Space☆Dandy, episode 1, a fail?

Space Dandy, an anime made by Shinichiro Watanabe, the guy who worked on Cowboy Bebop. When they asked Watanabe what Space Dandy is about he said “the dandiest guy in the universe” (if I remember correctly, not going to search for the quote). At this moment I felt it is going to be bad. This answer translates to “Whatever, the protagonist is going to be cool, do you really need anything else?”.

Space☆Dandy episode 1 pic 2

But look at this animation *_*

Space☆Dandy episode 1 pic 3


Space☆Dandy episode 1 pic 1

Ok, that is good enough for now ^_^

Now before I go into details, a couple words about the anime. It is about a guy called Space Dandy who hunts down rare alien species and gets paid if he manages to register them. The movie takes place in space. In the first episode Dandy spends time in a, excuse me, “breastaurant”. He causes some havoc there trying to catch an alien (the affair is a total fail). Then he proceeds to prove that he has no brains in other ways, being reckless and getting into trouble. By the end of the episode he supposedly died in a planetary explosion.

Space☆Dandy episode 1 pic 8

That is the Space Dandy, the protagonist guy

Space☆Dandy episode 1 pic 17

Him again, a little prettier

Space☆Dandy episode 1 pic 4

Him again, a little more with personality

Space☆Dandy episode 1 pic 14

That is a villain. Baron Ashura of this anime, if I have to guess.

Space☆Dandy episode 1 pic 15

Him again. His name is Gel apparently

Space☆Dandy episode 1 pic 16

That is the main villain here. Doctor Hell of this anime.

I believe the whole deal with Space Dandy is that they are expecting the show to be popular in the West. In US, at least. Cowboy Bebop was popular there, right? And now the same guy is making a show with the same basic plot, so it’s got to be a hit again… or not. Point is, Cowboy Bebop and Space Dandy are as similar as Mazinkaiser and Evangelion. To put it down bluntly, they are similar as long as you read the script and don’t actually watch them.

Space☆Dandy episode 1 pic 7

Look at this *_*

Space☆Dandy episode 1 pic 6

Gimme more of this :O

Space☆Dandy episode 1 pic 5

What are we even talking about here? Can we just post more pictures like that?

Space☆Dandy episode 1 pic 12

Oh, that is good too *_*

Space☆Dandy episode 1 pic 18


Space☆Dandy episode 1 pic 11

Can we put all those money into making a new Legend of the Galactic Heroes movie?

Space☆Dandy episode 1 pic 20

Ok, I’m good, we can move on now ^^

Now why Cowboy Bebop was popular? It didn’t have a plot to speak of, it was episodic, didn’t have tons of fanservice, so what was this thing that caught people? Style. Music. Classic sci-fi story lines. Good animation. Characters. Now what does Space Dandy has to offer. The protagonist looks like a typical high school delinquent from those thousands shows that feature them. I have no idea why Watanabe thinks people in the West are going to find this “dandy”. Then there are tons of fanservice. I am not going to say it is a good or bad thing. But to be fair, this show starts with the word oppai and proceeds to talk about the subject for good few minutes.

Space☆Dandy episode 1 pic 10

That is not fanservice. I don’t post fanservice pictures here :P

Space☆Dandy episode 1 pic 9

And let me tell you, it was hard to find screen shots without some girl’s body part filling half the screen -.-/

By the way did I mention that there is a narrator and he reminds me of Senyuu? Should I say that it is not a compliment?

Space☆Dandy episode 1 pic 19

Random mess

Space☆Dandy episode 1 pic 13

Lovely O.o

The major plus point of the show is its animation and art style. I am pretty sure Blu-ray versions of the show are going to sell well, just because this is something you should watch in this quality. Too bad there isn’t much besides that. Till the next time. (^_^)/

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21 thoughts on “Space☆Dandy, episode 1, a fail?

  1. I think it’s too early to say whether or not the show will fail, but I agree that the first episode wasn’t very promising. I hope it turns out to be a great series, but I won’t hold my breath.

    • Lets not forget that pilot episodes are not meant to be great… Well, there is 2 ways to go about it. Make it great and have it steadily decline because you keep giving 100% in making it and are burning out. Or, make it half-heartedly all the while expecting that, yeah, it may fail. But look at “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy”. Their first episode was shit. And it turned into a huge success for Cartoon Network. — Best example I can come up with in 5 seconds, but you get the idea.

      • In my opinion the first episode should at least give a promise. For example, I remember the first episode of FMA. It is not the best episode of the series, sure, but it gives you a pretty good idea of what the anime will be about. It promises you that there will be something to think about, as well as well done action sequences.

        Personally I think they should give it 100% from the start and try not burn out =) Or just make a very good 13 episodes long series.

  2. I’m not even at all sure the Blu-Rays are going to sell well. This seems pretty heavily targeted towards Western audiences since the English dub was supposed to air first, and the crowds in Japan willing to plop down 500,000+ yen on an anime don’t automatically go for fancy animation. And said Western audiences seem to favor Noragami by a bit so far; with reduced Western prices, it arguably needs to be the hit of the season. It’s still too soon to really say anything definitive, though.

    I liked the second half of the episode more than the first, but Dandy’s personality is a big minus for it so far. He’s basically a side-character from a harem show.

    • Well yeah, I don’t expect any fantastic sales for this anime in Japan. In US though I bet there will be quite a lot of people who will buy the thing, just to support the idea of simulcast and so on. And I am sure all the people who want to buy this are going to wait for blu-ray =)

      So Noragami is doing well, huh. Not a big surprise though, it is an anime of today, while Space Dandy seems as an image from the past. A lot of the people who actively watch anime now are young fans who don’t know who Watanabe is and why they should care about him and his old sci-fi shows =)

      • I think people who pay attention to directors are always a minority in terms of the larger fanbase. Most people’s attention seems to be a function of promo picture plus plot summary plus whatever’s new. Imo, that’s not necessarily good or bad; casual fans who enjoy what they watch often become the really involved fans given time.

        Also imo, to some extent, director resumes are harder to decipher than they seem. I read an interview on ANN with Watanabe where he said he had had a lot of other projects in the pipeline over the years that failed to pan out. I wonder if seeing the things he worked on that got bounced by editorial boards would have changed his reputation either for better or for worse – his 4 main projects have either been big budget, strong staff originals (Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo), big budget franchise entries (Macross Plus), or adaptations of award-winning manga (Kids on the Slope). I still think he’s a great director, but I also think he’s a human who owes some of that “god of anime” credit to having generally excellent staff and writing backing him up.

        The image of the past thing brings up another good point – I wonder how many fans who do enjoy this show will recognize how similar it is to Space Adventure Cobra. The over/under is probably something like 6 people.

        • Can’t argue with that =) People who talk about anime on the web, write posts or record podcasts, they are usually the ones who tend to pay attention to the names of the people involved in the production, and even if they are a minority they are still expressing their opinion louder than others. So it is kinda hard to tell what real majority of the fans think.

          Oh yeah, sure, if you want to be objective about a director it is a really hard task. For most people (including me) it is just a matter of trust and gratitude. For example I recently watched two movies my Osamu Dezaki and now I just trust him and as a result I am so much more willing to watch anything that he has worked on =) It is not like I believe him to be a superior director, I just think it is likely his other works will meet my taste. Probably the same deal with Watanabe.

          Haven’t seen the movie yet, but it sure is similar to the way Cobra TV series starts. Maybe the robot in Space Dandy will turn into Android Lady too, who knows.

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