New Naruto and Bleach chapters

Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I wrote something, huh. Well, you know how it is.

Yesterday evening I was reading Naruto and Bleach manga. I started with Naruto. And I have to admit, I got kinda sad. I though that there would be some development, giving the time they had (I am talking about chapters 647-650). But instead, all I saw was Naruto and Sasuke combining again and again and Obito crushing them. While I am very happy that just by combining and using cheats (like Senjutsu Susanoo) they were not able to take down Obito, I am no happy about the pace of the story. It is literally going in circles like this: Obito overwhelms everyone, ask Naruto “Why are you fighting, that is not worth it?”, Naruto gives a speech, a flashback or whatever, than he and Sasuke invent some new attack and go in with “let’s put an end to this”. Common Kishimoto, try to surprise me.

naruto chapter 650

How is that chimera form going to help you guys?..

Next I went on to read new Bleach chapters (550-552). As most of the fans I think, I was not surprised by the sudden power of Sternritters. We saw the same thing with arrancars and epadas. And we know the scenario. Good guys lose, good guys come back, good guys win. But still, I hoped to see something unusual. For example, I hoped to see all the captains defeated and some dead, and then someone (not necessarily Ichigo) would come and perform some feats of awesomeness.  Would have been unexpected. But well, here we go:

bleach chapter 551 Mayuri talks with Kisuke


So, everything goes back to normal. Why are you so scared to change stuff, Kubo? That is the last arc, it doesn’t matter anymore! Try to add some curves into the plot line…

At least, I hope this new technique of Kisuke will hollowfy all of them :3 Would be interesting to see. Maybe Urahara will turn out to be the bad guy, would be cool too. But I have no big hopes for any of those scenarios.

Anyway, hope you like the new chapters more than I did =) See you next time (^_^)/

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