There will be less new posts till November

Yeah, that is right. Sorry. The thing is, yesterday I got a confirmation that I will be going to another country to do a research project. And I have only slightly more than one month to prepare. So I will have to use my time to prepare the material for the research, read special literature, etc. And besides all that I am going to study the language too. I have one month to learn a new language, how does that sound..

Don't be sad Chiyo Chan, I'll be alright

So I will have no time to even watch anime, not to mention to write about it. I hope to find time for two series, Attack on Titan and Danganronpa. So, you can expect new posts about those two series. But everything else will be on hiatus.

And I am sorry if I am slow to reply to your comments. Really sorry. Till the next time, see you (^_^)/

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12 thoughts on “There will be less new posts till November

  1. Have a safe trip Sindar and all the best! ^-^/ Because of my new job, I hardly get to properly stalk your blog xD but I can catch up now while waiting for your new posts to get here :P

    • I’ll be working with some robotic applications for brushless motors. There’s going to be a lot of math work and simulations. That is only a part of a big project, though.
      Thank you =)

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