Kill la Kill, episodes 5 and 6

Those two episodes were about… Wait, what they were about again? I have a hard time remembering, which is a bad sign. Means not that much happened in them.

Well, to be precise, it is not that there was nothing interesting happening there. There was, and the episodes was fun to watch. Yet they (as most of the Kill La Kill episodes) have so little bearing on the story-line that it is pretty easy to forget them. But anyway, let’s get going.

Kill la Kill episode 5 Tsumugu Kinagase

And here is a new enemy to get us a fast start :3

Episode five was all about Ryuuko fighting a weird guy who tried to destroy her kamui. He was a member of a group that tries to get rid of all Goku uniforms and other closes that use life fiber (that is the stuff that makes the uniforms so powerful, in case you are not watching the series and don’t And lost the track of what I am talking about). So he tries to destroy Ryuuko’s uniform. And if you don’t get where the joke comes from, the picture below will help you :P

Kill la Kill episode 5 Tsumugu Kinagase

What else would you expect to see in Kill la Kill? -. –

Ryuuko doesn’t end up winning the battle, but rather convincing the guy that she and her uniform deserve a chance. So he gets off her.

Next episode, the sixth one, there is the first fight between Ryuuko and someone from the elite four. They are the top tier enemies in this series. And I can’t say that the fight was too impressive, but it wasn’t too bad either. If you watch a lot of shonen you know that the way it’s done is pretty straight forward. If you want to make someone look strong, you let him beat someone else. And there aren’t many strong people besides Ryuuko around. So she has to be beaten, or the viewers wouldn’t appreciate the power of the elite four.

Kill la Kill episode 5 Mako Mankanshoku

A random picture ^^

But they done it differently. They let Ryuuko win the first match, by exploiting the opponent weakness – his reliance on his superhuman sight. But the defeated (the name is Uzu Sanageyama) was not just a pushover. After his defeat he acknowledged that he lost because he relied on his eyes too much. So he sewed them shut. Yeah, that’s right.

Kill la Kill episode 6 Uzu Sanageyama

That is an awful thing to do to yourself

After that he was able to defeat Ryuuko pretty easily. And that was it for the episode. Oh, but I forgot to mention the most important event in the whole episode! We finally learned the name of the secret organization that opposes Satsuki. Here it is:

Kill la Kill episode 6

“Nudist Beach”. Great name guys, suits you.

By the way, guy who attacked Ryuuko in the 5th episode was a member of this Nudist organisation too. And I guess the name really suits them. They do fight against clothes, so..

Normally, I would say that seeing secret nudist organisation is ridiculous. I would also say that seeing people who has sewn his own eyes shut is disturbing. But Kill la Kill manages to make it seem like a normal and natural thing. Don’t know what it says about the show. That it falls flat? Or that it succeeded in creating this new weird fantasy universe? I dunno.

Kill la Kill episode 6 Flashbacks

Also I wanted to mention, those flashbacks are pretty awesome. Not because of the elite four back stories, but because of Satsuki. Hope to see more of those in the future episodes.

I’ll try to bring the reaction on the next two episodes sooner. I’ve watched them already, so maybe I’ll do that tomorrow. Till then, see you (^_^)/

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