My first promo

Not going to lie, I am excited about it. My friend Faze made a promo video for this blog and it was a very nice surprise. Not only I like the style of the background, fonts and the motion that is going on in the vid, but the structure itself is better than I would have thought it might be. I mean, before yesterday I had no idea how a promo video for my blog can look like. I guess Faze has a talent for making advertisement videos, wouldn’t be surprised to see his stuff on TV one day.

And here is the video:

Also check out Faze’s YouTube channel  – ZestAnime. He does AMVs, each new better than the previous one, so you may want to subscribe ^.^

Now I have to go watch Danganronpa, so for now see you (^_^)/

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10 thoughts on “My first promo

  1. thanks for the nice compliments. At first, i was going to give this to you as a birthday gift but i couldn’t find your dob anywhere, i guess my stalking skills isn’t at a pro level yet :P Anyway, can you post your dob somewhere (like on mal xD) just so i know in the future! XP

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