Hummingbird – what is the point?

I wanted to talk about that site for a while now. Namely about, which is an anime list type of site, more or less a clone of famous My Anime List (MAL).

So for those who are not users of any of those sites, for some years now we were enjoying the ability to create the lists of the anime we’ve watched and plan to watch using MAL. The has a page for more or less every anime in existence. They have small descriptions, users’ reviews, recommendations, info about stuff and actors who worked on the series. It is more or less an anime social network.


Hummingbird logo

But now to we got even more than that. We got the second anime linting site, named Hummingbird. And it allows us to, hmmmm… do the same thing? So what is that site for anyway?

I would say that so far the only reason for this site to exist is to get some portion of MAL’s audience and capitalize on that. Cause there is no real difference in the idea behind the two sites. And it is not like MAL is doing a poor job with the lists.


But well, I am fine with the idea of having MAL to compete with another site, it should help to make the thing better. I might have even chosen Hummingbird instead of MAL if it was better. But it isn’t.

And here is the thing. To compete against MAL Hummingbird  needs to have something up its sleeve. And what it does is taking advantage of MAL strict rules about content. MAL’s database is an anime only thing, so they only have animated shows that are produced in Japan. And from the very start they fight with people who want to include “insert the name” show that made in US but looks just like anime. Which, of course, doesn’t make sense, since anime can look like anything, depends only on studio and director.

Hummingbird Avatar: The Last Airbender

So to get more people Hummingbird  included in their database such shows as Avatar: The Last Airbender, which is a cartoon made in the US and RWBY, which is a series of CGI videos made in the US too. And I have nothing against those shows, but I wonder why didn’t they add Disney movies there too? Or marvel cartoons? Picking some random shows that happen to be popular among the anime fans at the moment, that is not the way to win my respect. And by attracting people who actually like that sort of mess in their anime lists this site tells me that I don’t really want to come too close.

Hummingbird RWBY

Well, those are my initial thought on this site. I haven’t been there much after I registered. If I am wrong and there is something amazing on Hummingbird  that I missed, please tell me. Till then, see you (^_^)/

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