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Hellsing TV series is a pretty special thing for me. For once, it is one of the few anime that I watched in Russian. And it was the only one of them that I did not watch on TV, but instead downloaded and watched on PC. They did air this series on MTV here, but I think I was sick back then and I was not able to watch it. I only saw a couple of scenes from the first Alucard against Alexander Anderson fight. But that was enough to hook me up. And who knows, if it did not, I might not be so into anime today.

Hellsing TV pic Alucard and Victoria

This anime is about… sucking blood?

So I want to give this anime its due. Too bad I won’t be able to praise it too highly, cause there really not much to praise. But first thing first, let’s talk about what Hellsing is, and what Hellsing TV is. Hellsing is a manga written by Kouta Hirano. The manga was animated in two different forms. First one, that was finished way before the manga was over – that is Hellsing TV. The second one, that is much closer to the original material, is Hellsing OVA. The TV version has 13 episodes, 30 minutes each, while OVA has only ten of them but each episode is more than an hour long. If we are talking about the original content, TV series has the same amount as the first two episodes of the OVA.

Hellsing TV pic 3

The protagonist Victoria, living though one of the most painful moments of her life. In the OVA she got it much worse though.

Alright. So Hellsing anime is about a police girl, Seras Victoria (sometimes her name is written as Celes), who was unlucky enough to meet a vampire. But she was saved… by another vampire. And his name was Alucard. And while saving her he mortally wounded her with his bullet . She did not die, though. Alucard made her a vampire too, a draculina. And that is the starting point and the axis of the series. The show is basically about Alucard killing other vampires, and Victoria getting used to her new self. Unlike the OVA, the TV series has no real plot. Random events are piled up on each other, leading nowhere. Problem was that when they were making this anime, the manga was no where near to be finished. Hence the randomness of the show.

Hellsing TV Mr incognito, or whatever he called himself

Random invented on the spot antagonist

I have seen some bits and pieces of English dub for this show, featuring Crispin Freeman as Alucard, and I am pretty sure it is a good dub. Russian dub was quite well done too. They gave Alucard lower voice, with some grunt in it, which made his speeches even more cynical than they are in Crispin’s version of the character. Yet some of the smoothness, some of the polish that Alucard has in both English and Japanese dubs was lost.

Hellsing TV Alucard in the TV show

Or, did I forget to put here a picture of Alucard? Shame on me.

I must put it, that another big fault of the TV series is low production value. Namely, they made it cheap. Not so good animation, not too detailed backgrounds, nothing-to-brag-about art style. The music was nice, it suited the show pretty well. Yet again, compare that to the OST of the OVA and you will not be able to praise the TV show’s music for too long.

Hellsing TV Seras Victoria

Here is another picture of Seras. I just wanted to show that she is not always crawling in pain, bleeding to death ^^

Do I recommend you to watch this show? I don’t know. If you are a fan of Hellsing, chances are, you has your own opinion on the matter. If you have never seen any Hellsing, it would be better to start with the OVA, I think. Hellsing TV is probably one of those anime that you watch by chance, not after long deliberations. At least I can say that, compare to the OVA, it is much safer for children to watch the TV. There is some creepy stuff there, lots of blood and a lot of homosexual content. Yet it does not even come close to the rivers of blood that the OVA presents. Overall, I don’t think anyone under the age of 14 (maybe older even) should watch any of those two shows.

If this review made you interested in watching Hellsing TV, I am glad. See you next time (^_^)/

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9 thoughts on “Hellsing TV

  1. Hello! I was wondering if you could help me identify an anime. I asked on some forums but no one seems to know! For family reasons I was in Russia in 2005, with the majority of the time spend in a hotel room. The TV stayed on MTV Russia and anime was played in the afternoon. I remember Hellsing either being played before or after this anime. All I remember of the opening credits is that there was the anime’s name against a white background which faded out and put focus on the letter “i” and a girl saying the letter. The only thing I remember of the plot was people being in space in hitech space suits and being infected, causes rock like shards to break through their suits making them go made and infected. On the flip side there was the story of this girl “i”, I’m assuming, and a man who seems to be trying to find her. I think she was supernatural, or an alien. I wish I could remember more.

    Anyway, even through not understanding a word of what was being said, I really enjoyed the anime. We left before I got to watch the full series. The fact that no one seems to know makes me what to find it more.

    • I wish I could help you. I don’t remember ever seeing this anime. I didn’t even watch Hellsing back then. But what I can do is to give you a list of all anime shown on MTV and other channels in Russia, sorted by years. Here: link. The website is in Russian, but the names of the shows are in English, so you should be ok.

      Too bad you had to spend time in the hotel room, there is quite a lot to see in this country =) I assume you were staying in Moscow, if not, well, yeah, probably your was better off in the hotel xD

      • Thank you anyway! I scanned through the list it doesn’t seem it be there. I’ll look properly later. For a bit I thought it was Chobits felt stupid there, luckily it was not. Haha!

        Uhhh no I was in quite a small town aha! I was young anyway I wouldn’t have appreciated the culture.

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