Rurouni Kenshin, episode 1

This anime is about a guy called Kenshin Himura who was once a legendary manslayer nicknamed hitokiri battousai, said to be the strongest in Japan during the early Meiji era. After the revolution he has decided never to kill again and has become a wanderer who doesn’t kill but instead uses his sword to help people.

 1  Hitokiri Battousai

Kenshin gets attacked by a girl  in the beginning of the episode.

2Kenshin’s surprised reaction. Yup. He was once a cold blooded manslayer

The girl’s name is Kaoru and she runs a dojo. She is the only instructor of the Kamiya Kasshin style since her father passed away. She has started losing all her students because someone claiming to be the Hitokiri Battousai of the Kamiya Kasshin style was murdering people. She is trying to save her dojo by defeating the battousai. She has assumed that Kenshin was the battousai since he was walking around carrying a sword. By the way the sword Kenshin carries with him is a reverse blade sword. It is hard to kill people with it.


6      The real culprit. Gohei

Gohei was once a student of the Kamiya Kasshin style. Kaoru’s father crushed his right thumb when he attacked his fellow classmate. Kamiya Kasshin style was developed to protect people. This sounds too good to be true. A sword style used to protect people? When you attack someone with a sword, you cut them. The person you are attacking might be a ‘bad’ guy and  you might protect someone’s life in this process. It doesn’t change the fact that you are also hurting someone. If you are not careful enough you might strike that persons vitals and end up killing him. So a sword that can only protect does not exist in this world.

7Kenshin defeated the fake battousai 

At the end of the episode Kaoru asked Kenshin to stay at her dojo and he agreed.

10How could he refuse her kindness?

The best thing about this anime is that Kenshin is more human than most of the protogonists we see. For a swordsman to keep an oath to never kill is a difficult matter. He gets into situations where he cannot win without killing his opponents. He feels the burden of his oath but tries to protect it anyway. He is also not the kind of protagonist who talks about peace and justice when he has never soiled his hands before. He can kill a person if he has to. While he is a goofy and funny character most of the time, you will not find it hard to believe that he was once a manslayer feared by all.


This anime was made in 1994, so the animation isn’t that great. But it has a great story line, fights and comedy to make up for it. The music is also very good.

See you next time (^_^)/


4 thoughts on “Rurouni Kenshin, episode 1

  1. Ok, now I don’t have a choice, I have to watch it xD I’ll try to stay one episode ahead, so I could fully appreciate your reviews =) Not to mention that the anime seems to be quite interesting.

    If I were to guess I would say that by using a sword only to protect they mean not to attack first. You may still kill someone, even if you only try to defend. But a vow not to kill, that is like handcuffs for a swordsman. You can not be sure what will happen once you entered a fight. So I wonder if you can honestly say such a vow without giving up the swordplay first.

    • ^.^

      Nah. They use a wooden sword and that is just ridiculous. How can you face a guy with a real sword with a wooden sword? It will be suicidal.

      Kenshin uses a reverse blade sword which is okay. He is fast and he can strike his opponents first. Even if they have a normal sword and are willing to kill him, as long as they can’t keep up with him, they can’t win. Kenshin only gets into trouble when he faces an enemy who is as good as he is. He tries to win the fight while protecting his oath which is not very easy.

      • Watched the first episode. The anime is pretty different from what I expected O.o I need to watch more before I can form an opinion. But one thing I can say already, they did try to make some of the moves realistic, and that was nice to see. Too bad Kenshin’s movements are way too fast and they don’t bother drawing them properly.

        • Hmm..The anime is not anything special. We have the normal fights and the good guys winning part just like any other anime. But Kenshin looked more human to me than any other protagonist.

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