Yami Shibai, try it.

There is a short anime series this season, named Yami Shibai. Five minutes per episode, each episode is an independent story. A horror story. That anime is, maybe just a little, but eerie.  I watched 4 episodes so far and it is worth it.

Yami Shibai 1

Even if you won’t find the stories frightening, it is still interesting to learn a couple of stories that Japanese children are telling to frighten each other. And after watching this show you will probably get some idea of what kamishibai is.

On the negative side of things, this show has super cheap animation (the art style is not that bad, though). The ending theme is pretty decent, but other than that there aren’t much music. Also, I just discovered that if you look at the face of the man in the picture long enough, it will start moving around. Huh.

I’m not going to make episodic reviews for this show. So far I’ve watched 4 episodes, when I finish the show, I’ll probably write about my experience with it. See you then (^_^)/

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