Watamote, episode 4

Also known as Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!, episode 4

In the last episode we have seen a little of how Tomoko interacts with people. This time let’s look at how well she understands herself. Well, sort of.

Watamote episode 4 Tomoko

“You lost me there o_o”

This episodes was focused on Tomoko’s small wishes, if you can call it that. For example, she hears that other girls were molested when riding on trains and she kinda envies them and wants to me molested too. I know, sounds idiotic. Well, she sort of get her chance when she mistakes a shaft of naginata that was pushing her for someone’s attempt to take advantage of her. And she gets scared, obviously. Why couldn’t she figure out that it would be scary before, that I don’t know.

Watamote episode 4 Tomoko and naginata

That is so silly its funny.

Then she comes that underwear part of the episode. To make the long story short she buys something she can’t make herself wear and end up like that:

Watamote episode 4 Tomoko and underwear

Read the comment to the previous picture ^^’

By the end of the episode she is again creating herself a new embarrassing situation…

Watamote episode 4 Tomoko

That moment when I kinda hope not all of my readers would see what is wrong with what she carrying xD

Good thing is that she is the only person who harms her. Everybody around her is nice (except for her brother, but we should forgive him, he has hard life). That is why the episode ends on a good note.

By the way, do you like the ending theme for this episode as much as I do? ^_^ I say “this episode”, cause the next episode has a different theme song.

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8 thoughts on “Watamote, episode 4

      • Yeah, it was funny yet depressing. Somehow it kinda reminds me of Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa, for the depressing part. :mrgreen:

        • Oh, that is a scary looking manga. So, do you think they did good job animating Watamote? I looked up some pages of the original manga, and from the art style point of view I would say they even improved it.

          • Honestly, I haven’t watched the anime yet. I think the manga’s art was good, and I haven’t seen many shots of different scenes from the anime. But I’m kinda curious how they’re doing Tomoko’s creepy facial expressions in the anime, I guess I might start watching it as soon as the season’s completed (I kinda hate having to wait a whole week for the next episode).

            • Tomoko is kind of cute most of the time, but when the crisis comes her expressions are scary xD I would like to hear what you think about this anime when you watch it =)

    • Thanks =) I hope to get back to watching this series, especially since almost all the people I talked to about this series asked me to get on with it and finish watching it already : D

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