Senyuu. 2. Episodes 9 and 10. Alba is dead

Also known Senyuu. Episodes 22 and 23 Trololo

Wow I haven’t posted anything for a while.  Today I watched two episodes of  the second season of Senyuu.  And I found them funny, which made me happy. I mean, I used to like the show, but then I kind of lose my faith in it. That happened back in the middle of the first season I think. And sure there were some moments since then.  But as a whole the show was not doing it right.

But those two episodes, the 9th and 10th ones are different. They are good, and they are promising a decent end for the anime. I don’t know, I want to hope that this show will end as good as it started.

But all that is not the reason I am writing this. The reason is that they killed Alba.

Senyuu. 2. Episodes 9 and 10 Alba

Yes, this guy

Senyuu. 2. Episodes 9 and 10 Alba's death

Here is the proof

Warning: this post contains spoilers; you’ve probably noticed.

The interesting thing about all this is that Senyuu tries to make fun of shonen stereotypes. So it might really kill off Alba, just to make fun of the viewers, who would expect him to come back. I would applaud them if they pull it off. Though I got attached to Alba, so I feel kinda sad thinking that he is dead.

Anyway, I recommend you to watch the show. Don’t mind the spoiler, the show is good for its humor, not the plot. See you next time (^_^)/

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17 thoughts on “Senyuu. 2. Episodes 9 and 10. Alba is dead

  1. Your post made me want to start watching. It would be a great joke if Alba actually died. It would make Eren look like a monster XD but yeah. It would be sad if he died. I like his character.

  2. Yeah, that anime does not give you much to write about xD

    You are welcome to post about Rurouni Kenshin here =) I’ll send you the invitation, so if you will actually feel like writing something and have the time (as if that is going to happen, with you not having time to sleep >.<), feel free to post it.

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