Metropolis, just a few words

Today I watched Metropolis, a movie made by Madhouse studio and directed by Rintaro. The movie was made in 2001. And I am nowhere near being ready to review it. Mostly because I feel I won’t be able to give the movie justice if I write a review before I watch some other Osamu Tezuka adaptations (even though Metropolis doesn’t seem to be a close adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s manga with the same name).

I don’t make any sense, I am sorry. All I want to is to suggest you to looks at the screenshots made from this movie, and check out the art style ^^/

Metropolis post 1 pic 1

Metropolis post 1 pic 2

In the first row you can see the main characters

Metropolis post 1 pic 3

Metropolis post 1 pic 4

The man with a greenish face is a robot

Metropolis post 1 pic 5

Robots firefighters

Metropolis post 1 pic 6

Also one of the main characters

Metropolis post 1 pic 7

Metropolis post 1 pic 8

Metropolis post 1 pic 9

President (on the left) and his right/left hand man

I can’t show you the animation, but it is also great. In fact, you can say that this show has a better one than Akira, which is famous for its animation. By the way, one of the guys who worked on the animation for this movie is Yoshiaki Kawajiri. I mentioned him before a few times (here – 1, 2).

That is it. Isn’t it awesome how different an anime can look like? See you next time (^_^)/

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