Kill la Kill, episodes 1 and 2

My first impression post for the new season, here we go!

Kill la Kill is a currently airing anime made by Aniplex. They say that those are more or less the same guys who were working on Gurren Lagann, and that by itself is a good reason look up this new anime.

But let’s not be hasty. I will first tell you a little about this anime, and then you will decide, whether or not you want to watch it. Cause I bet, not everyone will like it.

Kill la Kill episode 1 Ryuuko

Ryuuko. Just as a side note – doesn’t the artwork here look awesome? ^^ Wait till you watch the thing, it gets even better.

The anime tells us a story of a girl named Ryuuko, who just entered new school. And the school is quite weird. It is more of a military organisation, than just a school. And the ruler of the school (no, not principal, ‘ruler’ is the word I wanted) is the head of student council Satsuki Kiryuuin. And from the first episode Ryuuko, starts to fight against Satsuki, partly because she doesn’t like the regime, partly to get information about people who killed her father.

Kill la Kill episode 2 Mako Mankanshoku and Ryuuko Matoi

Oh, and here is a sidekick character, Mako, Ryuuko’s classmate

Yeah, I know, you are saying “wait, that makes no sense”. And I say to that – wait and see. So, Ryuuko tries to fight, but has no success. Cause her opponents, Satsuki’s lackeys are wearing special uniforms that give them abnormal power. Lucky for Ryuuko, she soon finds a super-uniform of her own, and so she can fight on equal ground now.

Kill la Kill episode 1 Satsuki


Did I lose you there? Well, as you have guessed the show doesn’t take itself too seriously. The plot consists of excuses to show some awesome fighting, or fanservice (it is actually a big part of the show, I’ll go there in a moment). But well, aren’t there shows that did the same thing and were still good? Like mentioned earlier Gurren Lagann? What I want to say is, even so the show is not very serious, don’t give up on it yet.

So as I said, the show contains some scary amounts of fanservice. Basically Ryuuko, because of the nature of her battle uniform gets half-naked every time she has to fight. You want to see the extend, just google pictures for Kill La Kill, and you will instantly know if you are comfortable with this much skin showing. And if you are not, well, the show is not for you, that is for sure.

Kill la Kill episode 2 Uzu Sanageyama

There is some pretty funny male fanservice too.

But if you formed a mental image of this show as of second High School of the Dead, well, that is not quite true. First, Ryuuko isn’t really happy about the way she looks during the fight. And not in a usual silly way. Being quite smart, she does not hesitate to use the uniform, yet she is conscious of her look in it. It is just interesting to see how a person with her strong will power, dedication and good mental balance is dealing with those comic and not so comic problems she encounters.

Kill la Kill episode 2

Including staying with a crazy family that eats those pies with maggots

As for not so comic problems, here is the example. To power-up the uniform she needs to give it her blood. And so she wears a device on her wrist, that, from what I see, is a thing that let her cut her wrist and give blood to the costume. And she has about 10 minutes before she passes out from blood loss. Doesn’t seem like such a silly comedy here, hm?

I don’t know if you should watch it. If you watch it, I don’t know if you will like it. Still, I think if you give it a try, there is a chance you will find a show that will make your winter a little brighter. See you next time (^_^)/

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4 thoughts on “Kill la Kill, episodes 1 and 2

  1. Hi! Thanks for the review again. You’ve clearly described the plot so far and given a great breakdown of what to expect in the show. I’m interested in your own opinion as I’m really enjoying Kill la Kill so far. Do you think you’ll carry on watching it?

    • Thank you =) I am sure I’ll watch it, so far it was a lot of fun. I’ll try to catch on to the show this week, so I can really talk about it, without being afraid to spoil the plot. By the way, I am surprised they made it 25 episodes long. Maybe it means that there will really be some serious plot development later on, would be interesting.

  2. I think it’s great that it’ll get 25. I prefer that to the usual 12 or 13. Most series with 12 or 13 feel a bit rushed. I must say it has a few similarities to Medaka Box, have you seen it? Also really good, by the author of the Monogatari series. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the other episodes. Are you picking up any other series this season?

    • Haven’t seen Medaka Box, but hopefully I will get to it soon =) At the moment no, this is going to be the only one I watch. But when they finally start airing Pupa I will try that one too. I also saw two episodes of Miss Monochrome, and I was a bit disappointed, so I stopped.

      Thing is, I have three series from the last season that I have not finished yet, so I don’t think I will be able to watch more than one anime from Fall season, at least for now.

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