Happy New Year =)

In my part of the world in one hour time it will be New Year, 2014. And I know that for some of you my readers in is already happen and you are having good time with your family and friends =) Wait a little longer and I’ll join you!

I want to thank all of you who visited my blog, read my scribblings and shared your ideas here. It was awesome. I have never imagined I will meet so many awesome people in just one year of blogging. So let me thank you again. And Happy New Year! Let your wishes come true in 2014 =)

Happy New Year 2014

See you in a few days (^_^)/


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year =)

    • Thank you and same to you =) I see you are going to another university to get your master degree, hope it will work out well for you. When I read “Swiss German University” I thought you are going to go to another country and I was like “O.o wow”. It almost makes me wish back my student years when I could still decide where to study.

      • Thanks :D It’s still around where I’m currently living. But it was founded by some organization from German, hence the name. I hope this year will be a nice year for you too :D

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