Pupa, episode 1

Finally this anime is out. I have been waiting for quite a while for it to air. And it is not that I expected too much from it. It is just that it looked unusual and I picked it… for my Fall season watch list. But they didn’t air it back then. So I ended up with it in my Winter list.

And after watching one episode I want to say two things about it. First, the production value for the show is very low. Still frames, primitive animation, primitive art. Look at this, it is a typical scene from the anime:

Pupa episode 1 Hasegawa Yume

Hasegawa Yume, the girl I will mention below

Now to the second thing. In a sense it actually was worth waiting for it. Be cause it is something unusual, and that is what I am looking for in new anime. The first episode has shown us a school girl turning into a monster. And not a cool monster, but in something really horrible looking. And that makes it stand alone, makes it unique. I mean, we have seen people turning into monsters against their will, Naruto and Bleach are easy examples. Yet those monsters were really cool and fans just loved them.  But I don’t think anyone would love this thing:

Pupa episode 1 a monster

Imagine that your female protagonist looks like that. That is hard to do.

Pupa episode 1

By the way, talking about cheesy animation, here is another example. That is how the girl was turning into a monster

So I have not a slightest idea what will happen next. Isn’t it great, just by itself? =) I hope the show won’t disappoint me and will keep being unpredictable and dark. So far it has a good potential as a horror show, I think. Well, we will see next time I review an episode. And till then – see you (^_^)/

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4 thoughts on “Pupa, episode 1

    • : D 5 minutes per episode horror series, yeah, I hoped you would pick it up ^_^

      But if you watch it, read at least one chapter of the manga too. I’ve read the first chapter, it was one of the most depressing things I’ve read in months, but it helped me understand what they were trying to say in the anime.

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