Perfect Blue

This movie has a good reputation for being a psychological thriller and I finally managed to watch it recently. The movie is about  a pop idol Mima Kirigoe who has decided to quit singing and become an actress. One of her fans are not happy with it. She gets a fax with ‘Traitor’ written on it, a letter with a bomb and all the fish in her aquarium get killed.

Mima Kirigoe

Mima Kirigoe

But this movie isn’t just about catching the stalker.We watch Mima, a cheerful and interesting girl, gradually lose control. She wasn’t used to acting and being stalked scares her. Illusion and reality, she loses the ability to distinguish between them. She couldn’t tell is she was acting or just being herself. She couldn’t tell if what was happening in front of her was real or not.  Doubting her own senses, getting confused and getting scared.Somehow it makes her look  unimaginably  human and unimaginably vulnerable.

See what I mean?

See what I mean?

The scriptwriter of the movie and a photographer who has taken photographs of Mima get killed. She finds clothes covered with blood in her closet. The fact that she isn’t sure of her own innocence scares her. 2014-01-19_1116

She keeps seeing the pop idol image of her, telling that she was better off being a pop idol. It was like seeing a ghost of her past. And this pop idol image of her claims to be the ‘Real Mima’.2014-01-19_1131

You have to watch the movie if you want to know how the movie ends. I don’t want to spoil the ending for you, since it is the most interesting part of this movie.

By the way, they showed this old fashioned computer in the movie. Rumi, Mima’s manager, was teaching Mima what a browser is and where she was supposed to type the URL.

This isn't something you see in your everyday anime

This isn’t something you see in your everyday anime

The animation and music are good, the story pacing is normal and the plot is really well written. Unlike most of the psychological anime, this movie actually tries to show how our brain can deceive us, making all the illusions come to life.

Are you sure?

Are you sure?

There are some explicit scenes and violence in the movie and it is not something I would recommend for people under 16. So if you like psychological anime and have some time on your hands, give Perfect Blue a try. It won’t disappoint you.


See you next time ^^/


11 thoughts on “Perfect Blue

  1. When we talked about this movie, I forgot to mention how good looking the character designs are. People there are not drawn to look pretty, but instead they look just like real people. That adds to the effect of the show, I think. And even though there are no moe girls or bishonen boys in this anime I still like how the characters are drawn =)

    Yeah it is pretty funny how they use this obscure browser that no one knows about : D When I started using computer there already was IE. I remember my friends, who got PC before us, they used to pay for the amount of time they spend connected to the internet. So you had to be really quick when searching for something.

    Oh and *spoilers*
    Btw, this movie is supposed to have a happy ending, but I feel bad for the photographer and script writer. They were supposedly talented people in the middle of their career and they got killed for no reason by a maniac. That is sad.

    • Yup. The character designs are awesome. Except for that stalker guy. They wanted him to look creepy.

      That old looking browser and computer made me feel that I was watching a really old movie. One of our teachers said that when he was a school boy, he would open a browser, type the URL and then go to the nearest cafe and drink some coffee while the page loaded :D That is how much time it used to take to open a single website back then :O

      *spoilers* I didn’t really think that the movie had a happy ending O.O I didn’t like how the photographer and the script writer died. Not to mention what had happened to Rumi.

      • I remember time when in our uni we had ~7 kb/s connection speed =) Loading pictures would take minutes. Also back then we had printers that needed a minute or so to print a single page (I think those were dot matrix printers). And in our IT classes we had to use floppy disks xD That is funny to think back, everything was so slow and clumsy =)

  2. I just watched this yesterday, and it was certainly an interesting watch. The only issue I had (besides how far apart Rumi’s eyes were) was that the drama’s “hints” were far too obvious. I think a little more subtlety in that regard would have served it better.

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