Anime commercials – Internet Explorer and Windows

Anime commercials is not something new. It is not something common either, but it has been done. Good thing about those short videos is that they not only promote the product, but also promote anime as a cultural entity. And they prove that there are quite a lot of people who are interested in that form of art, and that companies that have nothing to do with producing anime are acknowledging this fact. Gives you a nice feeling ^^

Internet Explorer magical girl commercial

Today I wanna show you a recent commercial for Internet Explorer, well known internet browser that no one uses because of poor performance. The video is nice though, here it is:

The thing is actually very recent, MAL says it was aired on November 6, witch is 4 days ago. So, be the first one among your friends to see this. And yes, MAL considers this to be an anime, you can add this to your list if you want.

And here is another commercial I wanted to show to you. Same as the previous one it promotes a Microsoft product – Windows 7 OS. Unlike the commercial for IE, this one is not featuring any attempt to be interesting. But I guess you can watch it just to see the progress ^^ Feel free not to waste your time, though.

And this is it.  Maybe I’ll post more of stuff like that in the future (there are more of those commercials than you think), so be prepared. See you next time (^_^)/

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