Bleach, chapter 549

I just want to say that Kubo put a lot of love into drawing Soi Fon in this chapter. I think he likes her a lot. Not just her, he likes different, not normal faces, like Komomura’s or Yamamoto’s. And Soi Fon’s face is different from normal Kubo style faces too.

Bleach - Chapter 549 Soi Fon

Just look how well it is done *_*

But well, Kubo can’t just make a good drawing of Soi Fon and be done with it. He has to make fun of her. Like he did with her bankai.

Bleach - Chapter 549 Soi Foi with bullets

Or like this… I mean, i think the bullets in her hand were actually taken from quincy’s gun, but it looks like she was shooting them from her hand, like from a machine gun. And being a walking rocket launcher it is not something unreal to shoot bullets from your hands.

Though she is not the only one. The new Toshiro’s technique is ridiculous too, especially because of the puny attempt to use physics to back it up. Well, whatever, I have a bad habit of taking manga seriously ^^; See you next time (^_^)/

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