Great anime OST (a few random pieces)

It often happens that you watch an anime and you think “oh, this music is so good!” but then the anime ends and you never get to listen to it again. Well, it was the case for me. But after some time I started to search for the pieces of music I heard and liked in the shows.

Linn Minmei


When it comes to very long anime (like any endless shonen series) you can it is very easy to pick out soundtracks you like and just type in Google something like “Itachi’s theme” and you will get thousands of links to listen or download them. Even YouTube that is very concerned with copyright is full to the brim with anime OST. But it is not so easy with the less popular shows.

anime music some picture

No so easy, but possible. Soundtracks from 30 years old anime are out there. But… well, would you search for them? If you don’t care for old anime, why in the world would you waste time searching for OSTs from those shows?.. And that is too bad, because some of the old series have great music. And if you don’t like older anime because of the way it is drawn and animated (or for some other reason, there are plenty of them), well, music is a different matter, right? So let me try to give you a couple of tracks from kinda old shows that I think you haven’t seen.

Fist is ending theme of OVA series The Guyver: Bio-Booster Armor (Kyoushoku Soukou Guyver) made in 1989-1990. Here it is:

Maybe I like because it bears some resemblance to music that used to be popular in Soviet Union days in Russia. But hopefully you might like it too ^^

Another one is an OST from movie Golgo 13: The Professional, made in 1983. The name of the piece is “Memory Of Robert” Here:

This one has a different feel to it, more of a classic. It was quite impressive when I first heard it in the movie, I just wanted to stop and rewatch the scene.

The last one is an OST from another OVA series – Mazinkaiser, made in 2001, an adaptation of Go Nagai manga. The name of the OST, as far as I can tell is “Ore wa Mazinkaiser”. Here:

This is more of a rock-classic mixture. But the vocal is pretty good, has this heavy metal feel to it. Well, this is it for this post. If I ever find some more obscure yet good music pieces I may make another post like this one. See you then (^_^)/

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