Anime podcast of the week. November 26, 2013.

I haven’t done any “podcast of the week” entries for a long time. It is the first post since Summer, actually. And I don’t know if I will be able to keep the weekly format that I used to have. Biweekly format seems more doable to me. But we will see.

For this week I have found something interesting for you. I stumble upon a podcast named Method to Madness, that is what I going to present to you. Well, to those of you who are old enough to listen to a podcast where people swear that is.

Method to Madness podcast

Method to Madness

This podcast does reviews for both new and old shows. They made reviews for the stuff like Manyuu Hikenchou and Astarotte’s Toy, that I would not dare to even come close to, not to mention watching or reviewing. They made reviews for some good shows too.

And I want to mention how I ended up finding this podcast. It started when I run out of Fast Karate for the Gentlemen episodes to listen to. The only show that could fill the void was AWO podcast, but they are in a podcast come, making 1 episode every two months, so no hope there. There are some other quality podcasts out there, but they have different feel. So I was searching through Anime 3000 site and I found Method to Madness. So far I listened to a few episodes and I like some of them, so it is a good sign.

This time I am not going to post links to specific episodes, instead I will give you the link to the page where you can find all their episodes and you can pick whatever you want there. Here you go:, Method to Madness. Alpha counter is where they publish their episodes now, they used to do it on Anime 3000, but no more.

methodtomadness pic1

Also I want to show you two episodes of another podcast. This time it is 2 Guys and a Mic podcast that I mentioned many times before. Some long time ago they reviewed two seasons of Rosario to Vampire. And for some time now I was wondering what this famous show is about and whether or not I should watch it some day. Thanks to Jahmere Durham and Mike Martinez I now know that I should not. Cheers ^^

Rosario to Vampire

Some pic from Rosario to Vampire

Here are the links to the reviews:

Hope you like what I brought you this week. See you next time (^_^)/

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