thing she always does.

        Yuu could be Tomoko’s inspiration to change – I hope. I’d like to see her get a boyfriend too because it’s not as if guys don’t notice Tomoko but she’s just…she needs help xD

        • Yeah, and thing is, I don’t think she will have to do too much to change. Comb her hair, start wearing normal school uniform, talk to people, that is about it, doesn’t seem hard =) Though yeah, she does need help, especially with the duck face xDD Why would she even do that, she sees that is looks bad (well, I’m not the one to talk, I never was a fan of that pouting lips expression that people do plastic surgery to achieve.. yikes).

          • Haha, it looks good on some people and maybe it is that she actually doesn’t realize it’s ugly except for when her brother and his friend said so (and I thought that part was mean. It doesn’t make me think much of him even though he does care about her).

            But she doesn’t understand how simple it is, and like you said, she causes all those awkward situations.
            On a sidenote though, did you watch Oregairu?? Tomoko’s brother really looks like Hikigaya Hachiman, or maybe I’m seeing things xD

            • Yeah, her brother is a pretty mean person. I watched two episodes of Oregairu, but I didn’t feel motivated to go on. With the modern way of drawing people, male characters look kinda similar quite often. I don’t think there was an intention to make Tomoki look like Hachiman.

  2. (reply to charlmeister)

    No, the subject of the anime was very interesting. But the stupidity of the teacher was overwhelming and I wasn’t a big fan of the lead characters. Hikki was the best of the lot, but still. And it was a hot time, I was hardly able to find time for all the anime I was watching, so I just didn’t bother to try another episode.

    • Oh, I see. I wasn’t either but then, I’m a sucker for romance – even if it doesn’t happen the way I expect it to. Actually, the main reason I kept watching is because Hikki interested me so much and there were levels I could relate with him on. (And I couldn’t get enough of the OP theme xD)

      I wasn’t a great fan of the teacher but I guess she existed as a type of support for Hachiman because she pushed him to involve himself with other people – though it never really helped him much but he made friends, in the end, so I guess she did her job well enough.

      You should probably give it another go and you might change your mind :)

      • For some reason I didn’t expect a romance from this story, or I would have stayed xD Don’t tell me it ended up being a harem show o_O

        Hikki has pretty common problems, I guess most people had to go through such a stage. I liked his way of thinking, but he was kind of too passive for my liking. Again, I watched only two episodes, so I basically don’t know him.

        I don’t know, maybe because I teach too, but unrealism of the teacher’s behavior was hitting me just about too hard =)

        Well, for now I have more than enough shows to watch, so Oregairu will have to wait. There are so many shows I haven’t even given one try too, it is kind of unfair towards them to keep trying watching Oregairu xD

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