I wonder if there is an anime that realistically displays how tiring it is to travel long distances, especially when your flights/trains are not well connected,and especially heavy baggage. Some times they do show people travelling, and they make fun of it (like Natsu from Fairy Tails being always motion sick and Erza taking enormous amounts of baggage with her). But that is not realistic. Like not at all.

Traveling K-On?

I am writing it now in a pretty bad ‘pizza cafeteria’. I just got there because there are no other places on this railway station to sit. Waiting rooms are all full, not to mention dirty and generally awful. And that, after sitting in an airport for 14 hour (no kidding here) and flying for 4 hours, well, at the moment, that doesn’t sound like a comedy to me. More like a tragedy. They should make an anime where people cry over their bags in sheer exhaust, I would be able to relate to that. Or they can make a shonen series, where instead of fighting enemies the protagonist would have to survive worse and worse airports and railway stations.


Yeah.. Sorry, I guess I got used to nice German Bahnhofs and now this station in Moscow does not seem satisfying to me. Or maybe I am just anticipating carrying my enormous luggage to the platform and I try to find a way not to think about it.


But what can you do. My train has been announced, so I guess I better get moving. I’ll publish this when I get home. There is free WiFi here, but I don’t want to waste the battery, I might need it later. See you (^_^)/

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