Blog update, some news for the readers.

So, this is a post about this blog, so if you came here to read about anime, please proceed to scroll down :P

Here is what I want to talk about. If you my old reader you probably know that my internet name is Sindar and this is my blog. So far it was just that. But not so long ago one of my best friends known on the webs as KazekageGaara joined me and now we both write stuff here. I am pretty excited about it ^^ But that is not the reason why I am writing this.

Lina Inverse smiling

Though me being happy is a pretty important piece of news too (^ .^)

By now I have more than 300 subscribers here on wordpress and on tumblr. And I understand that most of you don’t follow the events of this blog very closely (would be crazy if you did). So, because now there are two authors here you might get confused as for who wrote which post and so on. Well, it can’t really be helped, but here is a hint. Below the name each post there is a name of the author, written in very small and hard to see letters (we did not do it on purpose, I swear :3 )

Update on the blog pic 1

Hope we continue to have fun together. See you soon (^_^)/

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