Chibi Devi!

Chibi Devi is an ongoing five minute anime. In the beginning of the episode,we see a fourteen year old girl Honoka Sawada. She doesn’t have any family or friends and is always being bullied by her classmates. She wakes up one day and finds a demon baby on her bed.


The demon’s name is Mao and Honaka is chosen to act as his mother. Sounds familiar right? The author probably liked Beelzebub. That is where the similarity ends though. This anime isn’t about demon lords and fighting. It is about cute characters and cute babies.


Mao,the demon. Pretty scary isn’t he?


How about now?

Mao gets upset when Honoka feels down. So she learns to stand up for herself, interacts with others more and makes friends. In short, she becomes a responsible and happy girl.

There are other demon babies too

There are other demon babies too

All the other moms are middle school kids too.There is a day care that takes care of the babies when their moms are at school.

The animation is very good for a five minute anime and the soundtracks are okay too.  This anime doesn’t deal with real life problems. How many fourteen year old girls can life alone, take care of cooking and household work, go to school, study and take care of a baby? Not all the babies are as good and sensible as Mao. Raising a baby is not an easy business. The anime makers do not go into details like that. Well, that is okay too.

Let us look at some more cute pictures. That is what this anime is all about after all.  2013-12-15_1324 2013-12-15_1325 2013-12-14_2134 2013-12-14_2131

I watched 21 episodes and I am going to stop watching this anime now.

What? You are going to drop the show?

What? You are going to drop the show?

Yes. Sorry. I like the show but I am not into cute anime ^^’

If you have time , try watching a couple of episodes of Chibi Devi. They will only take 10 minutes of your time.

See you next time (^_^)/


11 thoughts on “Chibi Devi!

  1. I’ve never even heard of this show before xD Wow. Is it like an anime about babies and how they play around? :D Cause it looks like it from the pictures =)

    Maybe this show was the one that influenced Beelzebub :P

    • I am sure this anime won’t disappoint you =) Mao’s voice actor did a great job and you can’t help but like the baby demon :D
      Well, that is the price we pay for being an anime fan XD We can’t just die in peace without watching all the anime we’ve planned to watch =)

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