Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), episode 17. Female titan and what it means.

I wish I knew what it actually means xD I’ll try to guess, though.

It seems that the idea that there are other people, who can transform into titans. besides Eren is now officially a part of the plot. And that sure makes things more interesting.

First, now we may start guessing know is behind the titan war. Before we assumed that Titans are a natural disaster, with no desires or will. Now we know that there are some intelligent individuals leading them. At least there are some intelligent individuals who can lead them. And those intelligent individuals have motives, cause that is how it works.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) episode 17

That is female titan. As ugly as you would expect.

Next, Armin made a pretty interesting conclusion that armored titan and giant titan are human-transformers too. That makes the ground for the speculations for the motives that those people, who lead the titans, have. Those two titans are responsible for the fall of wall Maria and potential loss of the next wall too. That means that they are responsible for massive killing and weakening of the whole nation. That leaves out all humane motives, like “uniting the humanity” and all the political motives, like “keeping the country under control”. They just want to kill off all the people, for all we know.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) episode 17

By the way, I like the idea of this kind of formation. I don’t like the idea of them travelling through big open spaces, though.

And so, there are two possible motives that those titan leaders might have. First one is self-preservation. They are a group of people, who can transform into titans. They used to be threatened by the society and they ended up in isolation and they started the war to bring the rest of the world down. The big question is why bother attacking the walls, cause the rest of the world belongs to them already. It is very close to an idea of them being mad, but just madness of bad guys would be a really bad plot twist, so I don’t want to consider that.

The second possible motive is the desire to get hold of the technology that gave them this power. Humans created this technology and humans (Eren’s father, to be precise) hold it. So, those transformers want to have this technology to be become truly invincible. And that is why they hunt down Eren, so they can interrogate him, as he is the new transformer, and as such should know where the device, or what ever it is, is situated.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) episode 17 Levi and Mikasa

So next time we will see those two defending Eren. That would be awesome ^_^

I guess I didn’t talk about the episode at all, but it was action packed and there isn’t much to talk about. Jean continued his hero pass. Reiner showed-off with some superhuman trick. Sasha was badly scarred again, that tends to happen to her often. So, see you next week (^_^)/

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6 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), episode 17. Female titan and what it means.

  1. Mikasa’s totally going in for the kill there with Levi.

    Too…much…foreshadowing this episode. I give up, I’mma just wait and see what happens rather than write another essay.

    Don’t worry, I’ll comment on the episode. Fanboy mode, activate!

    Nice action this episode. It had all the things I like/wanted to see done in an anime.

    It had soldier experience/perspective. I really felt for those soldiers and the way it was done was epic and blitzkrieg paced. Nice to see soldiers not being useless mooks. Additionally, they fought intelligently and not idiotically. Most anime would reserve some of the moves they did as the main characters “ultimate battle move”. I swear that we’ve seen that sergeant/western guy that watched over Sasha before or he just has such a distinctive voice. Harsh yet mellow. Nice voice actor. oh and I like the type of voice the VA for Sasha chose, I was afraid she was going to go for a high pitched one. Anyway, off track…

    It had tactical plans, formations, communication and the importance of that in relation to soldiers and the type of enemy they face. For every extra giant in a group, the soldiers needed to halt them rises exponentially. The way it progressed was great, with the whole sense of speed given in this episode as various events occurred and the soldiers reacted to them.

    Whoever was the sound director did a really good job this episode. The music worked well with the animation and the voice acting, especially for Jean and for when Reiner was getting crushed was great. And the animation was also great, nice to see the mook soldiers got quality animation. It was fast paced and got the heart racing (for me at least, in no small part due to the focus on the soldiers).

    On an unrelated note, my anime-hating friend seems to think like the creator. He literally says something that is either than said by a character later on or actually comes true/is acknowledged. Back on track (again)…

    I like the sense of space they gave. The sequences when they spread out, especially with Armin, gave that sense of a broad open space in hostile territory, alert for enemies.

    On an unrelated note again, wow, crunchyroll’s subs really made Zoe seem a bit condescending and mean, though it was obviously an accident. The other fansubs (at least the one I usually watch) corrected that at least.

    I probably forgot some other stuff but it’d be along the lines of “I like Shingeki’s soldiers for so and so reason”, so yeah. That’s what I thought of this episode.

    • You know, by making those two guys so clever and useful they made me feel much worse for the losses they took. Those two soldiers were able to kill a running titan on a flat surface just by good teamwork and mastery of the gear. That is so much more than what normal guys can do. It feels like we have gathered there the best people humanity can give. And it makes you sad when people like them find their end so quickly. Because that is now not only about their lives, it is about everyone’s hopes for survivor too.

      I imagine most of the guys on the right flank were just as talented and brave as those two. It makes me sad that they were wasted by titans without being able to do anything.

      I know what you mean, nameless characters rarely get good animation or screen time. And voice acting in SnK is awesome. One of my friends watches it in fandub and I am so sorry for him missing the acting of the original cast. The only character, whose actor I’m not a big fan of, is Armin. But even there I am just being too picky.

      How did you make an anime hating friend watch Shingeki no Kyojin? =)

      By the way, would you count Reiner as one of the mooks you are rooting for? =) He has a name and some decent amount of screen time, but still, he is just a soldier.

      Maybe Zoe is mean, I wouldn’t put it past her. She is an obsessed person, and that can change your personality to worse. Not to mention Levi\s influence, which is plain unhealthy.

  2. My thoughts exactly. Although many shows have soldiers die, they don’t do it as well/in the style SnK does.

    Yeah, Armin voice is the only one I don’t like, though not because its bad, just personal preference. Maybe it’s because he’s actually voiced by a woman? And wow, there is a fandub? Where does one get such things? Okay, so a quick google search found me one fandub, do you know where I can get the full thing? I never knew such things existed, although I am new to the anime scene.

    I basically said everything I said to you, such as how I liked this element of the show, how the faceless mooks were acknowledged, main character isn’t overpowered, its realistic with human reactions, military theme, how it avoids or subverts cliches such as the main character and I rounded it off with showing him the best soldier parts of episode 2, 3 and 7 and pointing out the good elements. The whole promotional shebang. Plus I dislike most anime as well so he was interested to hear of an anime I enjoyed.

    It’s interesting to hear from an outsiders perspective of the show, since they can pick up additional details that I sometimes miss. With the scenes I showed him, he really liked a lot of the stuff I hadn’t noticed/appreciated as much. Well, technically i’m an outsider too since I don’t watch much anime either but i’m aware of its tropes and medium.

    I thought about that and I root for him as a soldier. Technically everybody in the cast is a soldier so I had to think how to differentiate them. Eventually I organised them, after realising I was thinking of it the wrong way round the whole time. So for me, the main trio are special cases. Eren is the special case/tool with special responsibilities (his biggest job thus far has been to carry a boulder whilst soldiers died all around him defending him heh). Same with Mikasa due to her skill. Armin as well, to a lesser degree, since Armin was a very human character put in a normal soldiers position this episode. I bumped him up into my favourite characters section because of that and ‘cos his thinking process was nice. Those two soldiers, Ness and Sys were focused upon to such a degree that I considered them characters/humans, not just no-name mooks. So its not a case of choosing whether Reiner is a mook or not since most mooks are actually at a near side character level.

    Nah, you could see they meant for Zoe to say (more or less) that she would let the support team handle the giant. but since she’d just said she wanted to see the insides of the giant, it came off as saying she would let the support team see the insides of a giant. The other sub I use broke up the sentence which contained two different messages basically into: “But I shall refrain- support team, go!” I checked out horriblesubs cos the sub group I use I thought had been lowering in quality, although it seems most other subs groups are anyway, so maybe its just a harder part to translate.

    I wonder if Levi’s cleanliness stems from needing to keep his gear clean. They have already touched upon what i mentioned in my first post as well as the important of morale, supplies and equipment malfunction. They only really haven’t done gear maintenance. They did mention it in episode 16 but it hasn’t really been shown. I don’t mind if its not shown though, they have done enough detail.

    • I’m ok with women voicing male roles, so I don’t think that is the problem here. I think Armin’s voice-play was done in a bit too theatrical way. It is hard to put a finger on, maybe he sounds just a tad too hysteric. He supposed to be smart and maybe a bit shy and I would expect him to be more quiet. But anyway, it is alright, it i snot like I dislike how he sounds.

      Oh, I was talking about Russian fandub : D Both me and my friend, whom I mentioned, are from Russia (you can probably tell that English isn’t my first language by the crappy quality of my writing xD) There are tons of Russian fandubs. As for SnK, people re-dub episodes about two days after the release. Though, I don’t think you will have any use for them. And the quality is poor, usually all the roles are played by one or two people.

      As for English fandubs, from what I know, such thing barely exists. The professional voice over industry is way too good.

      There is this thing with anime. Often people either like it or hate it, no middle ground. That is why I was surprised you managed to make your friend watch the series. Would be awesome if people started to think of anime as they think of books. Not everyone reads them, but no one says “books are stupid, books are for children!” and such =)

      The trio are kind of immortal, so that makes them different. After Eren was resurrected I don’t believe one bit that they will kill Mikasa or Armin. That makes it harder to feel sorry for them. I didn’t feel any fear for Armin during the episode. The rest of the cast, they share the same risks, even Jean might be killed at some point, I think (though that i snot likely). I agree with you, random new characters and legit supporting characters blend together nicely there.

      Oh, I see what you mean about Zoe. My subs were Ok there. You know, from Zoe that “I would let you see insides of a titan’s stomach” would actually sound both creepy and hilarious, maybe cause I wouldn’t put it pass her to dissect a titan during a battle xD

      They didn’t spend much time discussing the gear. If it was a real army, each soldier would have messed up with it, trying to tune it up and, maybe, make it look unique. I also surprised none of them uses different weapons. I would imagine muscular guys could use more massive swords. Some may try spears and harpoons, maybe even arbaletes.

  3. I think you got it right. But yeah, just personal preference.

    Nah, your English is fine; you just place too many commas. Actually I consider my English worse, since I slip into colloquial language (notice that I suddenly improved the quality of my English there heh)

    Ah, okay. Well, my friend is learning Russian but anime fandubs probably aren’t the best way to learn. Yes, there are lots of good English fandubs, though the cast of available voices is small. It’s funny because sub-elitists think that English voices are always bad whilst Japanese are the best. In reality, its only because they are native speakers so they see all the flaws in the English dub. Some flaws are present in both Japanese and English, such as dramatic screaming.

    Well, anime is Western culture still hasn’t reached mainstream exposure level. Only the best of the best get attention and even then its considered ‘art house’ or cultist. My friend dislikes the way it is conveyed. The over-exaggerated faces in place of proper facial expressions, overuse of tropes as shortcuts to character and plot development and the complain all anime-dislikers have, the high pitched voices and breasts that fill half the screen.

    That’s the fundamental proper with storytelling. The main characters are main characters because they live. Side characters are made for dying, with main characters only dying after providing enough development in plot, character, world building etc. Even Game of thrones, which is the exception has been carefully formulated so that the deaths work. And as I said in some earlier post, you can guess with moderate certainly who will live and who will die depending on what stage the plot is in. i like that Eren isn’t overpowered though, he’s basically a tool/weapon that will be used by humanity. I’m guessing they will try keep him away from fighting any normal giants since they can’t risk him dying. I didn’t feel fear Armin would die but it was still thrilling and the part where she took off the hood was very well executed.

    I have to disagree with your assessment on the Shingeki army. I believe it is fine as it is. If we were talking about a modern world with many variables then you would be right. But remember that their enemy has only one weakness, the neck. The sword is the most versatile weapon and best suited for that situation. I don’t see how or why you would mod your disposable swords. Being unique doesn’t mean better. If you can think of an improvement tell me but personally I don’t see how or why you would modify something that works. They are meant to be used and disposed, not customized. Professional armies keep consist weaponry (albeit with many different weapons but I just addressed that). Different weapons…remember that they need to cut out the flesh of the giant’s neck. Massive swords? Very ineffective, hard to wield and he would need to dual wield them or go in multiple times, by which time the wound might have healed and the risk of him dying increases. That’s wouldn’t work. Spears? Spears have good penetration but you need to cut out the nape of the neck, not penetrate it. Harpoons? They can regenerate and have no vital organs, so you would have to stick them with an unrealistic amount of harpoons to stop them from moving. Using the harpoons as grapples to bring the giants would only create air space clutter and stop soldiers from fighting properly. And of course any harpoon capable of holding and pulling down a giant would be too big to move quickly and easily and would have a slow reload rate, so giants could swarm over the soldiers. Arbaletes, same thing with harpoons.

    Overall, their equipment, armour (or lack thereof) was thought out and makes sense to me.

    • Sorry for the late reply >.<

      I never learned English punctuation, they didn't teach it in my university for some reason. And on my own I was learning through audio books, so =) As of now, I think I place commas the way we place them in Russian, and I apparently that is not working xD But I'll try to improve.

      I think so too, professional English dub usually is just as good as Japanese one. Though I can name one or too old shows where I would recommend Japanese dub, like Macross: Do You Remember Love?
      But you know, ever since I was able to watch and understand anime in English I stopped watching it in my native language, and I don't know if that is because Russian dub is bad, or because I can see every little flaw in it better than I would with any other language.

      I wouldn't say that only the best anime are getting exposure. From what I see the most well known anime in US are Pokemon, Dragon Ball and Naruto. Maybe also Death Note and Cowboy Bebop, but those two are famous only among anime fans.
      When someone criticizing anime for overuse of tropes and weird visuals and enormous breasts, well, I have no problem with that whatsoever, especially if the argument is done in intelligent manner. What I don't like is when someone is making an argument, based on preconceptions about anime, instead of actual knowledge.

      Ok, here is my argument for the weapon issue =) First, the swords. Right now each soldier uses identical sword. That is very good for the mass-production and makes it easier for the supply management. But supply and production issues are important when you wage an all-out war. They only fight titans during scouting missions, that are not very frequent. I am not talking about emergencies, like Trost attack, because it does not happen often and so it does not rise any supply problem.

      Now, what is bad about having identical sword for each soldier? First, we have very different soldiers there. Let's assume that the sword they use is light enough so even Armin is able to swing it effectively, i.e. with enough speed for it to be able to cut a titan deep enough. But what about Reiner? He can swing twice as heavy sword with the same speed, judging by his look. And that means that potentially he can deal about twice as much damage (that is a figurative estimation, we won't go into the math there xD). And I understand that heavier sword will affect his movement in the midair, but here it is all about the ration between the weight of a sword and a weight of the soldier who wields it. So it rather supports my idea =)

      As for harpoons, crossbows and spears, there I assumed that titans have some kind of vulnerable area on the back of the neck, and that they would die from any deep wound in that area. If my assumption is wrong and they specifically need to be cut, well, then you are absolutely right =)

      By the way, it was bugging me for the whole week, so I have to let it out. Don't you think that female titan looks like Annie?..

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