Kill la Kill, episodes 3 and 4

I watched 3rd episode of Kill La Kill before I’ve written my review for the first two episodes. So I could just write about the episodes 1-3 back then. But I didn’t. And here is the reason.

Kill la Kill episode 3 Ryuuko

In the third episode not only Ryuuko had a reason to blush

The third episode actually made me thinking whether or not ti was a wrong decision to pick Kill la Kill out of all the awesome anime we have this season. And why is that? How should I put it. When Ryuuko fights half-naked, that is more or less ok, that is a way they make fun of her, I am fine with that. But when Satsuki starts to fight half-naked, that is just fanservice. There is no justification for that, besides to show off her body. And because they fight each other, well it made me think that the show is going to degrade into ecchi realm, and that is not something I want to waste my time on, not to mention that writing reviews for something like that while staying kid-friendly is going to be tough. So I was a bit worried.

Kill la Kill episode 3 Satsuki

That was one of a few shots from the fight that I could put here. Thanks to Satsuki having long hair you can’t see that she actually doesn’t wear anything obstructing the view.

But they changed the tone quite a bit in the 4th episode. So don’t worry, so far I am ready to continue. Unless it gets dumb, I’ll still with it.

Kill la Kill episode 4 Ryuuko in pajamas

A random shot from 4th episode. I think pajamas suit Ryuuko ^^

Kill la Kill episode 4 Ryuuko in pajamas

Though the poor girl is embarrassed to wear even that.

So, about the episodes, was there something besides the fanservice? There was, but not much. The conflict between Satsuki and Ryuuko escalated to the point of becoming a personal challenge for both of them. Satsuki now uses the same special type of outfit that Ryuuko has. So they are more or less equal with Satsuki being just a little stronger. At the end of the 3rd episode they announced that each member of the school is now going to fight Ryuuko. I believe that it means that the show is going to be episodic for the next few weeks (maybe more than that). I would have preferred some real plot, but you can’t get all you want.

Kill la Kill episode 3 Aikurou Mikisugi and Ryuuko

This is random, but this guy makes pretty good comedy moments. Probably because of how weird his behavior is.

Hopefully I’ll watch all the rest of the episodes this week. I’ll try. But no promises. See you next time (^_^)/

My earlier post on Kill la Kill: Kill la Kill, episodes 1 and 2.

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8 thoughts on “Kill la Kill, episodes 3 and 4

  1. After the first episode of Kill la Kill, I haven’t watched the others that aired. And I liked the first episode, but it didn’t leave much of an impression on me and I agree with a lot of what you said.

    But this season of anime isn’t really working for me, even with all the great shows. I think what made everything go sour for me as my decision to watch Diabolik Lovers, which is – by far – the WORST decision I’ve ever made.

    • Long time no see =) Glad to see you again, and sorry for disappearing.

      The show is, as they say, a good popcorn material, but not much more.

      Oh, so you picked that show : D I heard one very negative review of Diabolic Lovers and I have looked through one or two chapters of the original manga. I have an impression that it is a fetish manga for S&M enthusiasts, or something of the sort xD No story line detected (though I guess the girl will end up loving one (or all) of the guys). Soooo yeah, I would not dare to watch the show, but if you write about it I’d like to read it =)

      • ^·^ I saw your post on my dash and that’s how I knew you were back and I realize you’ve posted a bit :o so I have catching up to do xD ad it’s good to have you back :)

        Diabolik Lovers is so terrible, I don’t think it would even make sense to dedicate a post just to bash it with my hatred. And the S&M material isn’t even good. Just garbage.
        Unfortunately I’m reviewing it on this other site and I’m too close to the end to drop it now :/

        • Thank you ^.^

          Whoa, so you have watched all the episodes released? :O That must have been a good willpower training session, I guess the desire to quit was pretty powerful sometimes xD Well, if you make a review on another site, you can give me a link, I would just read it there. Unless it is a secret or something =)

          • You’re welcome :) and yes I have. It was the hope that things would possibly get better in the series that made me continue :/

            Oh no, it’s no secret haha xD
            The site is
            My connection is super slow so I can’t post the direct link to the post though :s

            • Oh, that is one busy site, has like three or four reviews every day :O At least you’ve got some other shows besides Diabolik Lovers to write about there. Miss Monochrome sounds like a better one.

  2. Hi and thanks this review. Initially I was a wondering if Kill la Kill was worth my time too. The fanservice didn’t really bother me as from the start this show doesn’t try to hide it. I suppose what I like most about Kill la Kill is that its purely entertaining. Without fail it gets chuckles from me all the time, and the over the top action scenes and quirky characters are just fun to watch. I agree that a bit of plot would be preferred, but I’m sure after a few more episodes the story of Ryuuko’s father and his connection with Satsuki’s family will deepen. Looking forward to your next article! Cheers!

    • Hi! Yeah, it would not have bothered me too if I wasn’t going to write about the show and recommend it to people : D It is true the show is pretty funny and Ryuuko being smart, and yet getting in all those stupid situations is so much fun to watch. Well I agree, there will be some plot later on for sure, you can’t do a 25 episodes long show without some overarching story.. I think.

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