Denpa Teki na Kanojo

Denpa Teki na Kanojo is a two episode OVA that has a good reputation for being dark. The protagonist Juu Juuzawa is a typical shonen hero. He is a delinquent, he dyes his hair blond and he fights with other students. But we have a serial killer and a weird tsundere to make the show more interesting.

Juu Juuzawa

Juu Juuzawa

Juu finds a note in his locker telling him to come to meet the writer of the note under a Sakura tree after school. Juu goes there thinking that the note was from one of the guys who picks fights with him. So you could guess how surprised he was when he meets a girl called Ame Ochibana  who claims to have a bond with him from their  previous life and pledges eternal loyalty to him. Ame keeps following Juu and he keeps running away from her.

Ame Ochibana

Ame Ochibana

By the way, she does look nice when her hair is parted and her eyes are visible.

2014-01-18_1224 2014-01-18_1204

Once Fujishima, Juu’s classmate tells him that he has to follow their school’s dress code and do his duties but Ame interrupts her saying that if she is Juu’s enemy, she would eliminate her.  This is where the interesting part of the story starts. Fujishima gets killed that evening and Juu sees Ame near the dead body, holding a bat covered in blood, saying that she found it in the vicinity.

Yup. She just happened to find it

Yup. She just happened to find it

So Juu suspects that Ame is the serial killer the police has been looking for and starts investigating her. I am not going to say what happens next or who the serial killer is though :P I have to give you a reason to watch the show, don’t I?

The second episode of the is not as good as you expect it to be but they did manage to maintain the dark plot.

The animation and soundtracks are good. The story pace and the character development is awesome. It has a very dark plot. So if you have 90 minutes to spare, watch this anime.

By the way, there is some violence and blood in the show.

2014-01-18_1233 2014-01-18_1216

See you next time ^^/


11 thoughts on “Denpa Teki na Kanojo

  1. I’ll sure watch it. Judging just from the pictures it should have a pretty nice look. I don’t expect it to be frightening, though. It sounds a lot like one of the Kara no Kyoukai movies, and they were pretty good, but not frightening. The second movie I think has a story about a guy who suspects a girl of being a serial killer, and being protective of her he tries to do something about it.

    Also, they just had to make his girl Ame wear a made outfit, didn’t they (-. -)

    • Yup. I didn’t want to put too many pictures with corpses and blood in the post. It has a nice plot. How many shonen heroes beg for their lives when they get cornered? =)
      I’ve watched that KnK movie too. The probability of an anime actually scaring us is absolute zero :P
      I know what you mean but that part wasn’t exactly fanservice. Ame asked her friend to help her with something and they forced her to work for them in return. The other maids are awesome too. You will understand when you watch the episodes :P

      • xD Well I meant that it is well drawn and it is colorful, but not flashy. I didn’t meant that the bloody corpses look nice though xD
        Not too many =)

        Yeah maybe. I would like to see an actually scary anime though. Yami Shibai had one slightly creepy story I think. So I am not going to lose hope =)

        Okay ^^

          • The one where a girl and a guy went to an old clinic and ended up with their faces distorted =) I think the idea of someone being changed into something horrible without the person noticing it is a good horror material. 3 minutes might not have been enough time for it to build up, but I can imagine a scary movie made using this scenario.

  2. I wonder if I should watch Corpse Party too. I remember people were saying that it was just gore without anything outstanding about it, so I didn’t bother to check the show. How are they unrealistic? Unrealistic for the real world or for anime standards? =)

    • No. Don’t bother watching it unless you wanna watch a show without a good plot. All they show is corpses, blood and splattered body parts.
      They were unrealistic for the real world. Some students wake up in a school building that was supposed to have been destroyed.. They’ve got no idea how they got there. And one of the girls was excited, saying that she could spend more time with her friend that way. And there was an other girl who said that she wanted to stay there with the ghosts because she felt sorry for them. That is not how people would react. They would panic and get scared. This show failed in building the horrific atmosphere it deserved.

      • Ok. It doesn’t take all that much to make me not watch something xD

        Yeah, it is unrealistic, yet at the same time generic. I mean, I am not surprised by their reactions, I think I saw nonsense like that before =)

        So are you going to finish this series? :P

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