Naruto, chapter 642

Chapter by chapter we come closer and closer to realizing what exactly Sage Obito can and can’t do. Last time we saw his superior speed and offensive power. This time we saw his awesome defensive abilities. But beside that we saw that he has a weakness.

Well, usual stuff you would say, every villain in this manga went through this routine. And I would answer you, yes, that is the point. Every villain goes from being overpowered to showing a weakness and then dying. So, if that wasn’t the final (supposedly) foe, I would have said that Obito’s time is about to run out.

Naruto chapter 642 Obito

Which is unfortunate, cause I like how he attacks Minato, whom every one considers flawless

But well, there is no way Kishimoto let go of Obito that easy. And Obito has Rinnegan, which is able to absorb senjutsu, and he can avoid hits using Kamui. So, saving Obito won’t even require giving him additional power.

Also, now Edo Tensei reanimations are mortal, as long as Obito is concerned. That gives the story some edge. And now that Minato can’t even use hand signs, the situation sure looks interesting. No surprise the second half of Kyuubi woke up (that actually is  just a plot convenience, but whatever).

Naruto chapter 642 Minato and Kyuubi

Hope that big guy is less a bunny rabbit than the one inside Naruto.

I’m looking forward to see evil Kyuubi, if he is evil, that is. See you next time (^_^)/

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3 thoughts on “Naruto, chapter 642

    • Well, plot device is anything, good or bad. What I meant was that the sudden desire of the sealed Kyuubi to speak is not logical, and it is there only to help the story move to the next point. Though I agree, it was not a good English there : D

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