Legend of the Galactic Heroes, episodes 1 and 2

As you know, for my ‘take a peek‘ series I watch a few episodes of long, yet interesting shows, that I otherwise would have never get the chance to see. This time it is famous Legend of the Galactic Heroes, or Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu, if you prefer Japanese names.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a sci-fi anime about future of mankind, when people can travel between planets, and yet they are still divided into countries and involved in great galactic wars. The anime had been airing from 1988 to 1997.

Legend of Galactic Heroes episode 1

Space war in 80-s animation style, that is awesome ^_^

The first two episodes of the anime were dedicated to one space battle. The anime focuses on strategy and tactics, on figuring out enemy’s moves. Kind of like Death Note, but in different sense. I guess you can say it is a chess play type of thing. If you are into that sort of stuff you may like it. Yet you may not. So far the anime did not present me with anything as complicated and smart as Death Note did. I have an impression that this anime is just going to present us with lots of classical tactical and strategic methods (and none of them would make sense in real space battle, I am 100% sure). But we aren’t picky, right?

Legend of Galactic Heroes episode 1

Here is the smart guy of this show (a.k.a. Wenli Yang, the protagonist)

I can’t give much details on the show yet, but here is something. The animation is old and there are lots of still images and movements doesn’t look as good as they might have. But it is definitely not ugly. Art style is pretty nice, but not too impressive. Same goes for character designs. And because there are way too many characters in the show is it hard to remember who is who (I didn’t even try to).

Music for the show is done by… Well, it wasn’t done for the show, actually. For this show they picked different pieces of classical music by Shostakovich, Brahms, Rachmaninov, Sibelius, Schumann, Wagner, van Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Bach and other famous people. That alone is good enough reason to give the show a try.

I watch more of it and then I’ll give you my thoughts on it once again. Till then, see you (^_^)/

Here is what all this thing is about: “Take a peek”. New series here.

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