Bastard!! – first two episodes.

Sorry for the swearing in the title of the post, but that is a name of the anime, what can I do (-. -) The full name is Bastard!!: Ankoku no Hakai Kami

So here is a story. Looking at Perfect Blue review KazekageGaara made I was thinking that I want to write something good too. Problem was that  I never write anything good didn’t have any good show to review in mind. But the salvation came in the form of short OVA series named Bastard!!.

And I saying that Bastard!! is a good anime, well, that I can’t do. Read on and see for yourself =)

Bastard episode 1 pic 3

Here is some artwork from the show. At least that is genuinely good.

The anime tells us a story about a world where demonic creatures fight against people, where magic and swords are used on a daily basis. And as it should be, the world is on the edge of a crisis. Four Lords of Havoc are trying to resurrect a God of Destruction in order to became the rulers of the world.

Bastard episode 1 pic 5

Four Lords of Havoc – pretty obvious allusion to Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I don’t think they are going to follow the allusion any further, though.

Bastard episode 1 pic 4

God of Destruction. The picture looks like an artwork from a computer game.

And in one of the cities under attack lives a girl named Yoko and her young friend Rushe. The city is about to be destroyed and the only way to save it is to use a dangerous spell to resurrect a mage who can defeat the evil forces. And only Yoko can do it.

And in order to do it… well, let me quote what her father says regarding the matter:

The holy seal within you must break!!!

Bastard episode 1 pic 9

And looking at his face I am not sure what he was thinking

Bastard episode 1 pic 10

And as expected Yoko’s reaction would be this.

And you can sense that the show is going to spiral down. Well, it does. To break the holy seal Yoko has to kiss that boy Rushe. After she does that the boy turns into a wizard who eliminates every one who stands in his way. That is about it for the first episode.

But before we move on, let me tell you something about this boy Rushe. If there was an award for a character with the least amount of pride, I think this guy could win it. In the beginning of the episode he got slapped by Yoko for intruding into her room. After that he proceeds to go to a fountain to wash her clothes. She then runs around to find him, because they have to evacuate. Here is a shortened version of what she says to him when the finds him: “Enemy forces invading the city, and you are out here doing laundry?! Is this how you wanna die, on your knees doing laundry, getting yelled at by the same girl whose clothes you just finished washing?!” And here is his reaction to it:

Bastard episode 1 pic 7

Smiley face? Really?….

Bastard episode 1 pic 6

You know what, I would rather look at this hydra :/

Right. So in the next episode good guys encounter their first decent enemy. And this enemy is a ninja named Gara. And he looks like this:

Bastard episode 2 pic 1

Ninja master Gara

His personality is as similar to the that of Gaara of the desert from as is his look (not similar at all :P). He is abusive, rude, hot-headed. He seems almost as if he was taken from the Hokuto no Ken universe. Except, of course, there is no magic in Hokuto no Ken, while Gara can hide inside walls and such.

Bastard episode 1 pic 2

Random picture *.*

Bastard episode 1 pic 1


Now comes a hard question. Should I recommend you this anime or not. Well, let’s look at the positive side. First this anime has great OSTs. Listen to this one – link. Second, the art style is awesome (I would guess no one agrees with me here). Third – voice actors, the English cast for this anime is pretty amazing. Yoko is voiced by Wendee Lee, who just might be the most famous English anime dub voice actress. Just to give you examples, she voiced Rumi from Perfect Blue, Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of thereof, Konata from Lucky Star, Yoruichi from Bleach and Faye from Cowboy Bebop. Now this boy Rushe is voiced by Ian Hawk who is famous for playing Calumon from Digimon Tamers (just kidding ^^ she voiced a lot of other characters, for example Kenichi from Metropolis). Gara is voiced by very famous Steven Blum and Princess Sheila (whom I haven’t even mentioned) is voiced by Bridget Hoffman, who also happened to work on Perfect Blue and voiced Mima there.

Bastard episode 1 pic 8

You got bored reading all those names? Yoko disapproves of your laziness!

But moving on, here is the bad about this anime. Low quality of animation, almost no plot, generic characters, a lot of fanservice. So I don’t know if I can really recommend this OVA. I guess if you like overpowered characters like Alucard from Hellsing and brutal guys like anyone from Fist of the North Star, and if you like fantasy universe of Slayers, well, then maybe you can enjoy this show.

So, this is it for this review. It is a total mess, and I made a review based on two episodes, but well, what can you do. “Writing something good” is not my thing :P See you next time (^_^)/

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