Danganronpa: The Animation, episode 8

Also known as Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei – The Animation, episode 8

Last time the murder seemed so complicated. And yet it was kinda easy to solve, especially if you don’t let the details distract you. This time the murder is much more straight forward, and yet that is what makes it hard to solve.

Danganronpa  episode 8 Sakura

And though plot-wise it is apparent that she had to go, being too strong to keep the balance, even though I was a little sad when they found her corpse. I like strong people who do not abuse their strength and power.

I must say, Oogami was acting much more noble than Togami, who is in fact just a spoiled kid. Same with Ishimaru, I would say that Oogami, if you put aside her ridiculous way of dressing, was much more of a well-behaved student. She was always calm and polite, while Ishimaru was shouting and disturbing piece.

Now, to the mystery of the murder. First, the door to Oogami’s room was kinda locked from the inside. That alone is enough to conclude that she herself was participating in the thing. My guess is that it was her wish to die. Now, there is only one person, whom she would let kill herself. Asahina. So that is my bet this week.

As for the evidences, let’s see. The blood in her mouth and broken bottle, that might mean that the actual weapon of the murder was poison. The blow on the head might be just a decoy to complicate things. Next, the magazine and the blood on the floor. Oogami might have been trying to clean up some of the sighs that there was someone in the room when the poison had already took the effect. And it is anime, so poison might very well cause blood vomiting.

Lastly, why would Oogami ask those three to meet with her? Just to ask them not to mistreat Asahina? She might have just come up to each of them during the day and do whatever she wanted with them. No need to be so complicated. But if you want to make them suspects, then it would make sense.

So that is my theory.

Danganronpa  episode 8 strange photos

Btw, those random pictures make me hope that all those people are actually alive. Most of them are in fact good guys, so I wouldn’t mind sch a plot twist.

We will see who is the culprit in five days. Now, that is it for this week from me, I am sorry. See you (^_^)/

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4 thoughts on “Danganronpa: The Animation, episode 8

  1. “while Ishimaru was shouting and disturbing piece.”
    Are we talking about the same person? We are talking about a person that would keep piece and rules over anything.

    Shown evidence list in this episode (there still will be “few”[read 12!] more in the next episode):

    This murder is where Monokuma is first (SURPRISE!) playing dirty… But more on that in the next episode.

    -The corpse was discovered in the recreation room on the third floor.
    -The victim was struck twice over the head.
    -The chair was placed against rec room door from the inside preventing door from being opened, creating so called “sealed room murder”.
    -Oogami spent her last breath slumped forward on the couch in the rec room. There is bloody vomit visible on her mouth, tho due lack of external wounds the reason is unknown.
    -Shards of red glass were found scattered on the floor near the sofa in the rec room. They seem to be a pieces of a bottle. Small figure of Monokuma was found among the pieces.
    -There were several red bottles lined up atop the cabinet in the rec room. Each bottle has Monokuma figure in it.
    -Oogami invited Fukawa, Togami and Hakagure to meet her in the rec room.
    -Yellow powder was found atop Oogami’s shoe.
    -Beside the magazine stand there is pool of blood and 1 of the magazines is upside down (tho more important is what’s inside the magazine).

    You should note, that in the game there was NO lock on the door and they were only blocked by the chair so they were not “breaking down locked door” – I don’t know why they added a lock in the anime… :/

    Oogami’s unused execution:

    “Deciding Match of the Whole Galaxy” – Oogami is standing in wilderness. Various space alien commanders and soldiers appear and surround her, manipulating the atmosphere. Even though Oogami successfully kicks them one after another, the enemies don’t stop appearing. Eventually it becomes too cramped and she dies by the pressure of being buried.

    • Yeah, we are xD You know, when someone is late to the table or does some other thing he would yell at him. And later in the show he just gone plain crazy, walking almost nude and such. Naegi, Sakura, Kirigiri, they were following the rules just as good, but they were much more quiet and didn’t make a fuss out of it.

      Well, I can’t take that dirty play into account, cause I have no info :(

      In fact, I think the whole following the rules idea about Ishimaru is a translation problem. If you look at MAL, they translated his ‘title’ as “Super High School Level Hall Monitor”, which seems way more appropriate =) What it means is that essentially he is good not at keeping piece, but at yelling at people.

      I am about to start watching the next episode. I still think the culprit is Asahina, but I admit, you made me question my reasoning =)

      Again, they went all out with their fantasy executions xD The show does the good job making the executions somewhat realistic.

  2. I really want to add my two cents.
    You say Togami’s an annoying jerk, for me his well-rounded character profile was the reason I picked up the game – and anime- again.
    Maybe this explains a bit of why the guy is like he is.

    15:05 to 19:20 should be enough to get an idea of just why he acts the way he does.

    BTW, the anime’s last ep came out today. Just waiting for the subs to come.

    • Well, the idea that he fought his siblings and all that staff about children all around the world, I can hardly call that good story telling. But well, all Danganronpa stories are far from being brilliant, so it is ok. The show is entertaining, that is good enough =)

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