Danganronpa: The Animation, episode 6

Also known as Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei – The Animation, episode 6

This episode started very intense.

Danganronpa The Animation, episode 6 pic2

Yeah, after such a start you can expect anything. Almost. What you would not expect is to see an actually intelligent AI in a Fujisaki’s laptop and Ishimaru going Super Saiyan. Come on, stuff like that doesn’t happen.

Danganronpa The Animation, episode 6 pic4

Oh no…

Now to the serious issues. This time I think Ishimaru and Yamada died. That was surprising, because killing two people would be harder than one and I don’t know who would want to go through so much trouble. But, well, let’s look at it closely.

From the psychological point of view the only two people who would go for such complicated crime would be Celestia (super gambler) and Togami (idiot with enormous ego). Also I have no idea about what is going on in Kirigiri’s head, but she doesn’t seem the type.

Danganronpa The Animation, episode 6 pic3

That is the first time Kirigiri showed some emotion, as far as I recall.

Now, what about opportunity?  Kirigiri and Hagakure were no where to be seen during the events, so they might have done it. Others might have done that too, but we will go into that in a moment.

Now, what clues we have? Almost none, actually. That ridiculous photo with a robot, hammers and that is about it. But what we can do is we can look at who could have done all of it and look for culprit’s wrong moves.

First I started to suspect Celestia. She was near Yamada when he was attacked, and she herself was attacked in a much more gentle matter than others. In fact, she might have hit herself with that hammer. Then she had made Yamada believe that he was attacked by a robot, which might be possible if there are big enough toy robots with remote control. As we have seen, Yamada is kinda dumb, so it would not be a problem.

Danganronpa The Animation, episode 6 pic1

Look at that injury and then look at what Yamada got

Now, what happened next? Next Celestia send everyone away and while they were busy she killed Ishimaru. He was killed on the third floor, if I recall. Then she might have went down, and using something (the IA program, for example) made Yamada believe that this time it is Ishimaru. Then she hit him again. Thus she mixed up the whole thing. And she had a chance to remove Yamada’s body.

Also, Celestia actually said “we will all be wiped out, like those too” before Togami or Naegi told anyone that Ishimaru was killed. But that might have been a translation error. Right after that Togami said “their bodies vanished” or something of the sort, even though so far there was only one body that has disappeared.

Well, that is it for the guess game. See you next time (^_^)/

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7 thoughts on “Danganronpa: The Animation, episode 6

  1. There are a “few” more clues that will be shown during the investigation next episode, which should basically allow to resolve most of the case. At least episode was less squished that it could have been, if they made investigation in this episode. They still skipped the “Spirit of Adventure” part :(

    During the search when Yamada was in the infirmary Celes was on the 3rd floor, and as other people where investigating 1st and 2nd she had no chance of going there and back up unnoticed. Also huge robot would be easily noticed too…

    When Yamada’s body vanished Celes was with Asahina the whole time, and (tho it wasn’t said in the anime) between Celes and Asahina leaving the infirmary and returning there only 1 minute passed.

    You still missed 1 big-small clue, that is definitely shown, tho it can be easily missed ;)

    And what about the name Yamda gave before he died? It was badly done in the anime, since it should have used the speech pattern Yamada had.
    In the game it was:
    “M..Mas…t… …a…k…
    …Ya…Yasu… …hi…ro…”

    (god, it’s so hard to correct you without revealing too much…)

    2 more unused executions:

    (‘Buko’ is magical-girl type character from anime metioned in the game, that made Yamada who he is)
    “Watch Out, Buko! Great Monster Invasion” – A gigantic Buko comes flying to a place where an enormous Monobear is rioting at. Both start fighting. Yamada, who is stuck between them is being hit from both sides. At the end, he dies when being hit by ‘certain kill’ beams from both simultaneously.

    “Prime Minister Kiyotaka Ishimaru’s Inaugural Parade” – Ishimaru sits on a vehicle and answers people’s cheers in the middle of a huge, gorgeous parade. The crowd has posters that say things such as “Hooray for Prime Minister Ishimaru”. In the next moment, Monobear pops up resembling Golgo 13 (an assassin with big eyebrows) and kills him with a shot through the heart.
    Awesome artwork for this one: http://imgur.com/lUqKZ1e

    • So, going from what you said, my idea about Celestia being the culprit is wrong =) Though I though about the issue of her being on the third floor. She could have go by the staircase, while others pass that area quickly and din’t pay any attention to it. I guess I will have to wait for the next episode to see what is going to happen. By now the crime doesn’t make sense to me :)

      Yasuhiro, huh o_o Things look bad for that guy…

      Those executions are sure far from being possible : D I mean, the while thing takes place inside the school, so.

      • Well, we first must determine how Yamada was moved from 1st floor’s infirmary to 3rd floor’s art room. The “big-small” clue will help with that (try watching scenes with Yamda again). (if they mill make Investigation part next episode it will definitely shown, but where is the fun finding that way? ;) )

        Also a lot of people are guessing that Robo was controlled by AI or remote control. There is no one in the group who would be able to build a working robot.

        The whole game/show is ridiculous, so I would not be surprised if for execution someone would got hit by, for example, firetruck ;p

        • You actually made me think that Yamada faked the first and maybe the second attack xD Because the first hammer didn’t have blood on it and afterwards, there is no way someone could have removed his body, unless he was able to walk out himself. Well, I am apparently going crazy there *_*

          About the robot, I thought it was pre-built and someone just used remote control. Though it still is very weird :/

  2. Also the whole searching for culprit/bodies, tho it my seem differently due anime presentation, happened in a short period of time

    • I guess my head doesn’t work properly, because I am totally failing to see the significance of that detail T.T Though at least this time the trial will be really interesting to see.

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