Read or Die OVA

This is one of those shows you often hear about. At least, I often hear about it. Read or Die, the name alone is enough make you wonder what the series is about. Would you like to know? Here you go.

Read or Die OVA Yomiko Readman

The protagonist

There are actually two Read or Die series, one of them is three episodes long OVA and another one is 26 episodes long TV series. And I am going to review the OVA. The anime was made by Aniplex and directed by Masunari Koji, whom current generation of anime fans might know as director for both seasons of Magi series. The show was made in 2001, if you wonder.

Read or Die OVA Yomiko Readman and Joseph Carpenter

Yomiko Readman and Joseph Carpenter (her boss). Don’t worry, I’ll explain who they are in a moment

Now to the show. The anime starts off showing as a girl (the name is Yomiko Readman) in a flat filled with books. We soon learn that she is kind of obsessed with books a reading, she spends money on buying tons of new ones, and she knows a lot about rare books, all that jazz. And all goes well and peaceful for her until she is attacked by a guy riding a gigantic insect, who was trying to steal her book. And here we learn that Yomiko is actually capable of self defense. Seemingly clumsy and absentminded she deals with this weird bug-riding person pretty easily. How was she able to deal with him? That I will let you wonder. I’ve got to leave you some reason to actually watch the anime, right?

Read or Die OVA Yomiko makes paper airplane

Here is a good reason to watch this anime ^_^

Read or Die OVA

Still not convinced? What about now?

Soon after we learn that there is some kind of organization that is more or less resurrect (or recreate) great people from the past and trying to steal a certain book, all in order to achieve some dark goal. And Yomiko, also known as agent Paper, is a part of an organization that was charged with the mission of stopping those guys.

Read or Die OVA Yomiko and a big grasshoper

Here is this big insect I mentioned

I don’t want to give away anymore of the plot, cause it is a small series and I thing it would be nice for you to see everything for yourself. It is nicely animated and the soundtrack is pretty good. If you watch it in English you get to enjoy the voice play of actors, such as Amanda Winn Lee and Crispin Freeman.

Read or Die OVA Miss Deep Nancy Makuhari

That is Yomiko’s partner, Miss Deep. And yes, she is aware that the name sounds goofy. You can call her Nancy if you like that better.

Read or Die OVA Miss Deep Nancy Makuhari

It is amazing how fast she can change her clothes. A second ago she had bare hands, then, after her normal clothes were ripped off she miraculously got this skin-tight suit (I am just pointing out animation mistake here, you will see what I mean when you watch this scene).

I also want to mention the great variety of the background this show has. What I mean is, slightly less than half of the show consists of fighting, yet every time the fights take place in different environment. They fight on the streets of some Japanese city (I assume it was Tokyo), in the sky above New York bay, in India, in ruins of some ancient town, in a floating fortress, and even on a launching space rocket.

Read or Die OVA India

India in anime. I wonder if they got the grammar right in all those banners.

And did I mention that those action scenes are awesome? Watch the first episode, you will see.

I also liked the main character, Yomiko. Once in the series she was asked what she would like more, to read a love story or to have one in the real life. And some few hours later she says that she was seriously considering the question and decided that the real romance would be better, “because you would be the main character of the story”. That is just adorable ^^

So, if you wonder what to watch next, check out R.O.D. OVA. See you next time (^_^)/

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5 thoughts on “Read or Die OVA

  1. They didn’t get the grammar right in all those banners >.< I don't even know what they are trying to say o(-.-)o
    The first banner says 'Ve Nai kithabe' which means 'those new books'. It is followed by 'Ashok komatha sadiyo'. 'Ashok' is a name, 'komatha' is not a word at all and 'sadiyo' means 'saree'. So what is that banner about? o.O
    The only word visible in the second banner are 'Aath aapak'. 'Aath' means eight and 'aapak' is wrong. I guess they were trying to write 'aapka' which means yours.

    They were all just random words put together @_@

    • XDD I guess that is to be expected. At least some of the words make sense =) They probably used a dictionary or translator without too much thinking. Are all those banner in Hindi?

      What do you mean ‘sadiyo’ means ‘saree’? o.O I thought saree was a Hindi word o.o Or is it like you have more than one word for the same clothing?

      • Yup. All those banners are in Hindi =)

        There are some complicated words and sounds in Hindi. When Britishers ruled us, they had trouble pronouncing many Hindi words and ended up creating words that are similar to the original words. That is probably how the word ‘saree’ was coined.A ‘saree’ is called as a ‘cheera’ in my native language. By the way, ‘sadiyo’ means ‘sarees’. It is a plural word. I forgot to put the ‘s’ in my comment ^^’

        • So in the end they made the language even more complicated, adding new words xD I am also surprised you can read texts in Hindi so well, I mean, it is not like your language and Hindi are very alike, must have been a lot of trouble to learn all those words. But, then again, I suppose living there you get to see Hindi words more than I do, so maybe it is a little easier to memorize than I think =)

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