Naruto, chapters 652-653 – coming to an end

Little by little this manga was coming to an end, more or less since the start of the fight between Obito and Naruto (the first episodes of which has already been animated). What I mean is, by now it is obvious that Kishimoto was planning this to be the final battle from the start. I hoped it was a plot device to lead us to some cool turn of the story, but no, it is just a big old fight. And Naruto seems to have already won.

naruto chapter 652 Obito's defeat

That is a pretty funny picture.

So now Naruto is going to kick the lying enemy using his best weapon, the talk-no-jutsu. As many times as I’ve seen it, I still can’t get used to this awful plot device. But whatever, that is just my opinion. The results are usually the same  – a bad guy turns good. Can Obito turn good as too? And can you really keep him alive, knowing his power? No prison and no chain will be able to hold him, even if he did lose a big portion of his power.

naruto chapter 653 "good" Obito

yeah… he has already soften up, not a good sign… still, I think he will just die before the end of the manga

There is a lot to be said about storytelling in the last few chapters. The amount of plot holes and just badly thought through pieces is frightening. Minato with chakra arms, tailed beasts, that can be extracted in the matter of seconds just by pulling on their chakra (I remember it took 3 days and a whole lot of Akatsuki members to extract a tailed beast last time we saw that happened). Or random shinobi using rasengans or ability to speak and see memory through chakra. Such a heap of nonsense.

But I don’t want to talk about those things in details now. I want to wait till the manga is over, and then I will take my time writing about each of the good and bad points in the series. I feel like I can already be making plans like that. As for now, let’s wait and see. I think we have yet to enjoy the final battle with Madara, and then some after story stuff. Or maybe I am wrong and Obito will not fall to the Naruto’s pretty words? Who knows. Till the next time, see you (^_^)/

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