Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), episode 19.

This was one of those “one step at a time” episodes. Sure it made some progress. But so little that you can describe it in two sentences. “They caught the titan. And yes, Eren need a purpose when he transforms, which changes nothing”.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) episode 19 Eren

The flashback was cool though. And look at that face, aren’t it cute?

Attack on Titan seem to get infected by the Bleach disease. You know, when first five minutes of the episode is a recap or reused footage. Helps to save money, you know. Doesn’t help the viewers to enjoy the show, though.

On the good side of things, they put some effort into developing side characters, which is always welcome when done right.  I am talking about the four or five guys who were around Eren panicking when the titan showed up. If I got it right, they are the same people who were ready to kill Eren when he accidentally turned into a titan in the flashback.

I think they wanted to convey the feeling that those people in the Recon Corps are actually nice, but not necessarily smart or brave. That is something I can live with. I usually don’t like stupid and aggressive characters, but Levi’s soldiers aren’t that aggressive or stupid. They are kinda normal.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) episode 19

Well….. I was, just a little bit.

But the thing they tried to stress more than anything else in this episode was that Levi is actually Eren’s friend. Levi was trying to support Eren throughout the whole episode, giving him chance to make a choice to transform (thus endangering Erwin’s plan), creating a plan to stop Eren in he goes berserk without killing him, saving him from him mad teammates. So nice. For some reason I was sure it would turn out this way from the moment Levi decided to take Eren.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) episode 19 Levi

“It i snot like I like him or anything…”

Now, about the actual progress. The female titan is captured. The way they captured it is actually very nice, though not at all realistic. But anyway, now they will have to either try to cut out the human from the inside of it, or destroy it and then take out the human. I guess they will try the first option. And if I understand anything about this show, there will be a problem. And let’s guess what the problem will be. What do you think? I think there will be a second titan. Maybe one of those two, who destroy walls and stuff. And Eren will be the one to fight it.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) episode 19 Female titan

Btw, taking the “pilot” alive is good for gathering intelligence, but so risky that I would have thought twice before attempting it.

So what do you think will happen next? Let’s talk in the comments. See you (^_^)/

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36 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), episode 19.

  1. “Attack on Titan seem to get infected by the Bleach disease. You know, when first five minutes of the episode is a recap or reused footage.”
    I will say it’s “One Piece” disease, since there: normal opening, intro and recap takes 5-7 minutes. And it doesn’t happen from time to time. (Don’t remember how it was before 2 year time-skip. Now) it happens EACH episode, tho thanks to that we don’t have filler episodes over an over again, since it’s not catching up to manga too much.

    Yeah, they where the same people that tried to kill Eren.

    “The way they captured it is actually very nice, though not at all realistic.”
    Dude. What do you expect?
    There 2 things you don’t question: Japanese stuff and weird game mechanics (like floating gold coins).

    “And if I understand anything about this show, there will be a problem.”
    Who could have guessed?

    • Well, I watched 366 episodes of Bleach and only 3 episodes of OP, so I am more familiar with the former =) I guess it is better than having fillers, cause you can just skip the first 7 minutes of the show and be happy.

      And you know what would be awesome? If they made a version of One Piece with all the reused footage and fillers and not important stuff cut off. If it was like 200 episodes long there would have been so much more people who would watch it.

      This show has been surprisingly realistic lately, inside its universe at least. So when it goes off, it is easy to notice.

      Yeah right xDD

  2. Btw, about eren’s dad and his past… I’ve been thinking really hard about this for a while and it may sound nonsensical but i think my theory is true. Okay,so firstly i think that, there’s a powerful group of people, a secret organization who researches and experiments on titans. Eren’s dad must have joined this group many years ago because they needed his help and they’ve told him that they were finding a way to get rid of the titans. Soon after, he must have either found out something he shouldn’t have about the organization and or he stole something from them. So they probably thought, we should kill him and his whole family and the rest of the villagers by testing out one of our subjects (so the colossal titan). Luckily Eren’s dad escapes, drugs his son, gives him the keys to the basement and leaves the village… something like that xD

    Now why do I think this? and why do i think there’s a secret organization? Firstly, because the colossal titan came outta nowhere. How is it that they’ve been walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls and after a 100 years a ginormous titan suddenly appears? Secondly, we know that the colossal titan isn’t your average titan, it’s four times the height of any other titan and unlike any other titan it possesses a degree of intelligence and it also can discharges hot steam from its body. So from this point we should be thinking that the colossal is either an abnormal or it was created/produced by a group of people, but we’re not sure yet at this point. But soon after, the armored titan appeared and then we saw eren’s transformation and now the female titan, this gives us strong evidence that these titans are artificial, so that is why i say there is a secret organization somewhere.

    Why do i say “Eren’s dad must have joined this group many years ago because they needed his help and they’ve told him that they were finding a way to get rid of the titans”? because it is the only explanation as to where he got the drug from, sure he could have created it on his own but not without the research, info, tests and experiments of many titans which he could have definitely not done or obtained all on his own. And then i say “he must have either found out something he shouldn’t have about the organization and or he stole something from them” because it is also the only explanation to the key, he must have stole something very important to them and hid it in the basement and thats why he wants Eren to go there and also maybe the military so they can find out and know what’s going on.

    If this is all true then I can further predict that there’s going to be a huge war between the secret organization and the military, the military wins and and steal those titan shapeshifter drugs and get rid of all the titans. I could be very very wrong but this is what I think. What do you think?

    • Well it is obvious that there are other secret organizations “all over” the place. Even the so called “church” in the anime holds some secrets, and one of them we will find out at the end of this arc (if they will not end anime season before it). (I hope) it will blow your mind ;) .
      There is also other organization, tho we know practically nothing about them as of now… interesting is that, that even Armored and Colossal Titan are afraid/scared of them.

      Also Monkey Trouble.Because he’s monkey and he’s trouble.
      (you will know when the time comes, don’t spoil yourself ;) )

      Well, it’s hard to argue with theories (that are not wrong based on the known content), since we know little to nothing. This is series is like: “Here, have an answer. Oh what’s that?! Here, have butt-tone of questions!”

      • Yeah, this show gives more questions than answers. Btw, did you read Shingeki no Kyojin manga? If you did, please try not to spoil things for us xD The best thing about this anime is not knowing where will it go next. =)

          • Oh I know, believe me :D I write weekly posts on Naruto anime and manga. And in the anime posts there are no manga spoilers, even though it takes some will power on my part to restrain myself ^^

      • hmm, so i guess its more complicated than i thought it was. It is possible that there are more than one secret organization and all are making their own “titan shapeshifter drugs”. hehe, thats pretty awesome XD

        What could the church be hiding that’s so shocking? O_O aand the colossal and armored titans are afraid? they have such an emotion? O_O ohohoho, now i’m starting to lose patience XD

        “Monkey Trouble” hmmm, what could that mean? why would you even bring it up? Ohhh No! could you mean that there are monkey giants/titans. Thats freaking dangerous O_O

        Now, with all this mess going on, where do you think the story is heading to? A huge war against many different groups, haha, that would be so epic. But, i guess i can’t discuss this with you yet since i don’t read the manga, i’ll start reading it once the anime finishes, if i’m strong enough to stay patient that is :P

        • I say series is going the way as it was mentioned in the anime: “humanity finally uniting against common enemy”, but who knows.

          I think I picked up manga after 1st or 2nd episode. Same went with Danganronpa (in the meaning of playing the game). Funny thing is when I 1st read the anime description I was like: “Meh, not sure if I will like it, but I will check out the 1st episode.” ;p

          BTW Monkey Trouble is not official name. It’s something that fans came up with ;p

          • hmm true

            i haven’t played the game so i can’t really say if its any good. But, i am enjoying it so far.

            haha, “monkey trouble”. sounds funny XD Was my prediction true? Actually no, i don’t wanna spoil myself.

            Do you like reading manga more than watching anime?

    • Wow, you know what is really interesting? Me and Railing Plebeian (I hope he’ll join this conversation when he has time) were thinking up pretty close theories.

      I like your idea about Eren’s father being used by those guys. It makes sense for that organization to attack the town to blow away all the evidences. But if that is the case, than I would imagine they had already raided his basement. And that would be very anticlimactic if Eren comes to his home and finds nothing there : D

      But anyway, I am sure there is or was something in the basement and the idea that it is something stolen from the guys who manipulate the titans seems good to me. Or…

      Here is another possibility, based on your idea. What if Eren’s dad didn’t steal anything from that organization, or if he did, they didn’t notice. He might have created documents that were describing what is going on. That would be enough. But unfortunately he revealed himself as a traitor to that organisation in some other way. And because they had no idea what he already done to reveal their existence they decided to annihilate the whole town and prevent people from retaking it by destroying the wall Maria. That would make sense and if that is true, his basement might still be in tact.

      I am sure the show will spice the story up with some details that we have no means to predict, but in general you theory might very well turn out to be true =)

      • I like your idea. It would make more sense if they didn’t know anything, that way when eren goes to the basement it won’t be empty, otherwise the survey corps would immediately kill him for wasting their time and sacrificing their soldiers for nothing. So lets just say that Eren’s father didn’t steal anything from them and he revealed himself as a traitor in some other way. But, what would that be?

        Now remember in my theory i said that “Eren’s father must have found out something he shouldn’t have” that might be the case. If eren’s father was to find out something he shouldn’t have, what do you think that would be? or better, let’s first try to figure out exactly what he was doing in the organization, what his role was.

        Okay, one possibility is that his work was to find other ways of killing titans. And that “something” he shouldn’t have found out were the drugs they were making. That gives them a reason to want him dead but that would also mean he stole something from them too, which he did. OR, Erens father left the organization without notice and the organization found out that some important stuff was stolen and that important information could expose them. So they attacked the town to blow away all the evidence. And btw, how would they know if he had a basement? Anyway, the organization must have been so worried of getting exposed that they sent the colossal titan to break the walls so no humans can stay there. They’re information is safe!! Now if they’re so worried of getting exposed and they have huge secrets, could it be that the organization has something to do with the church? O_O

        • At this point I don’t think it is possible to say how and why Eren’s father (his name is Grisha Yeager) was mixed up in that story. There are two general possibilities. The first one – he was working on a project that made the guys from that shadowy organization interested or afraid. The second one – the organisation needed him and used him for some purpose.

          What could Grisha be doing? Well, he might be doing anything. If his employees were titan transformers, they would need tons of stuff researched. So there is no point guessing as for now. But he ended up having a serum that makes you a titan transformer. I guess he stole it or copied it, rather than developed it. That might be what gave him away. At least that would be logical. But there is no guarantee that this anime is going to be logical : D

          Also our biggest problem is that we have no idea how this transformation works. It is kinda hard to imagine that all it takes is a drug and then you can transform all you want. I think there will be more subtle mechanics behind the scenes. But that would not be revealed any time soon, I bet. Might not even bee revealed in this season.

          As for the connections with other organisations, for now I don’t see any way anyone would benefit from working with those titan controlling people. So I can’t say =)

          • Everything you said makes sense pretty much, and since we know so little i guess we can’t go into “how” and “why”. By the end of this season we should get an idea of how this transformation works and hopefully get a little something about these secret organisations. Also, i would love to know everything there is to know about Grisha before this season ends, i just hope we get that much.

            When a story is hard to predict and you start making up theories and stuff, you just know the story is good or maybe even a masterpiece. AOT FTW!! :DD

            • I bet we won’t get even close to knowing about what Grisha was doing xD They need something that would make people go for the second season, and mystery is an easy choice. And with the slow pace the show has now we won’t even start to retake the wall Maria by the end of this season.

              Yeah, that is the best thing about this anime, you don’t know where it is going, but if you try really hard you can maybe guess =)

  3. Heyo, I was waiting for my trollsubs to come out and I also had to overcome some work.

    SnK is one of those shows that’s about the process of doing something, not about how much is done. Most episodes can basically be summed up in a sentence but that doesn’t mean they’re bad, it’s just they focused on it in great detail. Still, I have mixed opinions about this episode’s choices.

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention that slo-mo extended monologue+ soliloque that was going on. I mean, in itself it was nice subversion of the typical ‘the military is wrong, I am the main hero and I must disobey their strict orders and save the day’ type of trope but still, it needed to be shorter.

    Oh well, I’ve accepted that the pace is going to be slow. It’s an on-going series so I don’t really mind and it gives really just a different style. It gives attention to those minute details, for good or for bad. I wonder if they will replace those recap scenes with a full straight minute of random soldier 3DMG scenes. That would make everybody buy the blu-rays hah.

    Honestly, it would be superfluous and expensive to animate the entire chase scene without recycled frames.

    Nice analysis. To add to that, I thought their extreme reaction was due to them natural attitude towards titans. Levi said it in the episode; their experience has taught them to be extremely suspicious and prepare for the worse-case scenario. That’s why Levi picked them and it’s basically what’s let them survive for so long.

    Orlo/Aurao (?) is growing on me though. I found it funny how even though he had absolutely no clue what was going on, he immediately jumped on the bandwagon and started boasting about how great the recon corps is. It’s like ep14, where he mentions that to Petra that she shouldn’t worry, he’s boasted about all of them and then it cuts to Eren being totally serious and listing every bodies titan kills. If Orlo was telling the truth, he’s the main guy in the squad that goes in for the kill.

    That brings me to another point, I like how the jokes are integrated into the plot. A lot of anime shows go out of character or become too genre savvy to create funny situations or jokes but in SnK they keep it all within their world. For this episode it was picking up a spoon and exploding into a titan, which is both comedic and emphasising the problems with Eren’s abilities. I also like how quickly the team reacted as well, as expected, they were paralyzed with shock but reacted instinctively to the titan danger.

    I like how Levi’s character is developing. He’s a badass but he’s obeys orders which isn’t usually what badass’s are like in shows. He may sound harsh at times but he’s just giving you the cold hard facts. Although yeah, he does let some of his snarkiness creep in but that’s what makes him funny (in my opinion).

    Anyway, now we only have two main characters left to introduce, Bertholt and that female-freckle-face. Bertholt has been consistently portrayed as the silent type so we probably won’t get a peep out of him but F-F-F should have some interesting opinions.

    A second titan? SnK won’t be that cheap. It’ll be something like titans overrunning the area and the recon corps being forced to retreat, or the much more likely option that everybody knows is the obvious risk. Namely, trying to cut her neck means cutting her fingers. Now, do her fingers grow back wrapped around the harpoons or are they effectively released? If they stuff up recon corps is gunna collapse. Additionally, it seems the outer ring is under attack. Looks like some smarter titans have arrived and are shaking the trees.

    Also, well, well, well. I guess the plan was a mixture of both cannons and the spikes. It makes sense, since they have advanced harpoon technology in their world. I would have liked to see the harpoons go flying everywhere since realistically they wouldn’t be so dead on accurate but it’s damn hard animating all those wires so I can understand why they probably did it. As long as that animation decision doesn’t affect the plot, I can’t attack it too much.

    I like the conclusions you’ve made Faze, maybe you should be the one writing the end of SnK? :-). I made a huge post on episode 14 of Sindar’s review and roundabouts the middle in that I addressed the Wallist’s. You can check that out if you like.

    Also, someone needs to say it and i’m rather immature so here goes. It’s pretty obvious that those titans are following the female-type titan ‘cos of pheromones. Just sayin’.

    And lastly some random thoughts that didn’t fit anywhere else-

    I’m a sucker for soldier scenes. I liked the mood they conveyed with that one soldier that was trying to distract the female titan. He basically had to keep circling Death till he died.

    Funny how Eren listens then immediately goes back to trying to bite his hand. It’s nice that he listened.

    • So SnK is in some way like those slice of life shows, where nothing happens, but still you enjoy the view xD I can see that. They really pay attention to the details. Though personally I would have been happier with a bit faster pace (I am talking about this episode).

      Oh, I sorta got used to those monologues, so I just take that for granted. Nothing original but nothing bad either. If he would blindly obey orders, well that would be something new and that would make me interested.

      Come to think of it, this decision fork, when the hero can’t decide what to do and then there comes some person or event that make him chose the right path, that has been used soooo often. It is probably one of the key characteristics of shonen shows.

      If they will replace the recap scenes with new footage, that would be a really nice move. Though I think they will just clear the awful shots and mistakes, and that would be it. This should not be on the blu-ray, that is for sure xD

      Animation without recycling would be awesome but too expensive, as you say. Sadly =(

      Yeah, I agree with Levi’s decision. Eren is better off with people who know how to survive and quick to react. Any other people would be in great danger around Eren, who can’t really control his abilities, and if Eren ends up killing a comrade that might be the end for him. And it doesn’t hurt that those guy around his are top class fighters who will be able to protect him.

      Orlo, you mean the dude who bites his tongue on a daily basis? It will be interesting to see how he behaves in an actual fight. He seems to be more of a coward than most of them, but I bet he does not let his fear stop his hand in the decisive moment. Such characters, who appear to be a joke but actually worthy high praise, they are hard to portray. I would like to see who SnK will deal with it.

      Yes, I was just thinking about it =) They don’t put in buffoon characters that would be there just for the laughs. And there are no comedy/fan-service episodes. Can you imagine how out of place a hot spring episode would be in this show xD
      I heard people complaining about Sasha ruining the mood of the show. For me it is the level of silly humor I can take easily. I think Sasha made the first half of the show much better than it might have been.

      If I were to name an archetype that Levi belongs to, I would say it is male tsundere =) Cold outside, with a warm and caring heart inside. Hence the snarkiness : D Anyway, we haven’t seen enough of him yet. I hope he keeps developing. Cause if he stops and shrink to be just another Eren’s supporter, that would be a pity. That is a trope from fighting shonen shows, I hope they would not put it in there.

      I just forgot about those two, had to google to see whom you mean =) Do we know where did they ended up? Recon Corps too? Or on the walls?

      You think it won’t? Well, maybe. I am pretty sure they are going for a shocking plot twist, so I expect something grand.
      About the fingers, if it was me, I would send people to first slice her arms, so she would not be able to move the hands. If the arms keep healing, they will just have to keep slicing them (how creepy that sounds O_O). And they would be better of with saws and axes then with swords in this situation.

      Normal titans would still be occupied with the soldiers on the trees. Abnormal ones can really be a pain in that situation, that is true.

      My problem with the harpoons i snot their accuracy. They are actually more than just one problem.
      First, they fire harpoons from relatively small launchers. That ginormous titan should have no problem moving all those launchers around, or at least one at a time. So in reality they should not be able to hold her.
      Second, no matter how you fire harpoons, some will hang loose and some would be too strained. And when she pulls her body, she should have been able to pull out some of the most strained ones.
      And the last is this. With her weight and flexibility she should be able to move around somewhat. I can’t believe you can fix someone this big so perfectly. The only reason why she is standing still I can think of is that she is afraid and is waiting for their next move.

      xD I would have run away from such pheromones :/

      Actually is it quite horrifying thinking about that soldier who was risking his life for a couple of minutes just to end up dead, as expected. That is almost a legit suicide.

      Yeah Eren is nice like that xD He wouldn’t turn into a titan while someone is talking to him, that would have been rude.

  4. Yeah, a faster pace would have been better for this episode. Yeah, that would have been interesting. Oh, I’ve never really heard characters give those speeches before in that way so to me it was new stuff. I’ve heard the “you gotta do what you gotta do because you’ve gotta do it” speeches as well as the ‘We believe in you main character, do what you think is best’.

    It’s a quick and easy way of getting characterisation for the new person or plot development simultaneously. Anime especially takes a lot of those shortcuts to develop up characters. Basically, the plot and story are made to give characters those decision making moments and give you a sense that they are developing as a character.

    Yeah, that’s why I liked the Levi scene, since he wasn’t pressuring Eren into doing anything. He was letting Eren decide because…okay, I’ll stop because if I continue i’ll just be quoting exactly what Levi said.

    Those decision making moments can be annoying when they introduce some new dangerous enemy to avoid answering whatever dilemma they built up for; which is cheap since those dilemma were used to build up the characters.

    Assuming your talking about it happening in the ‘present’ time, in Eren’s case he didn’t have anybody new come in or any event happen to him (the female titan starts sprinting only after he made the decision). He had that flashback and made a decision after ‘reflecting’ on it I assume. However, the whole spoon incident in that flashback can be classified as the event that made his decision. Still, everybody bases their decisions on their experiences, so i’m not sure what to classify Eren’s decision. I’m leaning towards not shonen just because of the Levi scene.

    Hah. Yeah, well on Wednesday they are releasing the second blu-ray for episodes 2-4, so we shall see. As you said though, it’s highly doubtful.

    Dude, watch the show again. Eren had the hot spring scene in episode 9 with a bunch of garrison soldiers.

    When I first saw those ‘beach’ ‘hot spring’ and ‘sports activity’ tension release episodes it really disconcerted me and took me out of the world. It felt artificial, similar to what I was saying about characters and jokes. An exception to this was Avatar, which made a hilarious self-parody of itself.

    I have the same feeling as you. No show can be serious and tense all the time, that would just make it dreary. I think they complain because they have her labelled as comedic relief, so when they see her they automatically assume its going to be some silly comedy moment. Her fandom doesn’t help either with those expectations. When she was being chased by the spider-giant, in my opinion it was the right mix of humour and tension for me. It didn’t feel out of character or just played for laughs.

    Seeing as how he beat up the main character, normally he would become the main villain or anti-hero on the good side. That was actually parodied with Mikasa swearing/hinting that one day he would pay and then it cuts to Levi looking at them, then shrugging and walking away nonchalantly. I liked how it was played completely straight, without pointing out the joke there. Tsundere… Personally I don’t think he has a warm and caring heart, he just not heartless. His attitude just makes people misinterpret him. Tsundere is a rather extreme word too (it’s just the anime world is overpopulated with them at the moment so its effect is lessened), don’t let his fandom’s fetish’s get to you.

    Shingeki’s plot is heavily plot driven, or driven on by humanity/mooks and the giants, not by the main characters. Although Erwin is a character influencing the plot, I kinda lump him as part of Humanity plus he’s not a main character. So really, nobody is Eren’s supporters since Eren’s more of a tool for humanity than driving it forward himself (though his existence is driving it forward). Mikasa is right, he does need to be protected since he gets himself beaten up and fails most of the time.

    Those guys are both in the recon corps. They show their faces every so often so you don’t forget their existence. I only remember them because this chart of everyone’s heights was released some time ago.

    I wish…but the censors would go crazy :-(.

    i was originally going to comment the exact sames things as you but I thought about it some more and thought of some counter-points. Before I going into those counter-points, I think the points you raised will be the reason she escapes.

    Those harpoon boxes look quite sturdy and seem to have supports holding them. They didn’t really give a clear portrait view of them though. The harpoons actually retract and tighten so all the harpoons will be taunt and she can’t move her body around. As for your next point, yes, she’s probably going to keep tugging at the wires till some of them snap. Then she just has to keep pulling on that weak point and break free. That’s the bad side of having multiple small harpoons as opposed to large harpoons, which would allow her more movement but would be harder to break free from.

    • I would like to put here names of shows where I’ve seen something just like it, but that would take me forever to check, so… And I might be wrong, of course, I might be thinking about dialogues from books or something. But anyway, most of the long enough anime that deals with warfare will discuss the dilemma of following orders or doing the right thing to do. Evangelion, FMA, Berserk, Naruto, that is where I remember seeing a lot of that.

      I don’t get why Levi would let Eren decide what to do on his own. If Eren made a wrong move all the deaths of his comrades would have been in vain. I don’t think that insuring that Eren will have no regrets was the priority in that situation.

      As I see it, Eren decision was triggered by Levi and that redhead girl (is Petra her name?..) He didn’t know what to do, but Levi’s focus and calmness and Petra being ready to die doing what they were told to do, that what was made him follow the orders. Flashback just gave us the reason why Petra was able to influence Eren so much. But well, your point is valid too, we can say that Eren’s experience was the key factor. I don’t know. The truth is probably in the middle somewhere.

      Don’t mess with my head xD I even looked up the ninth episode pictures :D

      Haven’t seen Avatar, I guess I know what you mean. Both Bleach and Naruto had at least one or two well done parody type fillers with random staff in them. But well, those are long-long shows, self parody works well after you’ve seen a hundred episodes.

      Yeah, I think you are right. Preconceptions never help to enjoy the show. They made Sasha look cheerful and positive in the beginning of the season, so when we saw her completely taken down after the last big fight, that conveyed just how bad she and others felt.

      What I mean about Levi is that all his coldness is artificial. He might make it look like he does not give a damn about what will happen with anyone, but in fact he does care. But he finds it more convenient to put up a cool facade.
      And I didn’t hint on any homo relations, if that is what you mean by fandom fetishes : D

      At the moment yes, Eren is not the driving force of this show. But it can easy change if Eren takes the initiative. Imagine Eren would be captured, brought to a secret layout. All the Recon Corps elite would be send in to get him out of there or kill him. And then Eren launches a counter attack and fights on his own against the enemy. Then all the guys from Recon Corps, including Levi, would become just a support. You see, it is pretty easy to turn the story the wrong way =)

      I don’t think Japan have any censors xD But they do have some weird ideas about controlling the amount of blood they can show on the screen. I never was able to figure out how that works, though.

      Retracting harpoons seem to me way too advanced technology for their steam driven era. But well, I guess if that somehow created such a thing, then you would have a tiny chance of landing all the harpoons perfectly, so the titan couldn’t move at all. And that would work only if she was standing still while the harpoons were fired.

      Sorry for being slow with replies =( I put all my free time into studying German and so I am not able to send as much time here..

  5. Okay, I’ve also seen berserk and FMA (and part of Naruto) but I considered their speeches different. I may have forgotten some since it’s been some time since I last saw them.

    I think he knew he couldn’t stop Eren if he wanted to. So by letting him decide Eren would pause and think it over rather than just straining at the leash to attack. And he wasn’t assuring Eren that he will have no regrets, he was saying that I can’t force you to make a decision. You have to mkae up your mind who to trust. Just make sure you pick the decision you’ll regret the least.

    Sorry, by experience I meant what you just said.

    :-p. I was referring to Eren’s trip inside the titan’s stomach, with the hot blood and dead garrison members around him. I mean, it’s practically a hot spring scene. He even dips down into the blood at one point.

    Yeah, I guess i’m not good at explaining myself. I also meant what you just said.

    Ah…those shonen moments :-|. I’m always sad when I watch them because I know those ‘elites’ are going to die so the main hero can come in to save the day with everybody rallying behind him shouting out his name in encouragement whilst he takes down all the enemies. Sometimes you forget to appreciate all the things a show is doing right until it does something very wrong and takes a dive. I think the show will beat Eren into the ground the moment he goes into his badass titan mode. I believe that Eren was made as a subversion of the typical hero (what he’s fighting for is pretty much genocide, which isn’t exactly a noble intention) and as you just pointed out, it’s pretty important that this happens so the plot doesn’t turn into the usual shonen. And when eventually Eren does win with his titan form, it’s been so long now that I trust the show shall not disappoint and will make the soldiers an important part of the story, not just pseudo-important like what often happens.

    *******SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 20 ******

    Your point was partially addressed. They fired a few more rounds once she was trapped to make sure she was firmly stuck. They added some thicker harpoons/bars into her so that when she regenerated the bars would be in the way so her muscles wouldn’t regenerate fully/properly. So she can’t use her full strength to break free from the harpoons. They went overboard with the harpoons though.

    ******* END OF SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 20 *********

    I don’t know much about that sort of thing so I can’t say. I don’t know if landing all harpoons spot on and simultaneously is necessary, maybe the sheer amount/overboard spamming of harpoons slowed her down and trapped her. Never had that happen to me so I can’t say for sure.

    That’s okay, good luck with your project.

    • Forgot to mention Eren still isn’t all that bad such as he wants to be free from the birdcage, he is respectful to superiors and listens to them, he cares about his comrades, he doesn’t believe he can conquer the world by himself. I was just having a bit too much fun bashing him.

    • Well, I don’t think Eren’s regrets should really be of any concern to
      to anyone. But well, in the end Eren didn’t mess up the plan, so I can’t blame Levi too much. Maybe if he has said something different Eren would have chosen to do his own thing.

      Eaahh, yeah, I forgot about that bath scene xD

      Yeah, I don’t expect too much of shonen stereotypes here either, I guess the original creator was placing his bets on surprise plot twists and powerful events that follow them instead of shonen formula.
      You know, I wonder about those little details, like Eren’s messed up motivation, if they were put in the show intentionally. Sometimes I feel like the strong point of the show is that it is not perfect. It feels like the author knew the plot line he wanted to draw, but that was it. He didn’t really know, or understand how the series should go along that line. So he did what he liked to do. Draw soldiers and their little stories and mixed that up with humor, politics and fighting scenes.

      Yeah, I liked their idea that harpoons would stick better because the flesh around them was regenerate.

      Thank you =)

      Yeah, I now, Eren is a nice boy. But a boy nonetheless. Hope he becomes a grown man by the end of the anime.

      About the episode 20, do you have any ideas who the traitor is? Or who was the person inside the titan? I am still clinging to my Annie-Reiner idea, but Annie’s chances seem way too faint to me.

  6. Whew, turned out to be four weeks. Have fun in Peru.

    Well, its too late to give my theories since the anime revealed who the female titan is. As for the traitor, I agree with your theory that it may be Reiner, although it seems that that mystery will be addressed in season 2. Right now they are expending all of their budget in some pretty amazing 3dmg animations and near non-stop action.

    As for growing up into a man… Well, it seems his life lesson is that being humane will kill you. Still, he’s more mature now. Not as reckless and brash.

    I’ve noticed that basically everybody who’s survived- Weirman, Pixis, Erwin, Annie- has sacrificed their humanity to succeed. All those who have died- the garrison elite squad leader, Ian, for saving his comrade, Mitabi for being distracted by his comrade’s death and certain other people later in the anime- couldn’t do so. I won’t go into what Eren’s conclusion is but needless to say, his black and white perspective of the world changes, for better or for worse.


    Well, turns out the characters knew who it was. It was never really a question of who it was but why. She’s pretty evil but at the same time the recent episodes have shown she’s not a bad person. Confusing.

    I predict that we won’t find out from her but rather from the armoured or colossal titan what the titan transformer’s motives are.


    • Good to hear from you again =) I got back from Peru some few days ago and today hopefully I will get on my way to the next point of destination. Don’t know if I’ll be able to watch anything from Germany, I am thinking of paying for a month of Crunchyroll, though the use is going to be restricted, cause of all that licensing stuff in Europe.

      Oh, they did reveal that already? :O Cool, I will have fun time watching the show then =) From what I hear they didn’t come near to covering the whole manga, so the next season is guaranteed. Some people say that at the moment there is not enough unused chapters to make another 26 episodes, so they will probably take a brake, probably half a year or more. That would be smart too, now they can sell the merchandise and slowly build up the hype for the upcoming sequel.

      So the animation and the action scenes are pretty good in those episodes that haven’t yet seen? Every word you write makes me more and more excited xD

      Yeah, I guess one of the ideas this anime tries to pass is that pretty words and fine and humane ideas don’t fit into a war. It is interesting though, I remember seeing shows that were trying to make a point to survive the war (not only in the physical sense) you have to guard your humanity, so remain being a soldier and not become a murderer. And I remember the idea that a leader should always think about his people as humans, not as pieces on a chess board (which I can grant to Erwin, by the way). All those different ideas contradict each other as often as not, but I guess that is why shows about war are so interesting. We don’t have a ready answer.

      Can’t read the spoiler part yet, sorry. Hopefully I will find a way to watch the show soon.

  7. Heyo :-)

    Yeah, make sure attack on titan is viewable to paid subscribers outside of the USA ‘cos I heard some people complaining about that.

    If they didn’t I think a lot of people would be very disappointed.
    They say about 2/3 of the manga was covered. From what I’ve heard, including the production time (and time to get organised to start), it will take 2 years. Although I know it won’t happen, it would be interesting if they did a filler, side-story episodes on the soldiers of the recon corps. Then when the main canon part of the show is released, they can replace random mook soldiers with those developed ones and we can watch them die. Unlikely though, since nobody would want to see filler of unimportant characters.

    Heh, well in my opinion one episode didn’t have good animation quality but yes, in general what you haven’t watched contains a lot of high quality animation. A lot of good stuff happens in these final episodes.

    Yeah, its a tough issue that’s really to complex to apply a ‘blanket’ answer to. War pushes human to the extreme and really tests them psychologically. Even on a case by case basis its difficult to say what’s right and wrong. It was a nice bit of in sight into Erwin I thought. He is willing to sacrifice his men to capture the female titan but he won’t go so far as to let them all die, which is why he called the retreat. Later episodes delve into that more but I’ll avoid spoiling. Have you seen ‘Band of Brothers’? It’s an American mini tv series that regarded as one of the best soldier shows. I haven’t watched it yet (not enough time) but it looks quite interesting.

    I hear one way to watch is via proxies but a lot of proxies aren’t safe so I generally stay away from them.

    • I can tell you, Germany is not a place to watch anime xD Really. First 10 days or so I did not have an access to internet, beside what I got in the office. And they scan everything you download, so it is plane dangerous to do something besides working there =) After that I got internet in my dorm. Took some phone calls to make them actually do something, otherwise I would still be waiting. And even what I have got is not the internet we are used too. It has 10 Gb limit for data transfer, so there is no question of watching Crunchyroll. At best those 10 Gb will be enough for me to listen to MOOC lectures I am taking.

      So if 2/3 of the manga is covered, then the next season will either be short, or very watery. Or they will wait fr more manga to come out.
      I think they will do some OVA, but they would be some kind of main characters side stories, most likely. As you say, stories of unknown soldiers won’t sell.

      I guess I know how I’ll spend my weekend when I get back home xD Watching high quality titan-slicing, doesn’t sound too romantic, but good enough for me : D

      Yeah, as a whole war is just too much to display in any given piece, be it a book or a movie. Getting good picture of some instances is the best you can do. And there you probably can give your judgement to the people actions and such. That is what we usually see.
      No I have not seen it. I don’t have any time for live action lately. If I have a free hour, I would probably use it to catch up to some anime, or do some of my other hobbies. I think I watch about one live action movie a year. That is just ridiculous, I know : D

  8. Hello, sorry for the late reply, I had another exam block (still do but less serious).
    Surprisingly, I thought Germany would have good internet speeds. Or maybe they do and America is just spoiled :-p.

    They will probably wait a year or two then release the next season, unless they are busy with other projects. After that we can expect a very long wait. I won’t read the manga though, waiting a month for less than one episode wouldn’t be fun and I’m really invested in manga or anime. Attack on titan was just an exception for me.

    They are making this OVA called Isle’s notebook which is coming out sometime in December and is ‘bundled with the 12th limited-edition manga volume.

    From myanimelist-
    ‘The anime will be about an old journal found by Levi and Erwin when they conduct the surveillance operation outside the wall. The contents of “Ilse’s Journal” result in some unexpected actions from Hanji.’

    Also, I looked it up and there are quite a few spin off’s. Their names are ridiculously long and hard to remember but from what I understand there are 2 manga’s, either spin offs or canon side stories for Levi’s past and another about ‘Before the Fall’, which I guess is set before the beginning of the main story but not before the walls were built, as that would ruin the story.

    Then there is a light novel that seems to be just a different medium for ‘Before the Fall’ but is further ahead. Then there are these things called visual novels about Mikasa and yet Levi past (yet again, probably the same thing as the manga just in a different medium). Finally, a side story about Eren and Levi and another about Annie.

    Other people are making those, although the author apparently approved it. i don’t know how closely the author monitors it unless I hear reviews about how good they are, I probably won’t look at them.

    Hah. I think the only movie I viewed last year was ‘The Hobbit’. Most memorable part for me was when I ate the Vietnamese noodles afterwards. This year my chosen movie of the year was ‘Gravity’. It’s quite a nice visual spectacle, especially in 3-D.

    • That is fine, I myself has been pretty lame with replaying lately.

      Germany would have got much better internet if they were not making such a big deal out of it. The fact that I needed to tell them my MAC address and call them to get the connection is by itself ridiculous.

      Yeah, I guess we will have to wait more than a year. Though they will try to hurry up, so to produce the next season before the hype dies down. At the moment I am not going to read the manga, but I may change my mind. I am used to watching anime after reading the manga first, and reading is a big pleasure too. So it depends on how much time I have I think.

      I would like to see that OVA and the spin-offs. It is pretty hard to find stuff like that though. I missed lots of specials for other anime from last few seasons, and I have little hope to find them : D

      By the way, I have watched 21st and 22nd episodes. They were so… ruthless. I don’t know how you feel about them, cause they more or less crushed good chunk of the side characters you care for. I myself felt pretty bad watching that bloody mess. I won’t write a post about it, but my friend made one here. I put my two cents in the comment section. Yeah, now there are two of us writing this blog, so if you want to know who wrote a post just look up the author’s name right below the title =)

      It is funny, the last movie I saw was The Hobbit as well. I watched it in 3D, but I ended up wishing I was watching it at home :/ 3D does not look so good when you have bad eyesight and have to wear two pair of glasses xD Not in my cinema anyway.

  9. Funnily enough- Well, I just checked so I wouldn’t look foolish but it seems that they finally released the 3rd and 4th blu-rays illegally online. I wonder if some new Japanese anti-piracy law prevented them from uploading because the 1st and I think 2nd blu-ray were uploaded quite shortly after release. The 3rd and 4th have come months late. I like some of the changes but I dislike enough that I won’t download it, just look at the comparison images online. Also, they kept the low quality base structure. e.g. ep5 the colossal titan destroys cgi bricks and wood. The cgi was kept. additionally, they added shadows but on the other hand made Eren’s eyes bigger (weirdly moe though I would need to see it in action before I judge) and various other changes like removing crumples and lines and clothing. Some of their removals worked well, especially with Armin but the rest I’m not so sure.

    Yeah, ep21 and ep22 were a great combination. The arc was very nice in its atmosphere and mood shifts. Its conclusion was not only suitably horrific but also showed the viewer the alternate perspective and how all these horrible events were really just one day of what the recon corps went through the many times they left the walls. I liked that it showed the perspective of the other soldiers and the civilians. Brought it into perspective and added some realism. It’s a common pitfall were shows gets really good because of their focus on the characters but mess up later on because they focused too much.

    Same. Looking at the sets, Frodo with his make-up and the obvious background paintings stopped any immersion I had. The 48 frames per second didn’t help either. I watched it again in 2-D (24fps) though and it looked better. Yeah, my glasses are structured such that they can’t actually hold up the 3D glasses properly. I usually end up holding the 3D glasses up for the movie, which doesn’t help with immersion.

    • That makes sense I guess, they have put quite a big sum into the series already, so it i snot like they could blow tons of money redoing the animation.

      I hope they didn’t make Eren’s eyes as big as Armin’s xD But anyway I am not that big fan of the series to watch the thing again in a better quality.

      I think that this mission was probably an exceptional disaster. Like the one that end of which Eren saw in the first episode. maybe back then they encountered the same forces that beat them this time. It was short before the fall of the first wall. I am pretty sure they didn’t show any abnormal titans in the short flash scenes from that mission, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there were none.

      The perspectives of side characters on the big event is the strong point of SNK as usual =)
      As for the civilians’ perspective, I assume that they will show more of that in the last few episodes that I’ll watch this weekend, cause what we saw at the end of episode 22, the shouts and stuff about the taxes money, that wasn’t really satisfying.

      Yeah, there wasn’t any question of immersion in my case xD I ended up taking off the 3d glasses and watching the movie as 2d thing. I’m still going to watch the sequels though, but mostly cause I like Tolkien’s books and cause I have big respect for Peter Jackson and his The Lord of the Rings series. Though shame on me, I have no idea if the second movie has already been released or not.

  10. Armin’s eyes you could put a teacup, heck, the whole set, teaspoon and saucer and all. And when they begin to water, it’s like staring into a vast ocean. Well okay, i’m exaggerating but his I was happy when he stopped being so scared just so I wouldn’t have to look at his eyes.

    I always wondered what the titans did without humans around. Very briefly in episode 17 as Sasha is passing by the building you can see the spider titan is actually gazing up at the sky absentmindedly. I was hoping for a tea party but that’s an okay alternative.

    The civilian perspective is only lightly touched upon actually, they spend some short but fortunately quality time with the military police. Pretty short but at least they got the military police covered. The last episode is no good at all though, apparently the manga did it better (I checked and it does).

    But wait, if you watched it without 3D glasses wouldn’t everything be fuzzy and double-imaged? Maybe it’s just my cinema’s technology, Australia is a bit backwards. Apparently Peter Jackson shot the trilogy in one go. If it’s the same for the Hobbit, then unfortunately it may mean bad 3D-48fps for the rest of the prequels.

    I saw the trailer for the second movie, looks like Jackson turned every calm sequence in the book into an action one and every action sequence into a bigger action sequence.

    • xD Yeah, Armin has different anatomy from the rest of the guys. He and Sasha are probably belong to the same species.

      Interesting, so you think the titans just lie around when they have nothing to do? =) The ground should be absorbing their heat though. So a tea party would actually make more sense, they would have been able to recharge their steam engines or whatever drives them. Too bad physics doesn’t work there.

      Ok, I’ll try to watch the rest of the show today.

      In that theater they managed to make the picture look good even if you don’t wear the glasses. And I think I watched it without my normal glasses too, so the blur didn’t bother me, even if it was there.
      Action scenes, I am sure they will be alright, even the big ones. The only thing about the Hobbit that is worrying me is the dragon. Balrog in the LoTR looked too much like Diablo from the game, but it was not that important. If the dragon will end up being done on the same level that would hurt the show badly.

  11. Yeah, I doubt titans could exist for long. Aside from the physics problems, natural selection has shown that large animals tend not to be as successful as small. At least the author was to some degree aware of the problems and set them up as seeming to be some biological weapon that eats humans not for food but because its their goal.

    The answer as to how they get enough energy to take even one step with their body was waved away by hints at solar power, though that then opens up a whole other can of worms.

    The trailer had this scene at the end which had a camera pan following Bilbo as he edged around a pillar. On first viewing the dragon seems a little jerky and cgi as it turned round the corner. Hopefully it was just my mind playing with me or its fixed in the final release.

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