Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), episodes 21 and 22

It has been a while since the episodes have been released but let’s not talk about that. These two episodes were action packed and there is some considerable plot development too. The members of Levi’s squad had managed to force the female titan into a corner. She ended up killing them in the end anyway.

2013-11-08_1719This was very sad. At least Levi wasn’t around to see this.

Eren snapped after he saw that and turned into a titan but the female titan was too much for him to handle .He was defeated.

2013-11-08_1722 This fight was epic

Now what does the female titan intend to do with him? She was after him from the beginning. She obviously knows more about titans than Eren and she is more powerful than he is. So why in the world does she need him? Why go through all that trouble to capture him?

Levi and Mikasa managed to get Eren back. But that’s all. They couldn’t capture the female titan. I was looking forward to Levi and Mikasa fighting together. But Levi did all the work. Mikasa only diverted the titan’s attention for a short while.


Levi didn’t give the female titan enough time to harden her skin to defend herself. Actually he was so fast that I couldn’t even get a decent screen shot of him attacking her.

The most unexpected part of the episode was this scene.

2013-11-08_1714Why are you so sad?

She looked so sad that I almost wished  she had succeeded in capturing Eren, just so that she would stop making that face.I realize that somehow I’ve ignored the fact that the person inside this titan is a human too. A human who understands the seriousness of her actions. Though I’ve got no idea what they are, I am sure she has got her reasons to do what she is doing. A human who thinks nothing of human lives will not be able to make such a face. Why was failing to capture Eren such a big blow for her? Why is he so important?

After that there was a filler about a couple of guys trying to retrieve the dead body of their friend. Levi and Erwin told them to forget about the dead body. There were titans back there and they would die if they went back to retrieve it.

2013-11-08_1731It might sound cruel but Levi is right you two

They went to get the dead body anyway. Not only did they fail to retrieve the body, the black haired guy was killed by a titan and the titans followed the blond guy to the location of the recon cops, putting everyone in danger. There weren’t any tall trees around. So they couldn’t use their maneuver gear. They threw the dead bodies of the people they were taking back at the titans to slow them down. This didn’t make any sense. The titans are heavy and  any human they step on will be instantly squished. This doesn’t exactly slow them down. But they did manage to make all the viewers feel the horror of the situation.Even if they were dead, they were their comrades. One of the guys was crying as he threw all the dead bodies out.

In the end their mission was a complete failure.

2013-11-08_1737Eren’s crying face. That must have been hard for you

Feels like a lost has happened in these two episodes.See you next time (^_^)/


28 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), episodes 21 and 22

  1. I guess I better watch those episodes now xD Cause now I am in a pretty funny situation, not knowing what you are talking about :D

    == Edited in ==

    So, I watched those episodes. Wow. They were really hard to watch. It feels like someone is stepping on your face, over and over. When those three guys who were with Eren died, that was horrible. And I have seen them for what, a couple of hours on the screen. I can not imagine how Levi felt at the moment he saw them.

    Yeah it has shaken me up pretty badly. Eren’s fight was awesome, and his resolve was admirable. Still it was pathetic, the way it all ended up. And they had nailed the whole thing down by showing the fall of recon corps, as they returned. Wow, I didn’t expect them to go so far. I really respect the writer of this story, he does not seem to have any limits when it comes to his story. His story sometimes feels like watching an airplane flying vertically down.

    By the way, about the bodies, they threw them from the wagons, so to make them lighter and allow horses to pick up speed. This way they could outrun the titans.

    Two months back when I stopped watching the show, it seems I made a pretty bad decision :’D It is pretty amazing.

    • lol yup. I really do admire the author. He makes the story interesting. You can never guess what is going to happen next :)

      Whoa! Now why didn’t I think of that? (_ _) It looked like they were throwing the bodies at the titans feet. So I forgot all about the reduced weight on the carts o.O

      I wish we don’t have to wait so long for new episodes >.<

  2. “So why in the world does she need him? Why go through all that trouble to capture him?”

    As of chapter 50 of the manga we more or less know at least 1 reason for it.

    • Oh, haven’t seen you in a long time =) How have you been? Sorry I never finished my Danganronpa post series (cause I still have a few episodes of that anime to watch before I finish it).

      I bet those chapters haven’t been animated yet? I wonder if I should read manga after I finish the anime. I bet I will not be able to stay spoiler free for too long anyway, so I dunno.

    • I haven’t read the manga. So I don’t know what her reasons are.

      Maybe I should start reading instead of waiting for the new episode. But I am the kind of person that loses interest in the anime if I read the manga.

  3. Hi again. Your enjoyed your review and gave it me a chance to think back on these episodes as I saw them when they aired. The fight between Eren and the female titan truly was epic (if not a bit short) and I was glad that Eren got rescued. At the same time I was vexed with questions about the female titan’s identity, and like you pointed out, the awareness she seems to have of what she’s doing. I think you’ll find the answers to some questions that were bothering you in this article in the next few episodes. Also, the filler ep. was one that helped me really start to appreciate Levi’s character. When he gives the blonde soldier (forgot his name) Ivan’s badge and says, “This proves that they were alive,” it shows how much he genuinely cares for his troops. His softer side was allowed to show for just a minute. Looking forward to your thoughts on the next episodes!

    • Hi! (^_^)/
      I think you are mistaking me for Sindar. I am a new writer here. But I am very happy that you enjoyed my review *-*
      I am glad that Eren got rescued too. I didn’t want the female titan to capture him but it is just that I felt sorry for her when she cried. I wasn’t expecting to see her human side. Since she had killed so many soldiers without a second thought I sort of assumed that she was a cold blooded murderer that enjoyed killing. So that scene was quite a shock. In the episode that we first saw Levi he held the hand of a soldier that was about to die and told him that his spirit will stay with him and give him strength. I’ve appreciated his character since then. I liked the filler too. The author has done a good job of reminding us how caring Levi is.

  4. Yeah, episode 22 was the episode that gave Levi the depth and realism to make me like him as a character. It’s nice that the badass cares for his comrades. Dunno if he’s a team player at his level though. I also got the feeling/realised that he’s gone through the pain of losing a squad time and time again. He survives (i.e. left behind to suffer) because of his natural skill. No wonder he shuts himself off. Maybe some additional side story will cover that.

    Not sure if you know but he actually gave Petra’s badge to Ivan. His leg was hurt, which was the reason he couldn’t fight the titans so it would have been impossible for him to get Ivan’s badge. You can see earlier he goes up to a body with a bite mark on the hand, which I assume was Petra’s since her body was thrown out. It makes more sense, since its got the tragic element of him giving away the only ‘proof that she was alive’ to another soldier just to comfort him. When I watched the bodies fall out I was thinking how it didn’t really matter since they were just mooks but then Petra’s body came out and then it cuts to Levi’s (tortured) face. It must have hit him hard, especially after his words about throwing the dead weight away. His deterioration throughout the episode was well done.

    • Those moments you’ve mentioned were the highlights of the whole arc for me. Levi is going to be my fav character in that anime from now on I think. I think I can’t really appreciate the tragedy of Mikasa’s life, and same goes for Eren. Maybe they are not played that well, maybe I don’t have the experience that would allow me to feel their pain. But with Levi I can feel it. It is such a horrible story, with him not only losing Petra, but having to give up on everything he had left of her. And the fact that he didn’t snap, that added even more to the power of the scene.

      Though I’ve got a bad feeling that Levi just gave up on himself. Hope I am wrong. But after he gave away Petra’s badge, it was as if he realized that in the dark pitch he is in this last patch of light is wasted and he might as well close his eyes and give to someone else. Knowing this anime, I would not be surprised if they show Levi falling down soon after.

  5. Sometimes silence says more. Personally, Levi isn’t my favourite character. Jean, Armin and possibly Reiner are. Reiner may be a favourite because I could understand and relate to him strongly. Even with his brief screentime I got a lot of character and character interactions with others out of him. I also find it funny how he just slides in for his character spotlight moment during a high-tension situation and someone manages to meld into the main characters so naturally. e.g. His slight awkwardness around Armin that changes into assertiveness and focus when Jean arrived (Jean bridged the gap in manliness).

    Yeah, I wonder what his self esteem level is, or if he just ignores such things completely. It seems he lives by the moment and trusts in Erwin to strategise and think ahead. Makes sense given his (mentioned) background as a criminal.

    It’s quite likely that Levi is going to die. The Master/Mentor/Old Badass characters always do. It’s just too good a plot and character developing moment (for the other characters) to pass up. When he dies it’ll be the snapping moment or sudden realisation moment for both the audience and characters that s*** is going down.

    On a side topic, Levi has no idea how to socially interact, evidence by his terrible toilet-humour jokes. Must be a nice feeling to keep yourself shut off to people then open up a bit then watch them (or rather just randomly pass by them as with Squad Levi) and see them all horribly killed.

    I wish the author had made Gunther half-alive. That would have been great. He’s still alive but Squad Levi abandoned him because their was no way to safely move him in time, so he’s just left hanging there until Levi arrives and gives him a mercy killing.

    • I don’t have a favorite character in this show. Ah! Somehow I have forgotten about Reiner. I had to google his name.

      Levi can judge a situation very well too. The way he fought the female titan and prioritized Eren’s rescue over capturing her. I didn’t expect Mikasa to get carried away and end up being rescued by Levi.

      I don’t want Levi to die >.<

      I doubt Levi will open up to people again. Considering how he always ends up losing everyone in the end. I hope after this is all over, he gets to live peacefully.

    • I’d say Reiner wouldn’t like to be melded in with the main characters. He seems to like to stay close to background. Well, with most of main characters being young and rush and Reiner being a grown adult it is understandable.

      Yeah it is funny how Reiner doesn’t seem to be at ease talking with Armin. Not only because of the gap in manliness, but also (I think) cause Armin is very open and Reiner is rather reserved. They are just too different =)

      I think Levi more or less trusts Erwin to do the thinking and planning. Though remember what he said to Eren, “you can trust me, or you can trust yourself” (that is a shortened version), I think that is something he gone throw himself. He probably decided to trust Erwin. Will he regret it now, I don’t know.

      Yeah, he it would make a strong point of the show, if Levi dies. Though s**t is going down since the very beginning of the series xD

      I think it would be too much, Levi has went though more than enough as it is. It would go beyond realism if he had to give s mercy kill to one of his comrades. And maybe Levi does know how to interact with people, he just doesn’t want to.

      • Aha, yeah your probably right about Levi, it would be over the top and break immersion.

        I didn’t really think of Reiner as reserved since in episode 4 he seemed pretty open to Eren and said some funny lines. To me its Bertholt (the guy always standing behind him) that gives off the reserved vibe. His facial expressions generally change from slightly worried to more worried, whilst others have a slightly wider range.

        Well, SPOILER FOR EPISODE 24********

        He did make another one of his terrible toilet jokes and he directed it Erwin. He also seemed a bit pissed off at Erwin. I’m guessing since he barely ever shows emotion then it means he’s really pissed, though I don’t know if he feels regret and maybe second thoughts about Erwin. The rest of what happens you’ll see for yourself (minus episode 25, which was bad!)

        ***********END SPOILER******

  6. Actually I didn’t really understand why Levi and Mikasa didn’t cut up the female titan’s nape after Eren was retrieved. The female titan was clearly weak at that time. I know Levi’s foot was injured and insisting to grab the female titan’s human form as well may endanger all three of them (Mikasa, Levi, Eren), but getting the female titan’s human form is the main objective of the mission and the reason why Erwin sent Levi after her (I think…?). Grabbing the female titan’s human form will at least not make the mission an utter failure.

  7. hey!! what if the female titan is eren’s mum??? just sayin, she was eaten just like eren was, so who is too say she is not the female titan. just saying. its just a thought. what do you think???

  8. never watched it but so many positive things about this anime, maybe if i have a free time i’ll be give this show a watch…

    PS! If anyone pay some attention to my name BF4 campaign is 999% worse than GTA IV and without every single doubt it’s the worst singleplayer experience of the 21st century

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