Bleach, chapters 554-559. Did anything happen?

Five weeks worth of Bleach past since the last time I talked about this manga here. So, how far did the manga go? How many awesome turns have we past?

Not so many. But lets look at it =)

First, for all of you Watamote lovers, Kubo incorporated Tomoko into his series:

Bleach - Chapter 554 pic1

Well, the guys in this manga were not able to bare her personality for too long so:

Bleach chapter 558 Tomoko beaten up

You better go back to your video games, girl :P

Next we saw some radical changes in Komamura’s appearance. He compeltely changes his style, in every way possible. First, new armor:

Bleach - Chapter 554 Komamura

It is interesting how he decided to use European style armor instead of Japanese one.

His helm is some kind of combination of Barbute Helmet and a crusader helm, pretty strange and not one bit practical for a one-on-one battle. You can’t see your opponent’s movements thought this T-shaped opening. Not to mention that with that ridiculous collar Komamura would not be able to turn his head.

But soon he disposed of this armor anyway. And now we were able to see his brand hew body O.o

Bleach chapter 557 Komamura in a human form

And he has no heart

His human form of Komamura is both dead and immortal. What I mean is that he had to tear off his own heart in order to achieve it, yet now he gained invincibility for as long as he was able to keep it. And his bankai changed as well.

Bleach chapter 556 Komamura's new bankai

Komamura’s new bankai

And look at the text I outlined. “A new Wisdom King appears”. You know, wisdom is the last thing that goes for Komamura and his bankai. So I found it pretty funny when I’ve read it the first time. But if you do your research you find out that what they meant was Myō-ō, Buddhist deities. So they translated that as a Wisdom King, which is correct, yet doesn’t make any sense in the context. I would have preferred them to translate it as “Guardian King”.

But moving on, after some time Komamura ran out of steam and changed his form again. This time into an animal, a fox I think.

Bleach chapter 558 Komamura's animal form

Komamura’s final form? Or will there be more?..

And while all that jazz was going on, most of the other Quincy guys were defeated. And now it is time for their punishment! And who is going to punish them? Their comrades, of course! Why? Probably for the lolz. I can’t think of any other explanation.

Bleach chapter 559

Both of them are really strong, yet we are going to waste them. Makes sense.

By the way, when Kubo was working on character design for this robot with a helmet (at the left on the picture above) I think he drew his inspiration from the this Emperor’s helmet on the picture below:

Helmet for the Armor of Emperor Ferdinand I

Armor of Emperor Ferdinand I Kunz Lochner (German, Nuremberg, 1510–1567)

And same as with Komamura’s helm, Kubo flattened up the top of this one.

So, what is happening in this manga now, is what usually happens in Bleach, bad guys drop one by one, the next rise, the next being tougher than the previous ones. But I have to admit that Komamura’s little story was quite awesome. And little by little we get closer to real fights. Maybe there will be something exciting next week, who knows?

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