FLCL – something you want to watch

The show also known as Fooly Cooly

Ever wanted a show, that would surprise you? That would not follow usual formulas of any sorts? Or you, like me, like the old stuff, the anime that sometimes are so ridiculous that it makes them great fun to watch? Well, if there are anime that would fit into that description, FLCL is one of them.

This six episodes long OVA starts as slice of life piece. It is about a middle school boy, Naota (more often called Takkun), who is at this period in life when you don’t know what you want and not sure what you are. Not a child, nor an adult. There is no drama here, just normal life of a boy… interrupted by Haruko who runs him over on a bike, hits him with a guitar and make a robot come out of the boy’s head (yeah, that is what I meant to write, as weird as it sounds).

FLCL Haruko Haruhara

Here is Haruko

FLCL Haruko Haruhara

Here is Haruko too. Looks kinda different, guess it is the glasses

You probably are thinking that the show is just a crazy mess. No, it isn’t. As long as you don’t take it seriously you won’t have any problems making sense of what is going on. Yes, each episode contains fights with robots and other pretty weird stuff, but that is not the main thing, it is not what the show is about. They rather try to do the same things normal slice of life shows go for – they try to show off the characters, try to make you interested in them.

FLCL Mamimi and Naota

Mamimi and Naota

And they succeed, I would say. The characters in the show, besides Haruko and Naota and his family members, are Mamimi, his brother’s ex-girlfriend, and Eri Ninamori, who is Naota’s classmate. Mamimi, she doesn’t know what to do with herself and she cling to Naota. Not because she loves him, or wants him to love her, she just need someone. Not a lover, just a friend is good enough. They never talk about it in the show, but I can make a pretty good guess that there are some trouble in Mamimi’s family, and that is why she is always spending time outside.

FLCL Mamimi pouting

And one more pic of Mamimi. I would have posted a dozen of pictures for every character (I guess I like the art style) but the post would be unreadable then

Ninamori seems to be kind of interested in Naota. But again, it is not a love affair. She is a bit too young to take it that seriously, and Naota himself is a bit too immature. I think most of you understand the type of thing I am taking about, everyone goes though this age.

FLCL Ninamori in USSR shirt

That is Ninamori. And what’s up with that shirt : D She should have found one with sickle and hammer too :3

And there is Haruko, who is a grown-up, supposedly. Her relations with Naota go up and down, from being friends to flirt and from that to the type of relations one would have with a relative, like older sister or a cousin. I guess for her, Naota is just a kid to play with, for him she is so much more. And you can guess by now, that it is not a sweet-sweet show about love and kisses. And well, that is not to be expected, the protagonist being a middle school kid. But there are glimpses of romance here and there.

FLCL Canti flying

Besides romance we also here this flying robot, so you won’t get bored ^.^

FLCL is made by studio Gainax, the same people, who did Gurren Lagann. The show contains some references to other anime and not to anime only. Before watching this show you may want to read French fairy tail Le Chat botté translated in English as Puss in Boots, I believe. And you may want to watch old Gainax’s video “Daicon animation”. You will see in the show Haruko wearing bunny suit, that is a reference to that old Daicon animation special (in fact, the first Daicon animation special was the beginning of Gainax, before that they were just a group of enthusiasts).

The show was directed by Kazuya Tsurumaki, who’s other big work is Evangelion (all of it, the TV show, the old and new movies).

The animation quality is pretty high, the music is very well done, the character designs are pretty interesting. I can’t say that this show is something outstanding in those aspects, but it definitely is very well done.

I strongly recommend this show to everyone older than 18 (or what is the legal age in your country). Teens younger than that should decide on their own. The show contains some very light fanservice, and some little amount of profanity. Nothing kids don’t see everyday on TV.

I guess this is not a very good review of FLCL. But all I wanted to do is to make you, when you watch it, look at the characters a little closer and think about them. But even if you just watch the show for the fun of it, I would be glad you did. See you next time (^_^)/

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