Danganronpa: The Animation, episode 5

Also known as Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei – The Animation, episode 5

I am not sure how I feel about this episode. On one hand it came even further from being an anime in usual sense and even closer to be a super extended animated bonus for the game. I mean, common, are we suppose to think that this is a real thing:

Danganronpa The Animation, episode 5


The whole thing with Fukawa’s transformation is ridiculous. Split personalities, well, am no medic, but I bet they don’t work that way. And why did her tongue became 3 times longer? That was just bad.

But on the other hand, I liked how Oowada reacted on being discovered. That was way better than the last trial. He behaved more decent than he had been ever before and he has gone without losing himself. That was good to watch. I didn’t understand what Monokuma did to him, though.

Danganronpa The Animation, episode 5 pic2

Now it is time to make a guess on who will be the next victim. So far it seems that they were using the killing and the trials to show off characters. There is no way it will be Naegi, and I don’t think Togami will go that fast. Also, there is no way they will kill Kyouko, she seems to be too smart to be a victim. On the other hand Ishimaru, Fukawa and Yamada seem to be easy victims. I think they may just kill off Fukawa, cause she is now an eyesore in the story, being a mass murderer. As for the next murderer, it is too hard to tell, but I guess it might be Celestia, the drill-haired girl. No logic here, I just want to see her in action and she seems more like a murderer than a victim.

Now we just need to wait a little longer to see what happens next. Meanwhile you can watch some of the other good anime that are coming out this season (Watamote). See you next time (^_^)/

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12 thoughts on “Danganronpa: The Animation, episode 5

  1. I liked this episode too and I’m going to miss the bromance between Oowado and Ishimaru ;_;
    What I didn’t like about this episode was Oowada’s unrealistic motive to kill Fujisaki just because he wanted to become stronger. I was really disappointed by that.

    Touko’s tongue extension really freaked me out but I guess that was done to complete the creepy image of her being a serial killer – and we know how highly tongues are regarded in anime.

    I don’t think Touko is going to be next, even though she would be a likely target, I think that her being a serial killer will intimidate her would-be killer. Maybe Yamada – even though he seems as if he won’t go down easily xD

    • That wasn’t a bromance, that was a manly friendship! :P Though yeah, it was weird xD

      I guess his real motive was that he was stupid and angry and strong. Mix it together and eventually you get a murder.

      I just hope Togami likes her tongue… or can well defend from scissors.

      Yeah, I would be ok with Yamada go xD

    • Oh, and read this – Danganronpa manga, chapter 4. That is a manga version of the bath scene from the previous episode, and you’ll probably like it even more than I do xD

      Just don’t forget to stop reading after the end of the chapter, or you’ll spoil the anime. Chapters 1-4 are safe =)

      • Haha, I’m glad you showed me that! My imagination of how the bromance developed was completely off to what I just read! It makes me miss Oowada more, and even MORE disappointed that he killed Fujisaki because he isn’t that type of guy :(

        I guess it was too much for him, after all. No wonder Ishimaru took his death so hard… ;_;

        I feel like continuing the manga because the thing is…I’VE ALREADY BEEN SPOILED D=
        Idunno why that keeps happening to me ;_; first with Shingeki no Kyojin and now Danganronpa.
        I have no luck xD

        • Look up chapters 1-3 when you have time. After reading chapter 3 I started to think that Fujisaki might end up being my favorite character. And yeah, too bad they made Oowada do such a stupid thing..

          Wow =O How do you do that? I mean, not that it is hard to find spoilers, but.. You need to learn that ninja art that helps you stop reading in the middle of a sentence, when you feel that something is wrong : D

          • I’ll start the manga from the beginning :)

            I don’t know. I was just reading some background information on it since I never played the game or knew about the manga then Bam!
            As I was reading, there was no sign that the next paragraph would be about the plot twist and surprise :/

            I guess I should just not look information up xD

  2. “What I didn’t like about this episode was Oowada’s unrealistic motive to kill Fujisaki just because he wanted to become stronger. I was really disappointed by that.”
    As it may seem like that he did kill him because of jealousy, it was more something between thinking that Fujisaki is making fun of him and Oogawa proving to himself that he’s strong.

    They also didn’t said why Togami was giving them all those “red herrings” (making it as Genocider Syo’s work). It was because he thought that Trial would be boring if it was left as Oowada left it… Seriously.

    Oogawa was liquefied to butter by electricity and centrifugal force during the execution.
    Text shown on the back of Oogawa’s bike during the execution reads “Little Black Sambo”, which is reference to the book “The Story of Little Black Sambo”. Check it on Wikipedia, read the “Plot” part and be amazed ;)

    You have also “unlocked” next 2 chapters of the manga! – chapters 3 and 4 ;) http://www.mangahere.com/manga/danganronpa_kibou_no_gakuen_to_zetsubou_no_koukousei/c003/
    Of course later chapters = spoilers.

    Also as bonus here are 2 of many executions from the Official Fanbook that were not used by the creators:

    “Super Fujisaki Bros” – In his execution, Fujisaki is put inside a 8-bit sidescrolling game. A group of huge pixelated Monobears would appear behind him as he tries to run. Eventually, they would catch up to him, causing Chihiro’s sprite to pop out of existence.
    Here is some nice artwork for it I found: http://i.imgur.com/2FkidQp.png

    “Sayaka Maizono’s Final Performance” – Maizono is placed on a stage that shaped in a form of giant mantrap along its edge, complete with a meter to score her. She is required to sing in order to fill the aforementioned meter until it’s full. However, just as the meter is about to reach the highest score, Monobear destroys it, triggering the ‘Failure’ condition.

    • …Monobear destroys it, triggering the ‘Failure’ condition. This causes the giant mantrap to slam shut, killing Maizono instantly.

      (Last sentence got cut off ;p )

    • I kinda got the idea why Togami was doing this, he more or less explained that.

      “Oogawa was liquefied to butter” that is both impossible and awful O_O

      The trivia with tigers is just as sick as the actual story xD

      Thanks for the info! The manga is awesome, They give some depth to the characters, displaying their emotions, which is always nice. I think I will recommend people read the manga even if they aren’t going to watch the anime.

      Well, Fujisaki wasn’t the type to kill anyone, so I guess her execution was out of the question anyway. The artwork is done very well, but I would rather see happy Fujisaki =)

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