Naruto, chapter 646

Lots of awesome things happened since the last time I posted something about Naruto manga. Well, this one is not going to be my usual post either.

I just want to say that I was surprised that Kishimoto decided to use the Bible story about the fall of man. He uses Shinto references a lot, also he references some other Eastern religions (I have to double check before I say which ones). But Christian references, I don’t remember seeing those, or they were subtle enough not to be obvious.

Naruto chapter 646

If you don’t know what I am talking about, here it is

Also, did Madara mention what happened to that princess? Did I miss it? She should be a pretty important part of the story.

Now about the rest of the chapter and the chapters before it. Well, I am happy for all the people who like Naruto’s power-ups. And I am happy myself that the enemy is strong. The only thing that can spoil the fun is Madara turning “good”, which I kinda afraid of. Hope Kishimoto will be able to keep the tension till the end, though I can’t say I am tense or have any doubts as about who will win : D You probably have non either. That is the fate of such long running manga, people can predict how the piece is going to end.

That is it from me. See you some time later. No idea when it will be though. Later (^_^)/

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