Naruto – chapter 651, Bleach – chapter 553. DNA swords and hollow Toshiro

I hope you guys don’t mind me making those combined posts on both Bleach and Naruto Manga? It is easier for me that way, and frankly there isn’t that much to talk about, if I take just one Bleach chapter, for instance.

So here we go. The new (well yeah, it i snot hew, it is just me being late writing about it T.T) chapter was, just as the previous ones, all over the board.  Kishimoto abandoned all the restrictions he had and went all out. Just look at that, what do you think about it?

Shikamaru in Naruto's clothers. Kakashi's facepalm

Yeah… I really want to remind someone that rasengan is a rotating chakra, and that to keep it rotating you need to control it perfectly (as if there is anyone who doesn’t know that… I mean we spend 3 episodes on that balloon training -.- ). So there is no way someone like Shikamaru could use this rasengan, Naruto “gave” him. Also, how in the world did Naruto make those rasengans in the first place? Did the additional chakra made him like eighteen times smarter, so now instead of using a shadow clone to create a single rasengan he he do 9 by himself?

Whatever, I can complain about any chapter in this way. Not that it makes it any better. There were some good things in this chapter. For example I liked the design of the spear Obito used against Naruto. Looks like a DNA molecule, in a way. And Naruto has become such a pile of random references that I am rather enjoying seeing new ones.

Obito's DNA sword

By the end of the chapter Sasuke, Naruto and the power of friendship “took down” Obito. Again. I have a feeling that is not going to be the last time. At least Madara has not yet made his move, that he announced.

Now, Bleach.

Here everything is way simpler. Of course they got back their bankai and sure they proceeded to beat the light out of the bad guys. And I would not even bothered to write about the thing if not for one thing. Remember I said “At least, I hope this new technique of Kisuke will hollowfy all of them :3”? Here you go : D

bleach chapter 553 Hollowfied Hitsugaya Toshiro

I hope this thing is permanent. Should be quite awesome to see what they all look like as hollows, and what they can actually do.

So, I just wonder how many fanart works in the  next months are going to picture Toshiro wearing a mask ^^

And on that happy note I leave you. Till the next time (^_^)/

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4 thoughts on “Naruto – chapter 651, Bleach – chapter 553. DNA swords and hollow Toshiro

  1. holy shit!! is that a zanpaktou obito was holding?is this just bleachxnaruto crossover or just trolling..
    anyway gonna start reading naruto again

  2. well guys these are my questions
    1) i believe that sasuke can get rinnegan. ur question how? so answer is simple
    To get rinnegan u must have both uchiha and senju bloodline and sasuke has one advantage of having uchiha and other is completed by kirin.
    do u all remember how kirin heal sasuke. he bit he hand that means that he has both uchiha and senju power/ blood. 2nd point 1hokage give some power to sasuke again complete 3rd pointhe is suffering right now that means he can activate it also
    u may ask how is he going to survive so my answer is sont underestimate oruchimaru
    well about naruto i dont know may he will die and then revived by sasuke through power of rinnegan or sakura will use the same jutsu that was used by granny chiro (who saved gaara) and dont worry sakura will not die with this beacuse naruto is still alive
    and then sasuke fight with madara again but no change madara will get upper hand again and then he give rinnegan to naruto and then he will bring full power of rinnegan ( dont worry sasuke can be revived again)

    well this is what in my mind there so many other things also but it will be better if we moved to our main question

    so my question is
    1) what kuruma told to gaara and will there be any relation with his other part….. i mean minato still contain 1/2 of kuruma part which can be highly useful
    2) what in the world is oruchimaru’s plan any idea any hint and do u think that he want to read the uchiha tablet to revive his mon and dad and other members (not with reanimation but like rinnegan power) i mean till now every one end is good so far

    please give ur answer and review to my theory
    this is just my assumption i am not sure about it

    if u liked it please tell me

    • All right =) You are saying Sasuke can get rinnegan. I agree, he can, and I won’t be surprised if he will get it in the end. But Naruto having a rinnegan, that is a no.

      And the reason is that rinnegan is sort of too intellectual for Naruto. What should he do with it? All Naruto does is using raw power. On the other hand Sasuke can do a lot with this sort of power.

      Also Naruto will look really weird with a rinnegan : D

      I don’t think Orochimaru has any plan at the moment =) Kishimoto will think about it later if need be. But there are so many other plot-holes in this manga, that whether or not Orochimaru will reveal some sort of a plan, that doesn’t really matter.

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